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Handsome // Bobby

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This turned out much longer for a drabble than it should have and it’s super corny i don’t even know what i wrote tbh :-D 

new years drabble #2

w/c: ~1700 

#1 hanbin 

- moyo

You were dead tired when you finally dropped off your sister and made your way back home. This new years eve has been kind of crazy (well, you family was crazy in general so it shouldn’t have been a big surprise) but super fun at the same time. You never thought you’d see your grandma drunk once in your life but you could check that off your list now.

Your turned on the radio on full volume when you got on the highway. The day couldn’t have been any crazier with all the things you’ve witnessed so far and on top of it, it had been snowing since this morning. Thick snowflakes were falling down the sky and if it wasn’t blocking your view at some point, you would have thought they were quite pretty.

With every mile, it was harder to see and the layers of snow doubled. As if that wasn’t enough, your car started slipping and after the third time you decided to pull off at the nearest exit and entered a small diner. It looked like a snow storm was about to start.

Luckily it was warm and you ordered a coffee before sitting down at the counter. It was only you and the employee in the restaurant. Who else would be here on new years eve at 2 am in the morning.  

You sighed. Hopefully the storm would stop soon, all you wanted was to lie down on your bed and get a whole lot of sleep.  

“Your coffee” the worker placed a big mug in front of you along with a smile that was so blending that you had to almost close your eyes. “with extra sugar. Although I don’t think you would need that.” He winked and you raised your eyebrows at him.


“Because you’re already sweet enough!” He forced a laugh, hitting his lap and you tried your best to not let a smile slip your lips.  

“The was worse than all the jokes i’ve heard my entire life.” You replied after taking a sip of your coffee.  

The guy sat down in front of you, “Then why are you smiling?” you looked up, realizing how young he must have been. Probably your age. He looked pretty handsome for someone who was working here at this time of the day. “Hm, i don’t know but it surely wasn’t because of your lame joke.”

“You’re still the same.” The boy chuckled amusedly. This time you couldn’t really figure out what kind of lame joke he was about to tell.

“You’re Y/N, right?” You looked up immediately, wondering how he could have possibly known that. As you took a closer look at his features, he did seem pretty familiar– 

“Bobby?!” Your eyes widened and you finally remembered the boy from elementary school who used to tease you and crack all these stupid jokes. Back then he looked so… different or well, puberty did something really amazing to him. Your heart flipped. “You look so–”


Yeah, absolutely. “No… I mean a little I guess.” You stammered awkwardly. No way you would tell him the truth. Back then, even when he was not as good-looking, you had this horrible crush on him and he knew that. Thus all the teasing.  

“That’s too bad. I thought you would pinch my cheeks like back then and tell me how much you like me.” Bobby snickered and your entire face turned into a tomato. That was something you had suppressed almost your entire life and there he was bringing it up so easily.  

“Don’t even!” You threatened with your eyes.  

Bobby snickered, “Okay, okay. I will stop I swear. I know I was a meanie back then and I’m sincerely sorry about that.” He held out his hand and if it wasn’t for his face and the fact that you had liked him back then (and still kinda did), there was no way you’d forgive him. But he was lucky today.  

You took his apology and warmth washed over you when your hand connected with his. It was stupid, yet it made your body react and you felt your stomach feeling all fuzzy and weird. This was not good.  

There was suddenly a loud noise and darkness wrapped around the both of you. Surprised, you blinked a few times, realizing that the power had gone off.

“Shit,” Bobby murmured before taking your hand, “I think it’s better if we get out of here. Do you have a car?” You tried to ignore the fact that his hand was so soft and warm and that you were a freaking creep because it somehow made your heart feel all asdfghjkl but you managed to lead him to the car anyway.

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★ 7 Years; Stay Happy // Bobby Oneshot

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w/c: ~7k

a/n: hey guys, this is moyo. it really has been a while and i hope you guys didn’t forget about me. as of today, my hiatus is ending and with this one-shot i feel like it’s a good time to come back. this truly means a lot to me, so i want you to read it. you will understand why i was on a hiatus and there is a message i want to make with this. so please, read it while listening to this.

this is dedicated to someone who was really dear to me.

based on a true story.

Your eyes locked with his for a split second, it was just a brief moment when you turned around to talk to your best friend. He was looking at you smiling but you were probably just imaging it. Bobby was sitting across the table, a dark blue shirt enhancing his broad and well-defined body. It wasn’t like you were interested in him, yeah, you must admit he looked really handsome. Like really really breathtakingly I-feel-a-little-fuzzy-inside handsome. However you banned the thought that he would ever like you out of your head quickly, so you wouldn’t even take into consideration that you and him could ever become something.

You and Bobby knew each other since you were younger, your families used to be really close but as you grew older, your ways parted and the only times you saw each other were at some parties.

“Does that camera belong to you?” His typical smile spread across his face, it looked a little sly, yet like it could make flowers grow.

“Yeah, should I take a picture of you?” You didn’t even wait for an answer and snapped a picture of him and his others friends.

“Let’s do one with my phone, too.” And in an instant, pictures were taken and beautiful memories were made. It was a beautiful night filled with a lot of happiness and smiles; you had no worries in that moment, you had just graduated school and felt like a bird that could finally fly away.

You couldn’t even have imagined that this one picture would turn your entire world up-side down in the next few months. you had thought things like these only happened in movies or a perfectly written book, however now you know that this is real. Life is real and it can gift you with the most beautiful thing in one second and take it away just the other to crash you into a million broken pieces.

“See you.” Bobby said goodbye and just for a second, you thought about him when you drove off with the car. It was just a meaningless thought, nothing special. He just slipped your mind; and that was enough for you to fall for him completely without you evening knowing, yet.

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Imagine: Confessing to their crush

Hanbin:  o v e r t h i n k i n g, plans a elaborate date, stutters when he confesses, tries to not let it show that he is nervous but ends up like:

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playing it all normal “hey, i’m hanbin and you?”  

Junhoe: so shy he might die, tries to play it cool, looks at his feet, bites his lip

*dies a million times inside but still looks handsome af*

Chanwoo: writes a note and then gives it to you like

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*shy* “this is for you…” *runs away*

Donghyuk: confesses after giving hints all week, being a sweetheart to you, makes the most romantic confession

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“my heart is all yours, can i have yours?” *killer smile*

- kaz ft. moyo