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Blackhawks: We got Brandon Saad back guys!!!


Also me: Wait how did you pull that off?

Blackhawks: ………….we may have traded away the 2016 Calder Memorial Trophy winner


Blackhawks: *in a fearful whisper* maybe we shouldn’t mention how we also traded away Niklas “The Hammer” Hjalmarsson

Me: YOU did WHAT nOW?

Season 1 Review: Clace

This is for my fellow Clace Queen @choclatelovee who sweetly asked me to post this!

First Impressions: I really enjoyed their first meeting and Jace saving Clary’s life. Those two scenes were amazing but overall their wasn’t much to love about them in the first two episodes. Jace and Clary being the leads had a lot of exposition but it was really setting up the world which is totally understandable but I think that’s why you couldn’t get much of a read on their dynamic. I also think that the entire cast were a little stiff in these episodes which again is totally understandable.

Building the Romance: The moment I fell for this couple was the grave yard scene where Jace is teaching Clary about the seraph blade. The chemistry and tension were on point. I also like that we spend several episodes building the trust between the two. In episode 3 Clary watched as Jace went to bat for her against Alec. Clary in return quite literally saved Jace from the memory demon. We got to see them leaning on each other more and more also moving further away from their BFFs. I also really liked with the built in urgency of the show neither one of them really had time to stop and analyze these feelings they were developing for each other. So it made moments like when Jace told Clary he was always going to have her back, you could really tell they were really getting lost in each other of course it only lasted  few seconds but what an amazing few seconds it was.

Giving into their Feelings: In episode 7 Clary completely threw caution to the wind and kissed Jace. It was an amazing moment and I loved the choice to have Clary make the first move. Jace is very guarded and you could see that falter a few times with Clary but it would have taken forever for him to make the first move. I loved the physical intimacy we got as well from Jace constantly touching Clary’s face, the hugs and forehead kisses. Following their first kiss Clary and Jace grew closer as they dealt with Simon’s death and  making the choice to go against Alec and Lydia. They really grew into a team. Always having each other’s back which included Jace following her into an alternate dimension. Then we have my favorite Clace moment of the season which is when Clary is telling him about the other world and he assures her that their feelings are real. OMG. You could see Jace’s defenses fall down and they both completely give into everything they are feeling. This scene was just so perfect. From their expressions, to the way he was touching her face, to the passion in that kiss. This moment for me solidified that even if they weren’t verbalizing it they had completely fallen in love.

The Reveal and the Fallout: Of course Valentine crushes Clace’s heart(and mine) as he reveals he is Jace’s father. Things get awkward as neither of them really know how to deal with each other. Jace wants to avoid everything all together while Clary internalizes all the heartbreak she’s feeling it an effort to make it easier. Jace is not only struggling with the fact that he may never be able to be with Clary again but also with who he is. I love that despite everything going on between them Clary has this steadfast faith in Jace and how good he is. I loved the choices made the convey the angst in the final two episodes its obvious that Jace is struggling to be near her while Clary over compensates in chit chat to try to make things normal but a few stolen glances at the wedding remind us that these two are in love. And that love isn’t going away just because they can no longer be together. Our final scene between these two is totally heartbreaking as Jace makes the choice to go with Valentine to save Clary and their friends. She is left devastated but still has hope and is ready to go fight to save him. I can’t wait to see where Season two takes them. I will definitely be tuning in. Feel free to share your clace thoughts in my inbox. Much Love.