team ateneo

Nami-miss mo na ba sila?


Nami-miss mo na ba silang panooring maglaro?


1. ‘Yong tipong kebs kung buwis-buhay ang tumbling at dive nila, basta makuha lang ang bola?


2. Eh 'yong mga paandar na sets at dump ball ni Jia?



3. Eh 'yong mga hampas sa bola na akala mo wala nang bukas?



4. 'Yong mga block na wagas ang tatag at hindi matitibag?



Nami-miss mo na ba makita ang 'happy fighting’ sa court?


5. 'Yong kung mag-celebrate, akala mo, nanalo sa lotto!  



6. 'Yong nakakahawa ang tawanan at kulitan nila sa court?



7. Eh 'yong cute na chismisan nila sa gitna ng laro, namimiss mo?



8. Pati kaya 'yong minsang down na sila pero panay pa rin sila tawanan? HAHA.




Nami-miss mo na bang makita kung gaano sila ka-close as a team?


9. 'Yong ang lakas maka-pump up ng high fives nila?



Sa sobrang hilig nga nila sa high five, pati sa kalaban, nakikipag-apir sila eh. Char lang.



10. Pati 'yong mga pasimpleng apir nila para i-console ang teammate, lalo na kapag lamang ang kalaban. Aww.



11. Pati ang yakapan nila as teammates na nakaka-touch panoorin.



12. Pero ang totoo niyan, minsan si Kiwi, lost sa yakapan. LOL



13. Pero nakaka-miss din kapag seryoso na sila, di ba? Kapag hindi na maipinta ang mga mukha nila, matakot ka na.



14. Pati kung paano sila makipaglaban para sa isang point! OUT NGA EH. HINDI, CHECK BALL! AYY, LINE BALL!



Pero kapag hindi mapakiusapan ang referee, daanin na lang sa tingin. Pak. Makuha ka sa tingin!



15. Eh kasi naman sila, may simpleng tinginan din. HAHA



16. Minsan pa, may simpleng choreo din!



17. Pero minsan din, akala mo mga ballerina!



18. Pero ang totoo, minsan, nakakamiss lang talagang makita ang bawat galaw nila sa court. Makita sila sa ere, gan'yan.



19. O kaya makita sila sa court. As in lapag, lagapak. Gan'yan. Chos lang.



Ang totoo niyan, nakaka-miss lang kasi talaga sila, ang bawat isa sa kanila.


Di bale, ilang tulog na lang (mga bente), mapapanood na natin ulit sila.


Konting hintay na lang.

Konting kapit.


Excited ka na ba?

Ikaw, ano'ng nami-miss mo sa kanila? :)


I am a proud Ateneo fan.


It was like standing in the middle of the loud, crazy crowd, not knowing what to do first: jump for joy, scream, or cry.

I couldn’t even remember what I did first. Or if I did it altogether. All I remember was that all the time, right at the first throw of the ball on the first set until its last hit on the floor at that 25th mark on the fourth set, I was praying.

I wasn’t actually praying for the Lady Eagles to win. All I ever prayed for was for them to give a good fight. That may there be no injuries on both camps, and that may He bless the players with their A-games on that do-or-die match. 

I just trusted His will, for I know that He would only give the win to the team that has the biggest and the most deserving hearts. 

I came to the Big Dome, setting the expectations of my family. They are Ateneo fans too, but not as ‘fangirl’ as me. They watch the games on TV but rarely watch live. They know the players but not as well as I do. They know the Ateneo Lady Eagles as a team but they don’t know their story.

How they’re too young and less experienced as a team, and how they have been struggling, losing some of the keep players last season.

So I thought they might get disappointed if ever the Lady Eagles lose.

I kept setting their minds, telling them it would really be okay for me if the girls lose. They got Game 1, what more could I ask for? But my tita, from time to time, told me, “Nakaya nga nila ‘yong una eh. Kaya nila ‘yan.”

I just smiled whenever she said that, and I was like, “Parang mas mababaliw ako kapag pumasok ang Ateneo sa finals!”

Well, not that I really didn’t believe they’d win, but it was easier to think that they would lose against NU because it was what everybody believed. It’s going to be NU and DLSU in the finals, plus the fact that they were twice beaten by NU in the eliminations. I knew they’ve got the skills, the talent, the unity and the hardwork. I knew they can make it but I recognized, too, that it’s not going to be easy. 

I wasn’t ‘not believing’ but I was just trying not to expect. 

I tried to be a matured fan so I set modest expectations in mind.

So, imagine my delight when they got the first set. I was literally jumping, screaming while praying and taking pictures and whatever. I didn’t even mind the cameras rolling (although I saw myself in one of the replays, looking crazy, jumping for joy).

Who even cared about being seen on TV? The #BigBlueCrowd was too happy, excited and overwhelmed. What with the eleven-drum set by the Ateneo Blue Babble Battalion (kudos to them, by the way), the #BigBlueCrowd literally dominated the Big Dome and made a thundering noise whenever the Lady Eagles get a point. 

There was a debate going on in my mind. It was like being torn between “OMG kaya nga nila! Shocks, grabe, nakuha nila first set! Woohoo!“ and that "Noooo, huwag ka munang umasa. Isang set pa lang ‘yan, kumalma ka, utang na loob.’ thoughts. 

And then my tita said, “Sabi ko sa’yo kaya nila eh.”

But apparently, the second set was a total meltdown, and while the crowd tried to be as noisy and as lively as it was during the first set, it really hurt to see the score. 

And there was fear, too, because that time, NU was already getting their game. There was this, "Shet. Ito na ang NU. Gising na.

The next two sets didn’t really give all of us the chance to sit back and relax. It’s a tight ball game, without any team leading big enough to be complacent. 

But seriously, the next two sets were the loudest. 

The screams, the chants, the drums. The boos. The cheers and the jeers. Everything was there. At one point I thought the floor was literally shaking. I didn’t mind, though. It was a tough match and the Lady Eagles were fighting. Fighting real hard. 

You can just imagine how the Big Dome erupted when they snatched the third set. 

That time, I was screaming "Thank You, Lord! Thank You, Mamy Mary,” hoping they would hear me from heaven. 

Tita, kakalma ako. Kakalma talaga ako. Naka-dalawang sets na sila, OMG! Kakalma talaga ako!” 

But I didn’t. I was too happy and the crowd was too noisy to even calm. The sea of blue was celebrating. I even saw some, exchanging high fives, hugging each other. 

The #BigBlueCrowd felt they were already winners. Why not? Their favorite team - young, struggling, doubted and counted out - had just won two sets in its second attempt to snatch the finals ticket from the Number 2 team. 

The fourth set was a more relaxed one. At the back of my mind, I really wanted to believe we’d be getting this last set but the thought of the Lady Eagles going to the finals really gave me goosebumps, so I chose to set it aside and enjoy the game, one point at a time. I was really praying they’d finish it, though I knew that Lady Bulldogs wouldn’t give it up that easy. I knew, as competitive as they are, they would want to take revenge. 

They were as hungry as any Top 2 team in any league would be to get to the finals. But I guess their hunger wasn’t that bad enough.

The Araneta Coliseum just erupted with that Valdez hit that ended the match.

I cried. And I knew thousands of those in the Big Dome and those that were in front of their television sets and cellphones were crying too. 

Crying out of happiness.

Crying out of pride.

As Charlie in The Perks of Being a Wallflower puts it, “In that moment, I swear, we were infinite.”

True enough, victory is sweeter when you least expect it.

And then I saw big smiles and heard hearty laughs as we went out of the court. Those in blue, men and women, young and old, hugging each other, as they celebrated like they were the players that won the game, exchanged stories at how they were nervous and excited and how they screamed their hearts out. And how they were still feeling surreal right at that moment. 

That scenario was a delight to the eyes and music to the ears. 


I am a proud fan, just like thousands of those rooting for the blue and white, who were once again convinced that we were never wrong in choosing who to support.

The Lady Eagles are brave fighters who never give up. 

They are the warriors that struggled, worked hard, and succeeded.

It is the team that most people doubted, hated, mocked, and was counted out.

And yes, it is the team that remains unassuming, focused, and hardworking:

It is the young Ateneo Women’s Volleyball Team, right there at the Finals.

Finals, baby. Finals.

I remembered I kept praying to God that He may let the team with the biggest and most deserving hearts win the bid to the finals.

Thank You, Lord.

You never fail.

The Lady Eagles, indeed, have the biggest and strongest of hearts.

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One Saturday Afternoon


It was sunny and rainy at the same time. But nope, not even the bipolar weather could stop them from coming.


Why not, yesterday was the closest any loyal supporter could ever get to his or her favorite boys and girls. No need to get Patron tickets. No need to wait outside the arena for hours after the game just to see them closely. No need to battle with the Orange bouncers just to get near.


One just had to go to the Blue Eagle Gym, bring a pen and paper or a camera, and fall in line. 



And when we say fall in line, we’re talking about some really LONG LINE.



In fact, Roma, a fan from Montalban, Rizal, went to the Blue Eagle Gym at 8:00 in the morning just to be sure they’d be the first to arrive. 

“Mga 5:00 pa lang po, gising na ako kasi malayo pa kami. Nag-decide po kami ng friend ko na agahan kasi nga marami po talagang pupunta. Tapos noong kami pa lang po ang andoon, naisip ko, ‘Wow, kami pa lang talaga ang nandito!’”

Ms. @Alyssanity_02, on the other hand, arrived  at the Blue Eagle Gym at 11 in the morning, and there were already a bunch of fans anticipating to get inside as early as 8:00.


“Kasi in-expect na namin na madaming tao. Syempre, mas gusto namin na nasa una. Saka wala pa akong pic with Ly na maayos." 

Waiting was not a big deal, according to her, because she got her friends, most of them she just met through this volleyball fandom, to spend the waiting game with that morning. 


"Super laking tulong kasi chikahan lang kami tungkol sa Finals Game 4, tapos pati mga sacrifices namin para makanood at makapunta sa Meet and Greet. Kung paano nagkakaubusan ng allowance para makabili ng ticket. Ako po, may family gathering dapat kami pero inuna ko pa ang meet and greet. Hehe.”



Who cared about the lines, though, when they knew, in mind and in heart, that waiting for hours outside was worth it: It was all for the Ateneo Men’s and Women’s Volleyball Teams.



It was around past 2:00 when they opened the gates for the fans. The kids from the Ateneo Volleyball Camp and their families were already in, since the awarding ceremonies of the camp would happen before the Meet and Greet. 


Imagine how the crowd went wild when the Ateneo Lady Eagles entered the gym. (Me and my camera weren’t even ready. Char.)


The girls and boys went around when they got in, exchanged a bunch of laughs, giggled in between conversations, and toyed around like any other college students.



The program came in shortly as it was also the culminating activity for the volleyball camp.



Some kids from the camp were awarded by no less than their idols. No doubt, they’re lucky.



After the awarding ceremonies, the girls and boys were asked to settle down. There were two tables on the court - one for the men’s team and the other, for the women’s team.  



The campers were the first to line up for photos and autograph signing. And in just a snap, kids on white-shirts-with-black-ink-stains were giddily going around the court. 



And while the kids were having the time of their lives, the ever loyal fans were there, patiently waiting. They might be tired, stressed, and bored, and they might be battling the whole day against the heat and the crowd, but all for their favorite players, they whole-heartedly waited. All for the love.



Imagine their joy when it was their turn.

Men and women, young and old. No doubt.

The Ateneo teams are well-loved. 




Seriously, it was dragging and tiring, being stuck in long, disorganized lines inside a crowded gym, with some even sneaking in just to get ahead.

But when you were right there, in front of them, with one minute or two to be just close to them, with a photo bonus and a signature, you’ll realize that, at the end of the day, it was ALL WORTH IT.


“Sobrang saya. As in! Nawala 'yong pagod lalo na noong nakapagpa-pic ako kay Ly,” shares Ms. @Alyssanity_02.  

Even Roma, who waited at the gym for almost seven hours just to get a glimpse of her favorites, agrees, “Sobrang sulit naman po kasi nakita po namin ang idols namin.”

But nope, it’s not only the fans who were celebrating. The players, too, were more than delighted to have spent time with those who stayed with them through every win and loss.


Star player Michelle Morente shares how good it was to see everybody that afternoon. 


“Sobrang sarap ng feeling na dumayo pa sila dito para lang makita kami. Sobrang na aappreciate namin silang lahat. Pero i feel bad sa ibang hindi nakapasok. Kasi alam ko naman ang layo pa ng pinanggalingan nila. Tapos ayun hindi sila nakapasok. Medyo nalungkot ako sa part na 'yon.”



And while they could only wish everyone could be accommodated, she was still thankful to all those who went out of their way to see them.


“Pero all in all naman. Sobrang saya kasi nameet ko na rin yung mga taong sumosuporta samin ng sobra sobra. Sobrang thankful talaga kami.”  

It was a Saturday like no other. It may just be a simple signature on a piece of paper, a smiley on a worn out shirt, and a lucky-you-if-it-wasn’t-blurred photo.. but the smiles exchanged between the players and the fans were priceless. 



That Saturday, indeed, was an exchange of thank-you’s.

From the players, who are forever thankful to their fans who never fail to support them in whatever way they can, against all odds.

And from the fans, who are forever thankful to their idols for inspiring them, without them, knowing.

That day, one thing was certain.

The players and the supporters bring out the best in each other.

And this friendship just became stronger through this meet and greet.



Thank you, girls and boys, for spending time with us. 

We hope you know you made a lot of people happy. :)


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It’s been almost two months since the Ateneo Lady Eagles won their first ever championship.

It’s been almost two months since Alyssa Valdez won as UAAP S76 MVP.  

It’s been almost two months, too, since I started to mellow down.


A few weeks after the celebration and their much talked about TV guestings, after it has sunk in me that they have already, finally, deservingly won the title, I decided I’d stop. 


For a while or for long, that time, I wasn’t sure.


UAAP Season 76 was a big one for me as a fan. 


I watched their games live, even if I had work.

I roamed around the arena to get good photos even if it wasn’t official.

I didn’t stop even if I was already caught and questioned.

I insisted I am just a fan and I was doing it for the blog even if they didn’t believe me.

I blogged at night even if I had more important things to write.

I posted photos after each game as soon I get home, even without eating dinner. 

I went to their trainings, class play, meet and greet - name it, I was there.


I was in the middle of an island doing work and I found myself by the shore, trying so hard to get a signal just to try the livestream, get score updates from Twitter, or call co-supporters every fifteen minutes.  

I was out of town but my mind was at the arena.

I just got off the plane and ran to Araneta just to catch the fourth set of Game 2.


I exhausted every connection I had to get the best seats every game, especially during the finals, just to get good photos.

And by the way, I sold my old DSLR and bought a new and better one for that.


All of these, I did, because Alyssa Valdez and the Ateneo Lady Eagles were worth it. All of these, I did, because they brought out, I guess, the best in me. There’s nothing better in this world than to do the things you are most passionate about for the people you love the most.  


I swore to write for and take photos of them for as long as I can because that’s the only way I thought I could express my support.


But as they say, everything reaches its peak. 

Its climax.


They are the Champs.

She’s the MVP.

Already had a lot of talks with her. Got tweets and messages from some of them. 

They knew about the blog. They appreciated the photos.

I thought I reached the fangirling peak.


I thought it was time for me to slow down, act my age, focus on the more serious and important things. Honestly, I felt I was already half-hearted with my job. Everything I did at work was half-baked. I lost focus. Of course, it was my fault and no one else’s. It was my inability to manage time and balance priorities.  


So, I decided it was time to mellow down and make up for what I neglected at work. It was pretty tiring, too, and I thought I needed a break.


It was off-season and nothing much was happening, and V-League games are not aired live, their first few games weren’t really that big.  


I have been missing in action. 

I have not been going to the arena.

I haven’t even watched their previous games on TV.

I know nothing about the schedule of their games.

The Twitter account is still logged in and I get notifs but I don’t read much.

I try to tweet sometimes but I think I have nothing new to say since I am not updated.

I try to blog but I am not inspired. 


I asked a co-fan if she wanted to blog, or if she wanted to be the new admin. I asked on Twitter who loves photography and writing. I even thought of asking for a 250-word essay just to check on the writing style, composition, and grammar if ever I’d be asking anybody to take on this blog.   


But as they say, what’s in your heart will remain in your heart. 


No matter how you push them away.

No matter how you try to walk away.


I checked Twitter on Friday night and read about the fuss. 

So, they lost, and the non-believers were rejoicing, and some supporters again were questioning.


They were already there, at the top. 

And now, they are struggling.  


I asked myself, is this it?

Is this over?

Does my fangirling peak when my team is at its peak?

Does my support end with my team, winning the championship? 


I watched the telecast of their previous game and realized how I missed seeing them on the court - their smiles, their laughs, their funny gestures, their spunk and their swag. I missed seeing them frustrated, and their willingness to go back and fight. I missed seeing their digs and dives, their tosses and hits. Their hugs, huddles, and high fives. 


I missed the camera clicks each time they dive, jump, and hit. I missed capturing their every smile, high five, and hug. I missed waiting for funny scenes and the jaw-dropping-Alyssa-Valdez-unconsciously-showing-her-abs moments. 


I missed talking about how good the Lady Eagles are, how willing they are to fight, and how charming all of them are. 


I missed letting the whole world know how talented and humble Alyssa Valdez is, how deserving she is of the love and attention she is getting right now. 




I guess I needed that time to realize how much I love Alyssa Valdez and the Lady Eagles that my life is just incomplete without them.


Hats off to co-supporters who never get tired and never stop showing them how much they love them. 

Being a fan is never easy, and there will always come a time when you would question yourself: FOR HOW LONG? FOR UP TO WHAT?


But then, at the end of the day, everything we do in life needs REAFFIRMATION.

Just always go back to the basic: TO WHOM DO WE DO IT FOR AND WHY?



Because more than anything in this world, THEY DESERVE THE LOVE.


This BLOG turns ONE this MAY. 

And TWO next MAY.

Then THREE on the next.

Then FOUR, FIVE, SIX, for as long as this love remains. 


Because this BLOG has been and always will be an OUTPOUR OF LOVE for the ATENEO LADY EAGLES.


*Thank you for always taking time to read the blog. Much appreciated. :)


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Sino'ng bored?


Ito na naman tayo.

Wala na namang aksyon. Walang laban. Walang ganap.

Gigising tayo sa umaga na walang aabangang laban at walang hihintaying TV guesting.

Magche-check ng Twitter at susubukang makisagap ng balita.  


“Magkakasama ba sila ngayon?”

“May training pa ba?”

“Teka, saan sila magbabakasyon?”  

Swerte kapag nagtweet sila. Pasalamat tayo ‘pag nag-Instagram pa.

Pero sa malamang at sa malamang, ang iba sa kanila, madalang mag-tweet. Madalang mag-post sa Instagam.

Mas lalo tuloy nakakamiss.

Nakakamiss 'yong kaingayan sa Twitter lalo na kapag may laban.

Paingayan kung paingayan.

Paandaran sa hashtag na kahit hindi naman natin ipilit eh nagte-trend. 

Nakakamiss 'yong pati mga artista at kilalang personalidad, nagtwi-tweet tungkol sa laban, o kaya naman itini-tweet mismo ang ALE para i-guest sa mga shows nila. 

Nakakamiss 'yong gabi pa lang bago ang laban, nagte-trend na ang official hashtag. At kapag laban na mismo, halos sakupin na natin ang trending topics dahil bawat laban ng ALE, talagang pinaguusapan.

Nakakamiss din 'yong pagkatapos ng laro, naghihintay tayong lahat sa mga magsusulputang pictures nila. Dahil bawat talon, hampas, tawa , halakhak, pati nga minsan iyak, siguradong nakatutok sa kanila ang camera.

Nakakamiss 'yong umuulan ang notifications sa Twitter dahil sa mga huntahan at kwentuhan with co-fans tungkol sa laban, kung paano tayong magdiwang kapag nanalo at magsuportahan kapag natatalo. Pati na rin kung paano tayo ma-highblood kapag may nagiingay sa kabilang bakod. 


Walang aksyon, so ano'ng ganap natin ngayon?


Ito, panood-nood na lang ng videos. Million hits na siguro natatanggap ng sa kakareplay natin nang mga laban nila, lalo na sa stepladder games. Iyong totoo? Kabisado na yata natin kung off-the-block ba o down-the-line ang susunod na palo ni Alyssa. Alam na alam na natin kung dive ba o roll ang susunod na gagawin ni Denden makuha lang ang bola. Kabisado na natin kung kailan sakto ang dropball ni Jia pati na kung kailan cute na cute na magtatatalon sa tuwa si Michelle. Pati nga sinasabi ng court barker, ng court side reporter, at ng commentators, kabisado na natin. At syempre, kabisado na rin natin kung kailan sasayaw si Coach, kung kailan magagalit, pati na lahat ng sinasabi niya sa huddles. 

Araw-arawin ba naman natin ang panonood, ewan ko na lang kung hindi pa natin makabisado lahat ng 'yon.


Bukod sa panonood, sinusuyod din natin lahat ng Twitter and Facebook accounts ng photographers. Na-download na ba natin lahat ng photos ng girls? Baka may throwback pics silang pino-post? Hindi tayo pwedeng magpahuli sa pag-download, syempre. 


Abang-abang pa rin sa Twitter at Instagram. Baka sakaling mag-update sila. Nakaka-excite din mag-abang ng tweets tungkol sa training nila, sa out-of-town and out-of-the-country trips, at sa mga blessings na natatanggap nila. Nakaka-excite mag-abang kung saang guestings pa natin sila pwedeng abangan, saang volleyball camps, saang photoshoot and events. 


Syempre, dahil walang ganap, saan pa ba naman tayo tatambay kung hindi sa Twitter? Kwentuhan, kulitan, at tawanan with co-fans. May mga nagbibigay ng trivia, may mga nagbibigay ng updates, meron din namang nakikipagkulitan at harutan lang. 


Pero kasi, masaya eh. Kahit walang ganap. 
Okay na rin kasi hindi lang naman tayo “supporters” kapag may laban di ba? 

Buti na lang marami tayong nagiging kaibigan dito.

Para kapag off-season, may kasama tayong maghintay at mag-abang.

Para kapag off-season, meron tayong kakulitan at kakwentuhan tungkol sa mga kalokohang ginawa natin last season makanood lang ng games, makabili lang ng ALE shirt, makasigaw lang sa arena o kahit sa harap ng TV at maipadama ang suporta natin sa kanila.

Para kapag off-season, may kasama tayong magpakasaya sa pag-flashback kung gaano kagaling, katibay, at kalaki ang puso ng ALE last season. At may kasama tayong maghintay at mag-abang sa kung ano pa ang mararating nila sa mga darating pang laban.


 Ganoon naman talaga di ba? 

Dahil kapag off-season, doon nga natin mas mapapatunayan kung gaano tayo katindi sumuporta.

Na kahit walang aksyon, walang laban, at walang ganap, kahit madalang natin silang makita at once in a blue moon sila mag-update ng Twitter at Instagram nila, at kahit problematic ang livestream at delayed telecast pa 'yan, hinding hindi magbabago ang suporta.


Nagpapahinga sila ngayon kasi bakasyon.
Walang pahi-pahinga.
Season o off-season, tuloy-tuloy ang suporta.  





They started from scratch.


From losing five to gaining five.  


From letting go of the veterans to stepping up of the seniors.  







From an intact roster to a young, inexperienced team.



They trained hard.

Everyday. Twice a day.

And entered the season with humility.

“We are a young, rebuilding team. Modest expectations.”



They faced each game with all that they learned from their training, backed up by confidence, trust in each other, determination, and willingness to fight.



And a whole lot of heart.



They struggled for every point. They worked hard for every win.


And they learned from every loss. 



They focused on their training, not on their detractors.

They focused on their games, never on their haters.




That’s what Season 76 has been all about.



And we could never ask for more.

“Started from the bottom, now we’re here.’



Holding on to the third. Fighting on the stepladder.

Dominating the individual statistics.

For a young, rebuilding team like the Ateneo Lady Eagles, that’s more than enough. 

That’s beyond everyone’s expectations.



Lady Eagles, you have proven them wrong.


You just simply played your games, did your best, gave your all, and worked as a team.

With all your HEART AND MIGHT.

For a young, rebuilding team, reaching this far, you have already proven your hearts.   



The next battles are NOT going to be EASY.

But we believe in your SKILLS, and much more in your HEARTS.

In your hearts as STRONG as a FIGHTER.

Because since game one, that’s what you have proven us.




You’ve reached this FAR.

And tomorrow, you are going FARTHER.



We believe in your hearts, Lady Eagles.

Fight with your hearts!

Heart Strong! 





Photo Credits: 

Ateneo Lady Eagles (Mona Bagatsing/Tash Faustino)



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