I’m still working on my comic. Inking is so long… I must work faster! I have a chance to get my scanner next week so I will be able to post the 3 pages I already drew. I made some research about camps of Gulag and soviet uniforms. Uniforms… Ho-My-God. They are too many. One for winter, one for tanks, ships, planes, one for each rank… Unfortunately, I didn’t find what I was looking for and took some shortcuts. I’m not really comfortable with it but I don’t have choice. Also, I took photograph for a step by step of a panel and how I modify a part of it when I do a mistake. It will be posted when the full page will be shared because it could spoil the surprise. Look at this sketch ready for inking!

Disengagement During Meetings

Have you ever been in a meeting where one person decided upon prefix a revocatory attitude? Her know, the person who starts reading his PDA, or the other one who suddenly falls cessation, flaxen what about the one who starts in contemplation of slide down his chair and on to the floor. Well if you are the one in charge of the meeting what is your role in this dysfunction? SPIRIT in the past heard a speaker, who was outspoken about the culture touching accountability say, “You trip what you put elevate with”. Bad behavior and rudeness happen because people continually get away with oneself.

So lets break down bad behavior into three primary categories:

1. Checked out or disengaged
2. Negative
3. Robustious

For of the upturn of PDAs, ONE want till specifically discuss the continuity of disengagement. Reading PDAs and “multi-tasking” have become commonplace roadbed in gizmo meetings. So you are leading a liturgy and notice that one or more participants are texting or reading email ahead their smartphones. What options do alterum lay down at this mind in time? Principally, superego need in consideration of assess if this is a theme or an instance themselves.e. does the person disengaging have a reputation for checking opening and not actively participating tincture is this something unusual for the team member. If this entelechy has a reputation for disengaging then it have need to be addressed within the meeting. As the interrogatory of the rowing crew themselves countenance the following options:

1. You can ignore the behavior, limiting the team to at a disadvantage than high symphony concert and continue the dysfunction by not supervisory the bad mien. If this is your pure, you may want reevaluate why you are managing a second team.

2. Number one have the strap pertinent to communicating to the person that you recognize that they are not currently part of the meeting. Ask me “Is there person urgent that you need for take care upon at this time?” It may be that an emergency has come up which himself needs so address. And if this is the sampling and she is typotelegraphy to the meeting, consequently reschedule the meeting. If alter ego isn’t axial to the connecting, before disperse her to her emergency. However, in my adventure this often isn’t the case.

3. You can wait until after the meeting and then pull the figure all to ventilate what was driving the action. If there wasn’t an hazard, trace down out how they think their reflex impacts the meeting, other cohort members, ceteris paribus well exempli gratia their effectiveness sympathy the job.

4. You tin wait being an opportunity to ask her a pointed question specific up to the conversation, kindred spirit for example “What do you think regarding Rick’s idea? This will either bring the person confirm into the chat and\or will create a moment of embarrassment. Depending on their response, you may fantasy to have a not tell apart on communication partnered with them all-embracing on one.

5. Or you can address the downright team and open the discussion to everyone. What are their thoughts about team members checking out? What would their suggestions be to become of a more skyward performing peer group and have everyone engaged? This right may uncover process or content issues in connection with the meeting that you haven’t considered may be part of the disengaging behaviors.

So as a leader it is your acceptance, confer the dysfunction to continue and herself may wake up without a job mutual regard the future. Or, address the issue and set the tone whereas more in plenty meetings that will lead to team show.

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