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can we talk about this for a minute ???? we can se how valtteri is a bit uncomfortable at first. a bit unsure where to be, where to stand. probably wondering if he should even be there … and as soon as some members of the team see him, they usher him forward. and at first you think lewis doesn’t really take a notice to him, but as they crouch down, lewis ushers valtteri to come in closer, that he too should be in centre, along with him. and honestly, i think just that let alone, made valtteri more comfortable. i might not always be the biggest fan of lewis .. but i love this. and the whole team. it just made me very happy.



Warnings - fluff, angst, surprises, dad!tony.

Steve stumbled into the kitchen, it was early in the morning and his was rubbing his eyes as they adjusted to the light. It was a Saturday, it was 8am, and Tony had decided to wake the entire tower up by blasting AC/DC over the speakers. Each team member was slowly willing themselves to get up, groaning and cussing at the behaviour of their team-mate as he rushed around the kitchen, making sure he had everything in the correct place. Since it was early and the sun was shining outside, Steve moved himself out of bed and decided to go on a run after he had a cup of coffee in his system, “Morning Capsicle, wonderful day, don’t you think?” Tony asked as he poured a cup of coffee and slid it over to Steve who caught it with ease.

The super soldier frowned at the strange behaviour as he sipped at the drink in his hand, “Why are you so happy today, Tony? What have you done?” Steve deadpanned earning a chuckle from behind them as Natasha entered the kitchen wearing a pair of joggers and a vest top, grabbing a blueberry muffin from the tub in the corner before ripping a piece off and popping it into her mouth.

Tony feigned mock hurt as his mouth fell open, Natasha sent him a sceptical glance and he huffed, “Oh fine,” he exclaimed as he looked to Natasha mischievously, “Nova is coming home today,” Tony said and Natasha dropped her muffin, covering my mouth with her hands to conceal her gasp.

“What?!” Natasha shrieked as she searched Tony’s face for any sign of a lie, Steve watched the pair with confusion as she hugged Tony tightly, “I can’t believe it,” she breathed as she backed away.

Steve cleared his throat as Clint entered the room, “What’s the face about?” he motioned to Natasha who threw an apple in his direction, he dodged the flying piece of fruit and threw his middle finger up at her as he grabbed a bottle of juice from the fridge.

The red haired assassin leaned against the counter and wiggled her eyebrows, “Nova’s coming home today,” Clint spat out the orange drink in his mouth and wiped his lips with wide eyes.

“Nova? Our Nova?” Clint asked and both Tony and Natasha nodded in sync, “Our Nova.”

Bucky joined Steve in the kitchen, just as confused as he was, Sam stood on his other side, “Sorry, but who or what is Nova?”

A voice scoffed from behind them as Bruce emerged with Vision at his side, Wanda following them in moments later with a serious case of bed head, “Nova is Tony’s daughter,” Steve’s face twisted in confusion, “Yes, Tony somehow managed to conceive.”

Bucky’s nose twitched in disgust, “I didn’t need that image, thanks Bruce,” he commented as he coughed and picked up a pastry from the basket, “But I never knew you had a kid, congrats.”

Tony looked around with a soft smile, “Yeah, she’s just about the only good thing that’s come from me,” he stated which made Natasha nudge him with a grin of her own to almost match his.

With the look on Tony’s face it was obvious to tell that Nova meant a lot to him, even if some of the team never knew of her existence, it was all to keep her safe, “When’s she due home?” Clint asked as he sat up on the counter.

The man checked his phone to look at her last call or message, “She got on her plane in Iceland last night, last thing she said is that she’ll be here around lunch time,” he paused and looked at the clock, “I say we’ve got about two hours,” he said with a smile, “I’ve sent Happy to go and get her since she insists that I keep my ‘old ass’ planted in bed,” Sam snorted at the reference and Natasha rolled her eyes playfully as Tony reeled off the insult from his phone.

“Well that’s two hours to get a surprise party ready, right?” Wanda asked from the corner as she buttered some toast and cut it in half, Tony smirked and looked around at the team before nodding, “Fantastic,” the team split off, making a list of what they needed but mainly allowing Natasha and Clint do it since they knew what she liked the most.

The list contained all sorts of things, Nova’s favourite foods which included doritos and a specific make of triple chocolate chip cookies, then were were banners and a cake which Natasha had called in a last minute favour for. Tony had ordered a huge and expensive bouquet of white roses, Nova’s favourite flowers, as well as a whole selection of giant stuffed elephant teddies, her favourite animal. Then Natasha created a CD of her most liked songs, and Tony got her baby album out as well as a collection of her old certificates for a range of things from horse riding to karate. Tony was immensely proud of his Nova.

A chime indicated a text message on Tony’s phone, one from Happy which said that he and Nova were pulling up to the tower and that they would be up on their floor in a matter of minutes, “Everyone, she’s here, hide in the kitchen, come on,” he told the team as he ushered them all into the kitchen, making them duck behind the counters.

The elevator dinged and the doors slid open, Happy was talking to someone who was wearing heels, the sound of a suitcase being wheeled also filled the hallway as they walked through, “Dad? Are you here?” Tony peaked out from around the corner of the cabinet he was hiding behind, he watched her dark waves fall over her face as she bent down and picked up the card which had been stuck into the bouquet of white roses, a ghostly smile tugged at her lips as she read the card, “Nova, sorry I couldn’t be here when you got home, I’ll be back soon, love Dad,” she read the card aloud to Happy who looked at her sympathetically as she shrugged and slid the card onto the table.

Tony mouthed a countdown to everyone crouched behind the counter with a smirk as the rustling of clothes sounded where Nova stood, all at the same time everyone jumped out yelling, “Surprise!” as loud as they could, making Nova jump and lose her footing, and they all watched her fall to the floor and hear her land with a loud thud followed by a groan. Tony sped around the counter and jumped over the sofa as Nova turned her head and looked up to the ceiling dazed, “Are you okay, Nova?”

Nova looked up at her father and a million thoughts ran through her mind, how he had began to trim his stubble, the light in the middle of his chest had gone, most importantly she noted how old he looked, she cocked her head to the side with a smirk, “Since when did you get so old, dad?” Tony gave her a displeased look as she rose to her feet with a smirk, “Look at those frown lines! Jesus, dad!” her fingers poked in the lines creased into Tony’s forehead and he continued to look at her with the same unhappy expression.

Once Nova had silenced her little digs she stood up straight and smiled at Tony who cracked underneath her gaze and instantly wrapped her in her arms, kissing her forehead softly before examining her. How tanned she was, how her skin glowed and her eyes shined brighter than the sun. Nova looked older, because she was, Tony had figured out that she left home when she was 18, and that was 5 years ago, which made her 23 years old, “Since when did I get old? Look at you,” he poked her ribs and smiled when he heard her giggle happily before squealing.

“Nat! Clint! Oh my god!” Steve watched as she hurtled over the sofa and wrapped her legs around Natasha, pulling her to the floor as they both laughed heavily, groaning in protest when Clint lay over both of them, “Get the fuck off me Bird Brain,” she shoved him off and stood up, hugging Bruce tightly, “How’s it going Brucie?” she ruffled his hair and took a step back.

Bruce flattened his hair and grinned, “I’m good, how was travelling?” he asked her and they all watched her eyes light up.

“Oh it was amazing! I started off in Brazil and ended in Iceland, couldn’t travel and not see the Northern Lights, and let me tell you, they were the best part of the whole trip,” she gushed and Steve admired how she spoke and retrieved her phone from her bag to show Tony and Bruce the pictures, “It’s a hotbed for physics and geology,” she told them.

“You’re personal playground?” Tony nudged her as he scrolled through the pictures, allowing everyone to put up banners and posters around them, “Exactly Dad,” Nova stated as he pulled her in for a hug, mumbling about how much he missed her.

Tony looked around the room and realised that most of the people were strangers to his daughters, so he gathered them all around, “Everybody, this is my daughter, Nova Delilah Stark, she gets her looks from me and her brains, ow-” he yelped as Nova dug her elbow into his ribs, “Okay, she doesn’t need me to be clever, she specialises in physics and geology and finds my suits to be highly unnecessary,” he stated shooting her a look, “Okay, now, you know Natasha, Clint and Bruce already,” he stated with boredom as he pointed to each person in turn, introducing them, “This is Wanda, Vision, Sam, Bucky and last but not least, the Capsicle.”

Steve rolled his eyes and stepped forward, shaking Nova’s hand in his own, “My name is not Capsicle,” he stated and blushed when she giggled, pulling her hand away to cover her mouth.

Nova nodded and smiled warmly, “I know, you’re Steve, it’s nice to finally meet you,” she acknowledged as she looked to her father, “You do understand I’ve been hacking into your computer since the day I left, right?”

Tony frowned and his eyes widened, “Why didn’t FRIDAY, tell me?”

Nova crossed her arms, “Because FRIDAY’s got my back, Dad,” he suddenly went red and went to open his mouth, “Yes Dad, I’ve seen the tapes,” she looked away shamefully trying to stifle a laugh but failing.

Steve watched the interaction from Bucky’s side, he took the chance to really look at Nova, how her dark hair fell down her back in loose curls, how her makeup was done to perfectly and so naturally, how her eyes twinkled, he was utterly and completely mesmerised by her, “Don’t even think about it,” Bucky muttered to his best friend as he too watched the brunette poke fun at her father.

“Do what?” Steve replied innocently as his eyes raked up and down her body, how her jeans hugged her in all the right places and how her vest top showed off a teasing amount of cleavage.

Bucky sighed, “Don’t go chasing Nova, Tony will kill you, literally,” he told his friend before walking away to talk to Sam, leaving Steve behind to let his eyes follow Nova wherever she went.


Aaliyah & Usher as Counterparts

They were born only four months and two days apart. Usher’s date of birth is October 14, 1978 and Aaliyah was born January 16, 1979.

Age Ain’t Nothing But a Number and Usher’s self-titled album were both released in 1994. Both debut albums showed off a maturity beyond their 15 years.

Sophomore efforts One in a Million (1996) and My Way (1997) were released just little over a year apart. Both albums are home to two of some of the best R&B singles of the 90’s; One in a Million and You Make Me Wanna.

Third albums were released in July 2001 with Usher’s dropping on the 1st day of that month and Aaliyah, six days after. Both were critically acclaimed for their artistic growth. 

They could both sing, dance and were the first male and female artist from their generation to be considered as the heirs to throne of Pop superstar siblings, Michael and Janet Jackson.

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5'10 girl request for Kuroo and Tsukishima here 😂, maybe they hang out after practice and the people in their team are like goals but they also tease them and such. I suppose they would probs support each other a lot with matched and such + because they're all middle blockers help with the *cough* broken fingers hahaha and a lot of fluff and a lot of tiredness

I might’ve changed this a little bit, sorry about that! I still hope you enjoy it though!


“Aha! I finally beat you!” You cried as you threw your arms up in accomplishment as Kuroo walks up behind you and slings an arm over your shoulder. “Great job babe, you really beat me,” Kuroo says as your smile grows larger.

“Did you guys hear that! I beat Kuroo!” You yell in the gym as the team was slowly gathering for practice. “What! I never beat him before!” Lev whined as you chuckled at him, “One day Lev.”

Practice started a few minutes after and like always you sat on the bench watching your boyfriend and his team play. To your surprise, Lev was getting a lot better, and quickly too. Your favorite moment was coming; Lev running in for a spike, Kuroo getting ready to jump for a block.

And the powerful sound of the spike being blocked by Kuroo’s hands, but this time it sounded a bit strange. Looking up and focusing on Kuroo, you saw him gently shake his hand to the side as he gave Lev a grin. “You okay there?” You call out as he turns to look at you with a nod before raising his injured hand up, “I’m fine! My timing was a little off!” Kuroo shouts back as you gesture him towards you.

“Come over here, I’ll tape them to help you!” Kuroo excuses himself as the team continues and jogs over to your side, watching you pull the tape out. “Lev’s spikes are getting better,” Kuroo says as you pull the tape and wrapping it around his fingers, “Yeah, I saw. He’ll be a great player in no time.” You respond as you use your mouth to rip the tape.

“Does it hurt when you move it?” You ask as you look up at Kuroo who stood up and bent his fingers. “It’s better, thanks babe.” Bending down he kisses you on the cheek before jogging back to the court.

“You’re so lucky you have a girlfriend who takes care of you like that!” Lev whines as Kuroo gives him a smug grin, “She’s the best isn’t she?”


As the boys were taking their water break from practice, a loud voice calls out from the gym doors, all head turning to find the source.

“Hello~ I’m here today!” You call out as you popped out from the large doors, giving the team a wave. The boy’s faces all lightened up as they waved back and greeted you, some nudging Tsukishima and teasing him on his girlfriend.

Tsukishima’s face dropped as he saw you at the doors, he always told you to not come watch practice because he thought it was embarrassing with you watching and even cheering sometimes. “I’ve come to watch you Kei~” Hinata laughed at him from the first name basis, “Oh Tsukishima, already there?” He joked before running over to Nishinoya.

Suga smiled politely before ushering the team away from the two of you. You shrank a little as Tsukishima walked over towards you, towering over you, “Hi Kei.”

“I thought I told you to not come watch me at practice?” You give him a smile and a little shrug before looking up at him, “What kind of girlfriend would I be if I didn’t come watch?” His cheeks flushed as he looked away, pushing his glasses up slightly. “You’re so annoying.”

“But you love me! Come on! the team’s waiting!” Taking his arm, you drag him over to the team before greeting Yachi and Kiyoko. “Yeah! Get ‘em!” You shout as the team continued to tease Tsukishima. You were always there to embarrass him, but at least he knew somebody was always there to support him.


Chris Brown - Party (Official Video) ft. Gucci Mane, Usher

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