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And through the flames, she sees you, Magnus, alive.

I tried to do an Art Style Challenge with my amazing Team Leader Candela! ೕ(`・୰・´)و ̑

Unfortunately it didn’t go so well but therfore it took me forever (ヾ; ̄▽ ̄)ヾ
//I already apologize for the weird backgrounds and twisted poses & that my own style looks so boring (it’s still under construction)//

Adventure Time creators working on Castlevania Animated Series

Last year, producer Adi Shankar stated that he planned on working with Frederator Studios, the team behind Adventure Time, on a “Super Violent” adaptation of the classic gaming franchise Castlevania.

Recently, while on the Nick Animation Podcast, Frederator Studios founder Fred Seibert spoke about this project without mentioning the Castlevania name specifically. He did however say that his current project is based on “one of the most world-famous video games of the last 30 years”. Seibert may not be able to discuss specifics until the official reveal, but Frederator Studios has reportedly held the animation rights to a Castlevania series for over a decade.

We’ll go on an adventure and relive history

So please, please, please won’t you join me

Until the very end



A couple months back talented voice actress Hynden Walch was asking artist to submit a composition drawing for her and her work. Being the fan (of Teen Titans) that I was I was more than willing to do a piece for her (the second image) and she was more than thankful for it. She even asked me to email it to her.

However months later I started thinking on it again and realized I kind of rushed the design (I did because I thought I was on a time limit for it) and tweeted her again asking if I do submit a redraw and she approved. So I got to work and even though school wore me down I was able to get another one done the next month and I am much happier with this version (as was she I hope)

I wanted to make sure she got it and liked it before thinking about posting it myself since I technically gave it to her.


Day 18 - RWBY & JNPR - Prompt “Team RWBY (including JNPR)Christmas morning from weaponscomplex

I hope this is what you’ve imagined XD!

You can actually see which I took more time with. I ha fun so that’s that! The other teams are for tomorrow if nobody minds XD

I have no idea what what Weiss gave to Ruby but at least she got a white cape in return XD