team vally


Love these two and miss them on my tv every week so I decided to make yet another tribute video!!! BTW LOVE how they are together in NYC again!!! But ummm friends don’t travel across the country to see each other every week, lovers do though!!! They can’t fight the feeling anymore :)


The most surprising thing for me out of this whole experience is the bond that I’ve made with Val. Just being able to have a friendship like that, that was unexpected, is just priceless.

I am so grateful to have made it this far in the competition but it's bittersweet because I don’t want my journey with Val to end.

Dancing with him has been one of the best experiences of my life.

“We could win this because she has presence, and a story, and a struggle, and ups and downs, and she’s real. She doesn’t have to impress with trickery. She impresses with her raw emotions and just her genuine interpretation. When she’s on the floor, she really loves to dance. She doesn’t execute movement. She dances. And fills out the music and fills out the emotion and I think that’s what dancing is about. This, I think, is the best quality you could have as a performer, and she has it.”
                                            ~ Val Chmerkovskiy about Kelly Monaco