team aura

“Lance, 3:00,” Shiro barked. The sharpshooter turned his head so that he could see the armed Galra soldier around his migraine aura. 

The team knew that they were working around a gaping hole in his vision. That had become apparent when Lance had tripped over a freaking chair, of all things, and given away their stealth advantage. 

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I drew a small load of Pyre AU designs for Critical Role characters, but they mostly ended up in a Patreon sketchbook.


The triumvirate known as Vox Machina find the noble boy half dead in the downside. Too young for the black horns to already be extending from his forehead, but there they are, plain as day. The boy is quiet, for too long, up until the next Rite, when he sees their Reader (Blindfolded! How odd.) exit the wagon. A weight almost seems lifted, and the boy introduces himself as Percy. (It takes longer for him to confess the crime of his banishment. Being able to read, he learned, meant being a Reader, a leader. He could not stomach that position.)

The harp twins take a liking to him. Percy speaks to one of them in particular as they travel, learning how Vex and her brother ran from both the Commonwealth and the Highway Remnants both, their wings clipped by one, and their ears cropped by the other. He listens to her, swearing to repair her wings so she can fly as she should, sealing the promise by giving her all the possessions he still retained in the Downside: fabric, parchment, old delicate trinkets smuggled on him when he was exiled, once kept secure and used to barter, now a symbol from him to her.

Vox Machina participates in many Rites together, until a night when the stars shine brazenly as their Pyre weakens, when Percy seems to run two directions at once. Himself, white hair, troubled eyes, and deft hands grabbing the orb, and Not-Himself, made of smoke and shadow, screeching onto the other team to smother their Aura and banish them. Vox Machina wins that night, but the stars shine a little less for Percy afterward.


I think Ren’s semblance might be some sort of danger sense.

In this fight he was the first to react to every instance, despite being more reserved than the others.

It could be that he’s faster or a quick thinker, but I think Ruby has him trumped on the speed and Jaune is obviously the more tactical person. 

He just seems to know when things are going to go wrong, at least relative to combat.