(Reaction) Hanbin, Bobby, Junhoe, Mino & Seungyoon: “Accidently” walking in on you while you’re changing


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*Laughs* “Babe, I swear I didn’t do it on purpose, hahah, you don’t have to get dressed though”

When you start to accuse him of doing this on purpose, he’d immediately start to deny everything. But his unstoppable giggles would bust him. He might have went out of the room, but he knows a trick or two to get you in bed with him, leaving you once again naked.


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*Too much hotness* 

*Freaks out*

Out of all the boys, Bobby would be the most difficult one; good luck trying to make him leave the room (I don’t think that’d be an option at all). With a huge grin pasted on his face, he’d probably help you getting dressed, but of course there’ll be plenty of time for him to adore your body and maybe even a touch or two.  


On the outside:

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On the inside:

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The gifs say everything. Oh Junhoe, bby. 


On the outside:

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*Sweat starts to emerge from everywhere, he cannot contain his girlfriend’s hotness.*

Mino would deny everything; of course he didn’t mean to walk in on you on purpose! No, he absolutely had to brush his teeth at that very moment, no exceptions. But his true intentions would be obvious.

On the inside:

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*Mino huge boy approves*


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“Nope, I didn’t see anything”

Seungyoon would refuse everything as well and deny every accuse you might throw at him. I actually don’t think Seungyoon would care that much, because it’s his freaking turn to use the shower, so hurry up, goddamnit. I’m not promising he’ll behave in the nighttime though.