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Mystic Diary #14

Whew, it’s been a long time since I managed a proper Mystic Diary. I wanted to reflect on all that’s happened in the last half year and some of the things you can expect moving forward with us.

First of all, I’d like to say welcome to all our new fans and thanks so much for giving us a chance. Whether you got here through MDSOA or To the Edge of the Sky, we’re really happy you decided to give our game a try.

And to our old fans who are always being patient and supportive of us, thank you so much for helping us do what we love.

We’re always learning as we move forward and it’s thanks to those who have supported us that we can continue. We’ve experienced a lot of hard times, but we’d like to think the future will be brighter. We’re really looking forward to developing Mystic Destinies: Echoes and continuing To the Edge of the Sky.

All that said, I want to ramble a bit about some things:

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Creator: @maepng

One of the member of team Radiant Aeons.



AGE: 19

HEIGHT: 5'10’’





Barbie Constantino grew up as your typical knucklehead troublemaker. She was born and living in the Philippines until she moved to New York at the age of 8, where she didn’t know anyone at all outside her family of two parents, a brother, and a sister. To make matters worse, the only way she knew how to make connections with other people is to throw some punches and playing dirty with an unwavering smile on her face.
Then comes age 14, her most pivotal year, where her parents and older brother has decided that she needs some straightening out before entering high school. The best plan they came up with is getting outside help from etiquette schools for children with foul behavior. Thus, they signed her up for etiquette classes.
It turns out, Barbie has been taking the wrong directions and started training at a local dance studio, where she will eventually form a street dance duo under the name of “TOYBOX” with her dance partner Peony. So things haven’t gone according to the family’s plan, but they’re happy enough with the neighborhood complains having died down. Five years has passed by since then and Barbie continues on with moving her arms and legs to the rhythm with that unwavering smile.

crimsonaeon-archived  asked:

Aeon approached team CFVY's room today. He wanted to see if Velvet was doing alright after her mission. He hoped her new arms weren't causing her trouble as he knocked on their door.

Velvet tried to opened the door, but she broke the handle as she as she wanted to opened the door “damnit!”

What is a team?

The tournament was closing in, right around the corner. Schools across the kingdoms were preparing for it, teams were building strategies and training together…. All but one team, with its only member currently at the roof tops.

Team ARMI, lead by Aeon has had difficulties with being together, and Aeon was certain he wouldn’t be in the tournament since he had no team really.

Aeon sighed as he gazed at the clouds with hands behind head. He figured he had found companionship, but he guessed it was all for not.

Hidden Memories (open rp)

This year of Beacon was coming to a end. But when something ends, something is a new beginning. Team ARMI was separated, and the leader was far away from the school, gazing from a mountain on the large Emerald Forest. Aeon needed time to think on what he should, how he can fix everything? Being alone like this, the sense of loss was too familiar, in more ways than one.

Aeon summoned his sword and looked at it. Now a different form. Handel was black with spiked hand guard, the center had a hole with a sphere of aura in it, and the blade was azure color. This new form was awakened when he had to save Inori from Mana’s control. He learned a lot out that experience, including how his sword had a spirit dwelling inside it. Nakoma was it’s name. Aeon had never felt closer to who he was before, though the spirit didn’t know who Aeon was in the past. He was content with the life had to continue his search. But all good things tend to fade.

Sensing a hostile presence, Aeon turned and brought his sword up, blocking another blade. The man before him had long dark red hair into a ponytail. He had black leather armor on his forearms, and chest, the rest was a crimson tunic underneath the armor, brown pants and boots.

Aeon pushed the man away and dodged a stab and two swipes before shooting a aura sphere to knock him back.

The man quickly recovered with a growl. “You think you’re clever huh? Bastard,” he said, having a rasp in his voice. 

“Crimson, I will not have you go wild again on your own,” another man’s voice was heard, sounding wise and deep.

The owner of the voice approached the two. He had black hair in a will raven style cut. He wore blue gauntlets, a furred blue coat with sleeves rolled up, a long sleeved black shirt that was made out of Dust. He also wore blue judo pants and shoes. Aeon noticed his eyes were like his, burning with a aura flame inside.

“What do you two want?!” Aeon demanded, getting ready to fight the two.

“What does it matter? The pint is that you’re going to die!” Crimson said with a twisted smirk. 

“Quiet the partner you have there. No quite a team player,” Aeon said to the man.

“Yes. You were better back in the day,” the man replied, which got Aeon’s attention. “Prepare yourself.”

Crimson charged at Aeon and did a rising upper cut, to which Aeon blocked and countered with another aura sphere as he was in the air. Crimson’s foot glowed red aura and knocked the sphere back at Aeon. Aeon was knocked back but quickly recovered. Crimson was on the offensive again as he slashed at him with quick strokes, Aeon meeting his blade with his. High, low, side to side, kicks, all were collided with equal strength. The two were perfectly matched, with similar techniques of fighting style. But where Crimson was aggressive and wild, Aeon was calm and focused. Crimson charged aura into his blade and swung his sword, knocking Aeon’s sword out of his hands. He then stabbed at Aeon but the tip was stopped by his bare hand. Aeon’s aura coated his hand, keeping making it a barrier and holding the blade. His grip was tight, making Crimson unable to move it. Before Crimson knew it, Aeon charged aura into his other hand and punched him in the face, sending flying off the edge of the cliff with his sword. Crimson dug his sword on the side of it, stopping his fall.

Aeon’s arm was grabbed and twisted behind his back by the man. He tried to elbow his head but the man caught it with his other one. Aeon was then kneed hard in the gut.

“I’ll meet you soon. Wait for me,” the man said before yanking Aeon to he edge. He then charged a massive aura sphere and fired it at Aeon, sending him flying across the massive land of the forest. The man looked towards Aeon’s sword.

Crimson climbed towards the top, saying, “I didn’t need your help!” The man was gone, along with the sword. “Damn him. After he told me not to be on my own.”

Aeon soon crashed hard against the tree, the wind knocked out of him as he groaned in pain. He has never seen a powerful amount of aura like that, sending him miles from where he was.