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Top 10 Ski Jumping World Cup Men 2016/17

1. Stefan Kraft (AUT) 1665 - (8x1st - 3x2nd - 6x3rd)
2. Kamil Stoch (POL) 1524 - (7x1st - 3x2nd - 2x3rd)
3. Daniel Andre Tande (NOR) 1201 - (2x1st - 4x2nd)
4. Andreas Wellinger (GER) 1161 - (1x1st - 8x2nd - 3x3rd)
5. Maciej Kot (POL) 963 - (2x1st - 1x2nd)
6. Domen Prevc (SLO) 938 - (4x1st - 1x2nd - 1x3rd)
7. Michael Hayböck (AUT) 814 - (1x1st - 1x2nd - 2x3rd)
8. Markus Eisenbichler (GER) 807 - (3x3rd)
9. Peter Prevc (SLO) 716 - (1x1st - 1x3rd)
10. Manuel Fettner (AUT) 703 - (2x3rd)

two possible outcomes of the stanley cup championship 2017:
  • pens win: yeahhh go pens, two stanley cups in a row and they're killin it, a great way to end a season that could be flower's last with the pens
  • preds win: yeahhh go preds, pk fuckin deserves it man, a great way to end a season in which they fuckin creamed racists and homophobes
  • final thoughts: no downsides, everything is great, i love hockey

Per Angie Carducci, “the only way Penguins held onto Fleury at the trade deadline was if he’d already agreed to waive for the expansion draft.”

Marc-André Fleury could have said no. Many of the teams looking for a goalie at the trade deadline were likely contenders. There’s almost no question any team he would have been traded to is projected to be more competitive over the next two years than the Vegas Golden Knights.

And he chose to stay.

Flower gave up playing the rest of his career with a contending team for one last run with the Penguins. There was no guarantee he’d get to play in the playoffs at all. Even so, he chose to stay with his friends for as long as possible.

I hope he enjoyed every second of it.

washington capitals as prom dates

inspired by this video and composed with contributions from @hellokyochan and @notmissmarple

  • Braden Holtby is the world’s best prom date. You’re in your taffeta gown and you answer the door and there he is in a pinstripe suit and shades and a cowboy hat, and you know you’re going to have the best fucking time at prom
  • Nate Schmidt shows up in a bright pink suit and pink tie
  • Justin Williams is wearing the nicest suit he owns, which isn’ much, and he’s driving his mom’s beat up old car
  • Ovi, Kuzy and Orly all show up in a limo, halfway to wasted, hanging out the top
  • Tom Wilson shows up looking spiffy with a rose pinned to his lapel and takes the time to charm your parents, while Andre Burakovsky and his girlfriend shout at him from the car to hurry it up
  • Your mom pulls you aside to tell you she thinks this TJ Oshie seems like a nice boy, but he totally texted you earlier to give you the lowdown on all the booze he has stashed in the limo
  • Nicky is really awkward and fumbles at his cuffs a lot and looks down at the floor when he talks to you, but when you finally dance with him he’s the best dancer you’ve ever seen

  • Bonus: Ovi is the one who spiked the punch, but Nicky is the one who stood in front of the table so no one would see
  • Nicky totally bitched at Ovi about it, too
    • “Alex, no.” “ALEX, YES.”
    • “well FINE you SHOULDN’T but if you’re GOING TO I’m not going tto let you get in trouble”
    • “You’re gonna get caught.” // “If you stand here and don’t move, I don’t get caught” // “I hate you sometimes.” // “No, you don’t.”