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Naruto calls Hokage Kakashi crying. Kakashi reassures him that Konoha has set aside an allotted sum of money annually to cover the damages the three of them cause when they fight. Better to just clean up the mess than anyone actually try and stop them.

Himawari Headcanon 4 -too cute!-
  • Kakashi: Okay team 7, your mission is to take these bells from me. You're going to come at me with the intent to kill, otherwise, you won't be getting them.
  • Sarada: So I just have to take them from you, Kakashi-jisan? *activates Sharingan*
  • Bolt: Not a problem. *activates Tenseigan*
  • Himawari: *calmly walks up to Kakashi* Grandpa, can I have the bells?
  • Kakashi: Sweetie, you have to try to--
  • Himawari: *moe moe kyun eyes* Pleeeeeease?
  • Kakashi: Awwwwww, you little munchkin. Okay.
  • Bolt and Sarada: "....................."
  • Kakashi: SHE'S TOO CUTE~~!
  • Himawari: yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!