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messy art because I’m mess

and I know you are either

Isayama-sensei, you are the cruel one. And brilliant one. It was the most intense chapter in this story ever. EVER.

It’s been too long. I think we need a reminder-

that Hal looks at Matt like a proud parent

that Hal steps in front of Matt like a protective parent

that Hal consoles Matt like a concerned parent

that Hal hugs Matt like an affectionate parent

that Hal runs for Matt like a relieved parent

that Hal carries Matt like an experienced parent

that this is all proof of #actualparenthalmason


I got Armin (finally found one) days before SNK 82 is released. I’m still hoping Levi will give the serum to Armin

anonymous asked:

Can you list all of the Kakashi-centric episodes? Episodes that focus on anything Kakashi! Please and thank you. If not can you point me in the right direction so I can find a list like this.

wow anon! such a huge task?!
uuum… anime episodes?
well… I’ll try my best (sorry if I forget something)

Here we go…

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 Needless to say but I’m not getting sleep until the damn new chapter comes out!!. Little something I sketched out…unable to finish this drawing over all these tears and emotions, don’t get me wrong I’m sort of glad for armin woohoo~ or whatever but what really infuriates me is that not a god damn soul gave Erwin the proper thanks that he deserved…That sweet commander handsome. 

I’m just hoping that Isayama proves this fanart wrong by some how saving Erwin’s life at the last minute…which seems unlikely but keeping my fingers crossed. If this is actually the end for the commander then I say that he went out in glory, a leader should always put his soldiers lives above his own…but being the fangirl I am i say to hell with the soldiers and save yo sexy ass Erwin !! <3 <3T_T 



VIDEO:  (Video may be up to 20 seconds) Design and build a voice recognition device or robot stationed next to a toilet that flushes it when prompted by the voice command, “Crowley.” We must see you speak for 10 seconds prior to saying “Crowley” (you can say whatever you wish for this 10 seconds) but only see the flushing when “Crowley” is uttered. We must see the speaker’s face, the flushing mechanism and the toilet bowl in the video framing the entire time.

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