team 104

Headcanons for the favorite genre of music of each of the members of blue team

…because what else am I going to think about when I run but everyone’s favorite spartan-II team 

John-117: Classical. When everything is near perfection, John likes it. (And honestly I was trying to imagine any one member of Blue Team kicking ass to Verdi’s Dies Irae and John took the cake)

Kelly-087: Electronic music, any subgenre you can name– if it’s considered a blight on the music world by any music-snob, Kelly probably likes it, and blares it over the COM channel of the entire team when they’re not in any particularly dangerous situations.

Linda-058: Heavy Metal– and no one expects it. 

Fred-104: Classic Rock and/or Jazz. Fred is the music-snob I mentioned earlier. As the team mom I can only imagine Fred trying to relax to the Beatles or Buddy Holly, feeling nostalgia for a time that wasn’t even his.