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Hello everyone! Ever since I started this blog at the beginning of this year, people have been so nice and welcoming and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation 💖

What the winner will get:

♥ The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set). One of my all-time favourite tarot decks!

♥ Velvet Tarot Card Drawstring Pouch

♥ Gemstone Pendants x 5: Clear Quartz Heart, Amethyst Heart, Rose Quartz Star, Tiger’s Eye Heart, Smokey Quartz Heart

♥ Two Lined Notebooks

♥ Pack of Stablio Point Fineliner Pens

♥ Set of Coloured Tealights

♥ Teabag Coaster and Teaspoon Set

♥ Handmade (by me!) Coffee and Doughnut Keychain


1. You must be 16 or older (and if you are under 18, you must have parental permission!)

2. You must be following me: thecrossstichwitch

3. Each reblog equals one entry. Likes do not count, but feel free to like this post for bookmarking purposes.

4. People who favourite my etsy shop will receive an extra entry! Message me on tumblr with your etsy profile name so I know it was you!

5. No giveaway or spam blogs.

6. DO NOT tag as giveaway! Tumblr has been known to remove giveaway posts/hide posts tagged as giveaway (to reduce spam posts in the tags I think), so let’s not risk it!!!

7. The winner must respond with their full name and shipping address within 24 hours. If you fail to respond another winner will be chosen in your place.

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL, so everyone feel free to participate! The giveaway ends 21st of May 2017, at 12 midnight BST (British Summer Time).

Good Luck Everyone!

(this giveaway is not affiliated with tumblr.com in any way).

A clearer photo of my pocket altar.
I added some more to it and I am fairly confident that it’s finished.
My pocket altar includes:
- jar of protection salt
- jar of dried lavender
- jar of Flying Devil oil
- tealight candle
- white sage incense cone
- matches wrapped in enough hemp twine for knot magic
- match striker
- clear quartz point
- small piece of black tourmaline
- sprig of wormwood
- wooden yes/no coin
- banishment talisman/sigil to banish negative spirits ward off black magic
I am hoping I can get or make a little altar cloth to put in there too, which will double as a bit of padding for the contents so no damage comes to the little glass jars.

🌟Tips for Witches With a Tight Budget🌟

These are some tips that can help you save money so that witchcraft won’t break your budget and so that witchcraft can help you gain money instead!

Originally posted by paprika

🌟 Use socks, coffee filters, paper towels, plastic bags, or napkins as sachets and tie them up with a hair tie or a rubber band when you use them! These items are either cheap or already in your home, so you do not have to splurge on cloth sachets. Be careful if you decide to put liquids in these materials as they can leak out in some of them!
🌟 Use birthday candles in spells or purchase cheap candles at Walmart or Dollar Tree! Birthday candles are usually on hand or very cheap and come in many colors. Stores like Walmart and the Dollar Tree also have cheap candles, usually tealights, that are around a dollar.
🌟 If you can’t afford crystals, rocks can work or you can try to find them in nature. It’s not guaranteed that you’ll find crystals in nature, but here is a post that can help you identify and find crystals. You can also use rocks. They may not have the same correspondences as your preferred crystals, but rocks can be great for grounding and strength and they can also vary in color. Hag stones can also be found in nature!
🌟 You can use sticks, rocks, and plants as wands! These things can be found in nature, so no need to break your wallet over a fancy wand. Practice what kind of natural material is best equipped for you when you channel and direct energy through it and there’s your wand!
🌟 Use hand soap instead of herbs or other expensive ingredients! Hand soaps come in a variety of scents and instead of splurging on expensive ingredients for a spell, you can try to find a hand soap that can replace them. For example, I can’t spend extra on coconut butter, so I bought a hand soap that has coconut butter in it for a dollar. I not only get hand soap, but also a handy spell ingredient, too!
🌟 Take daily tasks and make them magical! Enchant your cooking, cleaning, and working. A few simple words can go a long way when enchanting your daily activities. For instance, I usually bless my food for good health before microwaving and eating it!
🌟 Remember that spells don’t require a lot of materials and energy! A few words, sigils, drawing, singing, or imagining a spell is enough to cast it. Drawing a sigil on my arm for productivity is enough for me to get started on some homework.
🌟 An altar doesn’t have to be fancy! You can use a pizza pan, a plate, a piece of wood, a cardboard box, or even a section of your floor as a space for an altar. Items on an altar can include a regular cup, some salt, blessed water, or whatever you want to add and can afford! All of these items are free, already on hand, or can be found at the Dollar Tree so you don’t have to break your wallet!
🌟 Leave a sigil or charm for prosperity in your purse or wallet! Make sure to close or add loopholes to it so that it does not come from a negative place. This can attract some extra money to your pocket! 
🌟 Enchant your most used items to make them last longer or to prevent damage! Clothes, shoes, kitchen appliances, and the laundry basket really could use a sigil or some type of enchantment so that they will not break on you when you really cannot afford to fix or replace them.



My baby hand for reference

Despite smolness it’s packed with useful things!

  • Tea light (all 5 elements)
  • Acorn cap (chalice)
  • Quartz shard (serves as wand)
  • Red jasper (for grounding, represents earth)
  • Silver jingle bell (air)
  • Match (fire)
  • Conch (water)
  • Nail (athame)
  • Clove
  • Cinnamon shaving
  • Mini-broom (a sprout of rosemary)
  • Red thread
  • Black pepper grain
  • Clear marble (for scrying)
  • Marble holder
  • Pendulum
  • Pendulum mat
  • Match striker (glued to the side of the box, my personal strike of genius, pun intended)

To be added in the near future:

  • Altar cloth
  • Major arcana tarot deck or oracle deck
  • Replace the pendulum for something heavier and more balanced

I have SO MUCH ROOM STILL. I’m definitely going to find more things to put in here!

Mini Cauldrons 🔮

I recently acquired a mini cast-iron cauldron, and was trying to think of the most effective way to use it! Therefore, here’s what I’ve come up with. 

Originally posted by moon-magick-sisters

  • Use as an incense censer for cone incense
  • Burn dried herbs or resin
  • Collect ashes from burning incense or dried herbs
  • Use as a dish for cleansing bundles or sticks (sage bundles, palo santo, etc.)
  • Use as an offering dish
  • Use as a tealight or votive candle holder
  • Use to make a small fire (add salt, alcohol, and light it on fire - please use common sense and do this outdoors)
  • Fill with water and use for scrying (be sure to rinse out and dry your cauldron after filling it with liquid to prevent rusting)
  • Collect iron shavings from the bottom of it 
  • Use to represent Mars
  • Use to combine spell ingredients before adding them to a jar or sachet
Laurel’s Easy Sabbat Planning Guide

For all of the witches who struggle with Sabbats sneaking up on them, here is a guide to help whip up an easy celebration so you never have to miss out on Sabbats again!

A Sabbat is a seasonal festival mostly celebrated by Pagans and Witches. Sabbats are like any other holiday, except these are normally celebrations of the changing of the seasons, or the “turning of the wheel.” Each person will celebrate each Sabbat differently, as each season is completely personal to you.

⛤ The First Step

The first step I recommend to planning a Sabbat celebration is to figure out exactly what the Sabbat is to you. Figure out how you feel about the sabbat and what you naturally associate each one with. This can take some time to work through, especially if you are new to sabbats or if you tend to avoid nature at all costs.

⛤ What to ask yourself:

- What does this Sabbat mean to you?
- What is the Earth doing right now? What does it look like outside your window?
- What is in season (this includes foods, herbs, flowers and decor)?
- How do you feel this time of year? How does this particular Sabbat make you feel? Is this normal?
- What sort of things make you feel “witchy” or connected to this Sabbat?
- Why is this day special to you?

⛤ Things to Do:

- Perform a ritual. Rituals can be as elaborate or as simple as you want them to be. Sometimes all you have to work with is a tealight candle and a week old pack of cookies.

- Cook. Some of us feel connected to the world around us when there is food involved. After all, it’s not a party unless there is food. Try out a new recipe with in-season foods, or make your favorite comfort food dish.

- Go outside. The easiest way to celebrate the changing of the seasons is to go outside and experience them. Even if it’s a short walk (because not many people want to go for long strolls in the dead of winter), take a moment to step outside and experience nature and observe what it’s currently doing. If you are able, plan a day trip to somewhere special or new to explore.

- Decorate. Nothing gets me in the holiday (or Sabbat) spirit like decorating. As a child decorating for Christmas was the best because that was the only time we put up decorations. Now, as an adult, I use whatever I have handy to decorate for every Sabbat I can to make me feel more festive.

- Offerings. If you work with spirits of deities, you may wish to put together some sort of offering for them when you celebrate. This can be food, special rocks or flowers from outside, or something you’ve made yourself.

- Spells. Sabbats are prime times to do spells for me. The spells I cast are reflections of the coming season and what I want from them.

- Crafts. There are a ton of different little projects for Sabbats floating around on the internet. Get creative and make something! If you are on a budget, make something with what you have, or modify a craft to include what you have. I like to make something new each year for the Sabbats (it’s an easy way to get “decorations” too!)

- Divination. Nothing says celebration like a good old fashion look into the future. Choose any form of divination that you’d like and do a reading for yourself. 

- Journaling. Sometimes the easiest way to celebrate and connect is to get into your own head. Let the Earth inspire you. Stare out a window (or sit outside if you can) and just watch what happens around you. Let it inspire you to create. Journal about your own feelings, write a freestyle poem or sketch and paint what you see.

⛤ Creating a Ritual

Not all rituals have to be long and elaborate. Some of my favorite rituals are just sitting around in sweatpants with a hot cup of cocoa and my journal, reflecting on the season and my life. Ask yourself these questions to help piece together how a ritual would be best done for you.

- What am I celebrating? How can I celebrate this?
- Who am I worshiping?
- How much space do I have?
- How much time do I have?
- Why am I celebrating this Sabbat?
- What do I/can I buy for my celebrations?

The important thing for Sabbats isn’t how grand your ritual is, it’s all about gaining something from it, whether that be a nice warm fuzzy feeling or a great insight into your life. 

⛤ Reflection and Meditation

After each Sabbat day, I find it helpful if I reflect upon what I did that day and how my celebration went. This is when I do most of my journaling, but you don’t have to write anything. You can simply sit and rest and meditate on the day if you wish. Use this time to unwind.

- What did I do today? How do I feel about it?
- What ideas do I have for next year?
- What did this year’s Sabbat teach me?
- What was my favorite part of today’s celebration?
- What was my least favorite?

Happy Celebrating!
~L <):)

Creativity Ring Spell

This spell was shared to me via ask by @waddlingwitch and is being shared with permission! This spell is to enchant a ring to enhance creativity and artistic ability!

Things Needed:

  • Ring
  • Paper & Pen
  • Jar w/ lid
  • Creativity Sigil (your choice)
  • Rose Petal
  • Bowl (Fireproof is probably best)
  • Flame (From a candle, or whatever your preferred way of doing this is)
  • Bowl of water (just in case)
  • Small piece of quartz
  • Tealight


  1. Write a message on the paper stating that the ring will improve your creativity while wearing it, and will enhance your artistic ability easily and quickly. You can also state any other creative intentions you would like with this ring.
  2. Draw the sigil onto that same piece of paper.
  3. Burn the paper with the sigil & the statement, keeping the bowl of water close by in case of emergency.
  4. When the paper is ash (or mostly ash), crumble the rose petal into the ash & mix together
  5. Put quartz, ring and ash mix into jar & close the jar.
  6. Light tealight and place it on the lid of the jar. Observe candle until it burns out (do not leave unattended - blow it out if you have to!). Let sit overnight. 

Thats it! Enjoy!

I promised a giveaway when I reached 20,000 followers, so here it is!!! A giveaway that caters to beginner witches, and even witches who practice in secret! 

What you could win: 

  • A set of multi-colored chime candles and candle holders OR a pack of LED tea lights
  • A custom made glass glitter pendulum OR a tarot deck
  • A crystal pendant & ball chain (your choice of stone)
  • A wearable spell bottle (your choice of intent)
  • A 5-pack of beginner-friendly herbs
  • A handful of various tumbled crystals
  • Cone incense with censer OR cleansing spray (for those who cannot burn anything in their home)
  • A notebook (can be used as a grimoire, dream journal, whatever you want!)


  • Must be following me @lunaesteria
  • If you follow my instagram (lunaesteria) you’ll earn an extra entry - just message me with a screenshot that you follow me + your username
  • Reblogs count as 1 entry - each blog can enter up to 3 times, and likes do not count
  • *This is not affiliated with Tumblr in any way, shape, or form*
  • Do NOT tag this as “giveaway” or you’ll ruin it for everyone
  • Must be 18 years or older to enter and reside within the US
  • Must be able to provide a name and address for shipping purposes
  • The winner will be chosen via random number generator and contacted privately via Tumblr instant messenger so please make sure you have that enabled
  • If the chosen winner does not respond within 48 hours, another winner will be contacted
  • This giveaway has a few options for prizes - candles or LED tealights, pendulum or tarot deck, your choice of crystal pendant, your choice of intent for the wearable spell bottle, and either incense or spray - if you win, please let me know which of these you prefer!
  • That being said, each item will be obtained upon receiving the winner’s preferences - please allow some time for me to receive the items and ship them out to you
  • Ends on August 20th, 2017 at 6pm central time!
Paganism 101: Dumb Suppers

With Samhain around the corner (click here for a post about Samhain), you may see the term “dumb supper” crop up in posts surrounding traditions and activities done at this time of heightened liminality (click here for a post about liminality).

Originally posted by xesoteric-extraterrestrialx

What is a dumb supper?

In layman’s terms, a dumb supper is a meal that is held in silence with food reserved for invited spirits. This ceremony is mean to be a time of remembrance and connection to those you have lost. That’s the simplest version of it.

The term “dumb” simply refers to the silence that is observed during the meal, as no one shall speak, no phones shall ring and no external noises such as radios, televisions should be able to be heard. Essentially, a dumb supper should be done in total, utter silence.

How do you do a dumb supper?

There is no staunch set of rules for this, aside from the silence. A basic template to follow if you’re unsure or doing this for the first time, may be as follows:

  1. Cleanse your space; empty of it any energy, even if it’s residual. You can do this by burning incense, spritzing or chanting - however you feel is best. If you want to, or are wont to do, cast your circle now.
  2. When you set the table for the meal, set a place for every physical being in attendance, making sure you make it so that the head of the table is set for the spirits who will be joining the supper. You may want to set a place for every spirit you want to invite, but this isn’t always feasible. If you like, you can use tealight candles set around the plate to represent them.
  3. There is no set colour scheme for this ceremony, but black is typical of the season and activity. You may want a black tablecloth or candles on the table itself.
  4. If possible, use candles as a light source.
  5. Upon entering the room in which the supper is being served, no one may speak. 
  6. Only once everyone’s food has been served - spirits included - may anyone begin to eat.
  7. During the meal, you may want to speak to your spirit guests in your mind; tell them you think of them, remember memories, share laughter. You may want to simply think about them, if that is easier.
  8. Once the meal is over, you may want to say goodbye (silently of course).
  9. Only when everyone is finished eating may you all leave and exit the room in silence. Once you are out of the ceremony space, the silence can be broken.

Food, drink and menu choices:

The food you serve at your dumb supper is entirely up to you. You may want to incorporate some of the traditional Samhain foods, e.g., apples, game, cider, late Autumn vegetables, etc,. but remember that you may want to serve food that pleases the spirits you invite too.

What do you do at the end of the supper?

This depends on you and your traditions.
If you’ve cast a circle, you will want to remove it and cleanse the area. When it comes to the food, there are a few things you can do to dispose of the food.

  1. Some people choose to burn the meal afterwards - it is said that the smell of the burnt food can bring happiness to the spirits.
  2. Some people will divide the meal out between the guests afterwards to make sure nothing goes to waste.
  3. Some people simply bin it.

Originally posted by frost-gold

Small devotional acts.

  • Keep a tealight on you, light it wherever you may be
  • Clean one small area of your house
  • Savor a hot drink
  • Do small, unnoticed acts of kindness
  • Always greet animals, both big and small
  • Do anything by candlelight 
  • Get cozy and read a good book 
  • Wear colors you associate with her
  • Practice your patience, both external and internal
  • Be a listening ear or shoulder to cry on for those who need it
  • Make compromises when it is healthiest for both parties
  • Bake!
  • Become the one who always has a lighter or matches
  • Listen to music that reminds you of her
  • Spend time tending to your body
  • Leave a big tip the next time you have a chance
  • Practice kindness in all areas of your life - including driving
  • Host/organize a gathering of friends or family
  • Take a hot bath or shower with no time limit
  • Decorate a space
  • Leave the first bite of your food for her
  • Build a fire!
  • Veiling (can come in many, discreet forms)
  • Compliment people - both strangers and loved ones
  • Donate something, be it clothes, money, or your time 
  • Create something - I really like knitting!
  • Look at photos and embrace the happy nostalgia 
  • Wear makeup or jewelry that reminds you of her
  • Wake up early to see the sunrise - or watch the sunset
  • Watch/read about acts of kindess - be inspired!
  • Many, many, many other things not said here
  • Additionally, this post is great!

Pay the Piper Spell Jar

Here’s a spell for those times when you’re waiting on payment from a variety of different sources for work you’ve already done. It’s money drawing with modified intentions, since you know who owes you and for what. (In my case, a freelance article, music royalties, and a supplies trade.) I lifted this format from @witching-and-wondering​’s beautiful anti-nightmare spell bottle

You’ll need:

  • jar
  • tealight candle (green if possible)
  • salt
  • basil
  • mint
  • bay leaf


  • green ribbon
  • star anise
  • cinnamon stick
  • a whole clove for each person that owes you
  • calcite
  • sigil on paper
  • bergamot oil

Place the ingredients in your jar in an order that pleases you. The calcite can rest against the outside. If you like, draw or pierce a money-drawing sigil on the bay leaf before adding it. Tie green ribbon around your jar and anoint your tealight with bergamot oil, if applicable. You can also sprinkle mint on top of the tealight. Put your tealight on your jar (or next to it if it’s a tiny jar) and, as you light it, recite:

My obligations now fulfilled
With knowledge deep and labor skilled
In return and with all speed
Complete the trade that was agreed

If you have a sigil on paper for this purpose, light it with the candle’s flame and burn it to ash in a firesafe container.

Let the tealight burn down, while focusing on your situation–but try not to dwell on resentment toward the people who haven’t upheld their bargain yet. Instead, consider the positive emotions you’ll experience when you have what you’re owed, like the sense of relief when your rent is paid, or the comfort of a new item of clothing you plan to buy. If you feel negative emotions taking over, or you’re short on time, snuff the candle. 

Seal the jar and keep it in a safe place. Then, if you haven’t recently, politely but firmly check in with the people who owe you. 

Charge the jar weekly by burning another candle on top of it (but hopefully that won’t be necessary). When all your payment comes in, empty the jar and cleanse it for reuse. Remember not to dispose of salt outdoors! 

For my Apartment Dwelling witches

*some of these also can apply to tiny houses or underage witchlings who only have a bedroom*

For many of us making our living space feel “witchy” can be a challenge, (I should know, my apartment is literally a one room studio that was once just a bedroom in an old house) so I wanted to point out some simple and easy things you can do in your small space! Please feel free to add more if you think of them! ~starborn-badwitch

·Don’t have room for an altar? DIY an old jewelry box (or a wooden box from a craft store) and make a small altar that’s easily put up or moved when you need it to!

·Or use an altoid tin for super small ones that fit in a backpack, purse, pocket, etc.

·No yard or personal space outside? Try window boxes for your herbs and plants, or even one of those small indoor herb gardens.

·Lacking space for witchy decor? Make small seasonal wreaths for the holidays you observe and put them on your apartment door

·Or do themed garland for the aforementioned windowboxes!

·So your bathroom is small, meaning you only have a shower and no tub. Same here. No ritual baths or bathbombs for us! However you can take a ritual shower, get some shower scrub with natural oils, and flowers/herbs for relaxation and meditation. Meditate as if you were under a waterfall!

·Tealights and votives don’t last as long, but in small spaces they’re your friends! Plus since they burn quickly you won’t have to store a bunch of leftover stuff, keeping your smaller space more tidy.