team 5.10s


You & Me

I just need something to happen tomorrow night! It doesn’t have to be big, it doesn’t have to be obvious, it doesn’t have to be as creative as all the stuff we came up with (though with all this hype I think it should), but there has to be something. I’ll take a coda at the end with eyes opening to a Grady hospital room. I’ll take Morgan looking down at a dirty but breathing figure with bloodied blonde hair. I’ll take a shot of Beth’s sweater-covered wrist with her fingers starting to wiggle. Hell, I’d take Daryl finding a boot print in the mud and then looking off into the distance. Anything that would give some indication that our girl’s okay would be fine with me but TPTB gave us all those damn clocks that promised us 5.10 so I’m just waiting for something to happen!