Dating Youngjae would include
  • anime nights
  • singing together in the car/taxi/bus/subway
  • him kissing you on your nose
  • borrowing his sweaters so you can both have paws 
  • him always taking photos of you
  • you and Daehyun fighting over Youngjae
  • those moments when he becomes really nerdy and won’t stop talking until you shut him up with a kiss
  • warming up his hands
  • being teased a lot
  • and tricked 
  • playing that new video game he has bought + a pouting Youngjae when you win
  • bubble tea
  • long nightcalls when you just talk about trivial things, but damn, you missed his voice too much to care 
  • childish Youngjae vs. mature and serious Youngjae
  • being his cute muffin
  • him resting his head on your lap and falling asleep while you’re playing with his hair

Yongguk - Himchan - Daehyun - Youngjae - Jongup - Junhong