You are the PKMN FANDOM. You like CATCHING SMALL MONSTERS and MAKING THEM BATTLE. Several years ago, you would have said you wished to CATCH ‘EM ALL, before you realized this was an utterly IMPOSSIBLE GOAL.

You have been around for a VERY LONG TIME, watching the birth and death of many fandoms. As the years passed, you seem to have grown MORE AND MORE EYE-CATCHING, yet you claim to feel UNCOMFORTABLE WITH CHANGE.

You still hope to BE THE BEST, LIKE NO ONE EVER WAS. It will forever be your ultimate goal to be a POKEMON MASTER. You utterly REFUSE TO DIE until this goal is achieved. Not like it seemed that you could die in the first place.

Now then, are you a BOY or a GIRL?

It’s probably been done, but I couldn’t help it. c:

Have a fab, androgynous Pokemon Fandom!