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Hello everyone! Ever since I started this blog at the beginning of this year, people have been so nice and welcoming and I wanted to do something to show my appreciation 💖

What the winner will get:

♥ The Wild Unknown Tarot Deck and Guidebook (Official Keepsake Box Set). One of my all-time favourite tarot decks!

♥ Velvet Tarot Card Drawstring Pouch

♥ Gemstone Pendants x 5: Clear Quartz Heart, Amethyst Heart, Rose Quartz Star, Tiger’s Eye Heart, Smokey Quartz Heart

♥ Two Lined Notebooks

♥ Pack of Stablio Point Fineliner Pens

♥ Set of Coloured Tealights

♥ Teabag Coaster and Teaspoon Set

♥ Handmade (by me!) Coffee and Doughnut Keychain


1. You must be 16 or older (and if you are under 18, you must have parental permission!)

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3. Each reblog equals one entry. Likes do not count, but feel free to like this post for bookmarking purposes.

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5. No giveaway or spam blogs.

6. DO NOT tag as giveaway! Tumblr has been known to remove giveaway posts/hide posts tagged as giveaway (to reduce spam posts in the tags I think), so let’s not risk it!!!

7. The winner must respond with their full name and shipping address within 24 hours. If you fail to respond another winner will be chosen in your place.

This giveaway is INTERNATIONAL, so everyone feel free to participate! The giveaway ends 21st of May 2017, at 12 midnight BST (British Summer Time).

Good Luck Everyone!

(this giveaway is not affiliated with tumblr.com in any way).

A clearer photo of my pocket altar.
I added some more to it and I am fairly confident that it’s finished.
My pocket altar includes:
- jar of protection salt
- jar of dried lavender
- jar of Flying Devil oil
- tealight candle
- white sage incense cone
- matches wrapped in enough hemp twine for knot magic
- match striker
- clear quartz point
- small piece of black tourmaline
- sprig of wormwood
- wooden yes/no coin
- banishment talisman/sigil to banish negative spirits ward off black magic
I am hoping I can get or make a little altar cloth to put in there too, which will double as a bit of padding for the contents so no damage comes to the little glass jars.

Dollar Tree

Basically this is going to be a run down of things I see there almost every time I go, if not every single time, that I believe can be used in witchcraft seeing as I keep getting asks about it (I don’t mind - it’s just easier to make a post about it) so here we go…

  • Bags full of - sand, shells, rocks, & colorful glass
  • Candles - loads of types + colors, but don’t buy the tealight ones if you have access to a Walmart because it’s $1 for 16 at Dollar Tree & $3 for 100 at Walmart
  • Tealight wax + oil burners
  • Food section - herbs, spices, sea salt, & tea
  • Glassware - bowls of various shape & depth, vases, cups, jars, candle holders (many types), & candy dishes
  • Bath magick supplies - bath salts, bubble bath, ect
  • Seeds - 4 packs for $1 & they have so many types
  • Decorations - faux butterflies + birds, wind chimes, occasionally angels, & faux lace dollies aka paper
  • Craft supplies - thread (packs of 8), ribbon, twine, yarn, notebooks, pens + pencils, ect
  • Divination - playing cards
  • Glamour - so much makeup & nail polish

That’s all I can remember off the top of my head, but that’s a lot all on it’s own! 🌿

Creativity Ring Spell

This spell was shared to me via ask by @waddlingwitch and is being shared with permission! This spell is to enchant a ring to enhance creativity and artistic ability!

Things Needed:

  • Ring
  • Paper & Pen
  • Jar w/ lid
  • Creativity Sigil (your choice)
  • Rose Petal
  • Bowl (Fireproof is probably best)
  • Flame (From a candle, or whatever your preferred way of doing this is)
  • Bowl of water (just in case)
  • Small piece of quartz
  • Tealight


  1. Write a message on the paper stating that the ring will improve your creativity while wearing it, and will enhance your artistic ability easily and quickly. You can also state any other creative intentions you would like with this ring.
  2. Draw the sigil onto that same piece of paper.
  3. Burn the paper with the sigil & the statement, keeping the bowl of water close by in case of emergency.
  4. When the paper is ash (or mostly ash), crumble the rose petal into the ash & mix together
  5. Put quartz, ring and ash mix into jar & close the jar.
  6. Light tealight and place it on the lid of the jar. Observe candle until it burns out (do not leave unattended - blow it out if you have to!). Let sit overnight. 

Thats it! Enjoy!

Grounding With the Elements

These tips are from my own experience. Grounding daily or when needed with the aid of an elementis also a great way to work with them.


-The ‘typical’ way of grounding, which is to visualize roots coming from one’s body and being ‘chained’ to the ground. In this way you are getting rid of excess energy and giving back to the Earth.


-I use breathing techniques to ground with the air. You may also use essential oils to help in regards to exhaling. For example, you may inhale sweet orange essential oil to energize you, and you may exhale the excess energy you have surrounding you. Another technique you can use to is visualize excess energy inside of you, and begin to exhale it out of you.


-Finding a way to ground using fire was a bit tricky for me, but I found a way in regards to meditation with a lit tealight candle. You would hold this candle in the palms of your hands while feeling it’s warmth, visualizing that the warmth is slowly burning or melting away excess energy.


-For water, an effective way is to ground yourself is by taking a fresh shower, imagining the water washing your excess energy away. If you have a special bath soap you use, you can use it here, too.

Mini Protection Vial

For @apollog-y.

This is an all-around protection spell, but it can be modified with intent to specific situations. It can be applied to yourself, another person, or an entire household.


  • a tiny vial with a cork
  • sea salt
  • black pepper / peppercorns
  • onion powder
  • basil
  • crumbled bay leaves
  • cinnamon
  • rosemary
  • two tealights (optional)
  • a taglock (optional)

Prep for spellwork in any way you wish or normally do.

If you would like, cleanse the vial, but it isn’t necessary.

If you are using the candles, light them now. 

Layer equal amounts of each ingredient in the vial, in the following order: sea salt, black pepper / peppercorns, cinnamon, onion powder, crumbled bay leaves, basil, rosemary.

As you add each ingredient, focus on your intent, and what you wish the herb to do for you. Do your best to feel the energy of each herb. Feel free to channel your own energy into the herbs to amplify them, continuing to focus on your desire to be safe.

If you wish to be protected from a certain scenario / person / etc., keep that in mind as you are channeling.

Out loud, or in your head, request the assistance of the herb’s energy to keep you protected. 

If you are doing the spell for a house, specify that you would like the entire area protected. If you are doing this spell for a friend, specify them by name and request the energies be directed toward them.

If you wish to use a taglock (either for yourself or for a friend), place it in the vial at the end, after all the other ingredients have been layered.

Close the vial.

If you used the candles, wait until enough wax has melted and pooled, and dip the cork / top of the vial into the wax, to seal it. You can find a tutorial for this by @witchy-woman [here].

Carry it on your person when you wish to feel its energies upon you.

If the spell is for a household, keep it in a central room if you can; otherwise, anywhere the vial will be kept safely is fine. If you are performing this spell for a friend, give the vial to them if you can.

A Few More Everyday Magick Tips For Witches
  1. Take salt packets from restaurants and fast food places and place them in your bag or pocket. They’ll act as easy and tidy ways to have salt for ritual cleansings when you’re out and about.

  2. Use old pill travel cases or snuff boxes to store small amounts of herbs that are important to you (like sage, rosemary, motherwort, or lavender) to act as a charm and a source of herbs at any time of the day or night.

  3. Enchant your necklaces or rings so that they will guide you safely whenever you wear them.

  4. Place “find me” sigils on your pet’s collar to assist you in finding them when they get lost.

  5. Keep a small jam jar in your bag at all times, so that if you find an interesting stone or a rare herb or something else that would help your Craft, you have somewhere to keep it until you get home.

  6. Keep a notepad in your bag, and use cardboard to cut out a small gingerbread-figure template. Use this template to cut out paper poppets from your notebook, and use them in your Craft when you need a poppet in a hurry.

  7. When you feel powerful emotions, write down the name of that emotion at the time you feel it and pour all your Will and strength into the words as you write them. Use these slips in magick for a lot of extra oomph.

  8. Carry a small book of matches and a tealight candle in a little wax paper packet, and use them for ad hoc spells and summonings when you’re out and about.

  9. Keep a pair of compasses and a protractor in your bag, and you’ll always be able to make a perfect pentacle at any time. Remember that the internal angle of the points is 36° and the internal angle of the pentagon in the middle is 108°. Put some blutack on the compass’ spike to prevent it stabbing your bag.

  10. Line any small fabric bag with wax paper or greaseproof paper, and it can be used to hold dried herbs, gem fragments, and many other small objects or substances. They make excellent spell pouches.

  11. Keep a small amount of dried fruit, nuts, and dried mushrooms (and dried meat if that’s appropriate for you) in a sealed bag for usage as offerings if you go to a new location and want to introduce yourself to the local spirits and wights. They’ll appreciate the gift, but make sure you change it regularly to prevent rotting.

  12. Bless your spices so that everything you cook with them is infused with a little healing magick. A great way to maintain your health and help avoid colds and flu.

I hope these help some lovely Witches!

– Juniper

Sea Spell for Astral Travel

A sea spell for any sea witches who wish to astral travel, especially if it is to the ocean. Good for witches who are stuck inland. 

Originally posted by colors-of-a-mermaid

You Will Need:

🐚 Light Blue Tealights 
🐚 White Tealights
🐚 Sand (protection, the sea)
🐚 Sea Salt (protection, the sea)
🐚 Alabone Shell(s) (Meditation, energy, protection)
🐚 Scallop Shell(s) preferably white (travel, protection)
🐚 Glass bowl
🐚 (Optional) Sounds of the beach or sea


🐚 If you are using sounds of the beach then play it softly in the background as you perform the spell

🐚 Light your candles and encircle them about your bowl or near it, depending on what your space allows

🐚 In your bowl place your sand then sprinkle salt over it

🐚 “My feet in the sand, the salt in the air”

🐚 Place in your shells as you see fit, into the bowl atop the sand and salt

🐚 “Seashells about me, I’m without a care”

🐚 Sit near the bowl and get yourself comfortable. Close your eyes and listen to the sounds of the beach, feel the energies of the ocean you have brought into your space. 

🐚 “So now I travel, across the sea, to the places I desire to be.”

Note: Astral travel can be difficult and takes practice, if it doesn’t work the first time that is alright. Keep at it. Practice, practice, practice.


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Small devotional acts.

  • Keep a tealight on you, light it wherever you may be
  • Clean one small area of your house
  • Savor a hot drink
  • Do small, unnoticed acts of kindness
  • Always greet animals, both big and small
  • Do anything by candlelight 
  • Get cozy and read a good book 
  • Wear colors you associate with her
  • Practice your patience, both external and internal
  • Be a listening ear or shoulder to cry on for those who need it
  • Make compromises when it is healthiest for both parties
  • Bake!
  • Become the one who always has a lighter or matches
  • Listen to music that reminds you of her
  • Spend time tending to your body
  • Leave a big tip the next time you have a chance
  • Practice kindness in all areas of your life - including driving
  • Host/organize a gathering of friends or family
  • Take a hot bath or shower with no time limit
  • Decorate a space
  • Leave the first bite of your food for her
  • Build a fire!
  • Veiling (can come in many, discreet forms)
  • Compliment people - both strangers and loved ones
  • Donate something, be it clothes, money, or your time 
  • Create something - I really like knitting!
  • Look at photos and embrace the happy nostalgia 
  • Wear makeup or jewelry that reminds you of her
  • Wake up early to see the sunrise - or watch the sunset
  • Watch/read about acts of kindess - be inspired!
  • Many, many, many other things not said here
  • Additionally, this post is great!
Witchy Beginner Guide/FAQ

  I’ve had this blog for about 2 years now, and I’ve noticed that Tumblr has a large population of beginner and often ‘closeted’ witches. Of course, it’s a seemingly perfect place for a sprouting witch to turn to, with an interactive community and boundless fountains of information. I’ve been asked just about every question in the book, and I do my best to answer them. However, there was one question that persisted in my inbox, that I frequently ignored due to the mere vastness of the topic. So, finally, here is my panacea for the swarm of newbie asks.

*This does not mean you cannot ask me questions about these topics! If you feel something wasn’t covered or might be different to your situation, feel free to ask. However, I will probably link you to this if your question is directly addressed.*

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know if I’m a witch?

The title of a witch is chosen, not born. While certain signs may push you towards a certain diety or spiritual path, the ultimate choice to begin practicing witchcraft is a choice and often happens over time and consideration rather than an all at once ‘initiation.’

Do I have to be Wiccan to practice witchcraft?

Nope! Wicca, or any other religion for that matter, does not own the practice of witchcraft. It is not a closed practice (though certain aspects can be, and are therefor not witchcraft, such as smudging) meaning anyone can practice.

What is paganism?

Paganism, or pagan religions, are religions that are not majorly practiced. It is sometimes used by Christians to identify non-Christians. Paganism is not one religion, but rather an umbrella term for many;.

What are the basic things I need to do a spell?

While Tumblr likes to glamourize spells and the craft with fancy shots of big geodes and perfectly angled teacups, all you really need is intention and your hands. Some easily obtainable things that might help you start are jars, herbs that double as cooking ingredients, candles, notebooks, twigs that double as wands, and boxes. Moon water is a pretty easy first thing to make, and can spice up spells that call for water. In reality, the most important part of a spell is your intention.

Are curses bad?

With the growth of Wicca has come the growth of the term 'white magic,’ and the idea that karma will send your ass to witch hell if you so much as utter poor fortune upon a wrongdoer, let alone use your craft against them. The reality is, no witch should be shamed for their personal choice is magic. Also, for beginners, the terms 'white/black’ magic are associated with racial stereotypes. Try substituting it for negative/positive energy.

How do you start witchcraft?

Just…start. Just go for it. Collect a rock you like on the street, make a potion, read a book about witches. Little things that turn into action. My biggest tip is to start by dedicating a journal to your craft, which will later turn into your Grimoire of sorts, and can help you keep track of your beliefs and how you’ve grown spiritually.

How do you start being Wiccan?

It is popular to start Wicca with an initiation ritual, though not required. Because Wicca is a religion, it’s usually typical to at least do some sort of spell acknowledging and presenting yourself to the deities.

Is Hekate the Wiccan goddess?

Nope. No no! Very common mistake. Hekate isn’t even technically a tri or multiple layered goddess! Hekate also does not aline with Wicca’s core values.

What religion is witchcraft associated with?

None! Witchcraft is an accessory to religions, and belongs to none impartcular.

Top 10 Tips For Beginners

1) There is no singular right or wrong way. Trying to mimic somebody else’s path will only result in dead ends and frustration. Don’t be afraid to try something you’ve never seen done.

2) Don’t force yourself to align with a religion or patron deity. While it may feel comforting to have a god or goddess there for you, if you aren’t prepared to maintain a relationship with one or you don’t really have any interest in them, remember that it’s okay to go solo.

3) Use what you have available. There is no need to spend tens or twenties of dollars on fancy, decorative things. Jars are available for cheap at the dollarstore, and tealight candles are great for starting out.

4) Don’t feel the need to justify your practice with “I only do the positive kind of magic” or “it’s not like…Satanism or anything…” Be confident in your craft. Come out of the 'broom closet’ when you’re ready.

5) Don’t feel like you have to choose to be a 'kind of witch.’ Hardly anyone I know only practices a single 'type’ of magic.

6) Give yourself space to grow. Tumblr makes everything seem awfully black and white, and tiny mistakes can be blown up into death threats. Educate yourself to the best of your ability, acknowledge when you messup, and learn from everything.

7) Spend time in nature! Go hiking, or if you’re a city witch, just take a stroll down the street. Humans are nature. Get outside, is all that matters. Nature is everywhere.

8) Starting a journal to track your beliefs, progress, interests, and attempted spells will make things so much simpler! Plus, it’s fun to look back on when you become more experienced and see how much you’ve changed. The book doesn’t have to be anything fancy. My first was an old composition book.

9) Ask questions. Ask stupid questions. Ask questions you think might be offensive. Bother witches with questions over and over until you get a clear answer.

10) Find magic in the little things, not just grand spells and big holidays or full moons. Find magic in getting dressed, or cleaning, or even driving.


This is still undergoing some editing and adding to, but I hope it helps someone :)

Much love!


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Witch kits! Sorta. They’re almost done.

In order:

🌙 moon witch kit – white and black candles, white and black envelopes, bottle, matches, pentacle, bay leaf and salt vials, ring, quartz, two blue goldstone charms, three selenite sticks, black wooden tray.

☠ Sigil/secret witch kit – lace, chalk, dried rose, acorn, pinecone, pentacle, candles and vial in pocket tin.

🌱 green/cottage witch kit – green antique box, pentacle, green tea light, vials necklace, embroidered pouch, small white candles, acorn, amethyst, arrow charms.

🌊Sea witch kit – two medium shells, three small bottles, one larger. Mermaid charm, two rings and a sun necklace, canvas pouch, two shark teeth, wood pentacle and perfume bottle, blue tealight.

🌹 rose/beauty/love witch kit – pocket spell book, dried roses, bee charm, “true love” ring, small white candles, matches, white lace cloth and antique small box.

These are just what i have so far, any suggestions for things to add to these boxes?

PSA: You don’t need charcoal to burn resin and loose incense.

For that matter, you don’t need a charcoal burner, tongs, sand, or the willingness to handle something that sparks and burns dangerously hot. You don’t need any of the things that every website insists you need to burn resin, herbs, or loose/granular incense mixes.

All you need is a tea light, aluminium foil, and a shallow (fire safe) dish.

Drape the aluminium foil over part of the dish and pinch around the rim so it stays securely in place. Turn up the inner edge or dent it a bit if you’re working with resins that liquefy when they heat up. Put the resin/herbs on the foil. Light a tealight and set it so the flame touches the foil (it doesn’t have to be completely underneath). Done!

My setup looks like this:

If you want, keep delicate herbs further away from the flame so they don’t burn until they’re acrid. Try to avoid touching the foil because it conducts a lot of heat, though I’ve never gotten an actual burn from it. Most herbs you can just brush off when you’re done and reuse the foil. If you’re using resin, some residue will probably remain after several uses and you might want to replace it if you don’t want a slight undercurrent of frankincense or whatever next time (or keep that piece of foil reserved for that specific resin).

This cost me nothing. It’s sturdy and I can’t knock it over accidentally. It’s not as smoky as charcoal methods because it doesn’t burn as hot, and if you arrange things right you can get scent with no smoke which is great if you’re concerned about smoke inhalation. I can just blow it out when I’m done. It doesn’t get the nasty smell that people complain about with self-igniting charcoal. Resins last a long time because they are heated gently and just ooze, solidify, and ooze again when reheated. It’s not as pretty as fancy burners but it’s safe, fast, and functional.

I never see methods recommended that don’t use charcoal, and charcoal burning just isn’t accessible for me. Hope this helps others having similar issues.

This is a very quick transcription of a basic spirit gratitude ritual that we do here for our companions at MM. Note that this may not work for every entity (some of our darker counterparts have said something along the lines of “Come on, what am I? An Overlord of Cake?” though most get the gesture and that is what matters.)

This is a small dedication ceremony, so the purpose is to give thanks, and to assert (for the first time, or again on an anniversary/birthday, etc) your intentions with them and what you hope the friendship blossoms into.

You can absolutely do your own variation of this, make it into a party, or really make it yours!

What you will need:

Three Plates/Bowls/Platters

A Coin

Two tealights or small multipurpose candles

Incense or Singular Purpose (Not used elsewhere) Candle


Tea or Wine (Water if you have neither, or milk if you prefer)

Offerings such as Cake, Candy, Crystals, Seeds, Flowers, etc.

A hand-drawn sigil or heart that has been cut out of the original paper or is on a smaller piece of paper.


1. Lay the three vessels out. Two of them are for any food items you may have or wish to share, so if you aren’t sharing, you will not need them both. We usually share, as it feels more communal that way, which is an energy many entities like. This is up to you and your friend!  Arrange them in a triangle with one at the top and two diagonally out from either side. 

2. Place and arrange any food items or personal offerings on the two plates, serving them first, and then yourself. If you are using gems, or something inedible, you may still do this symbolically if you wish.

3. Place the two candles on either side of the top plate. Welcome your entities forth as you cleanse the space and consecrate it. Take this time to ground and shield so that you are interacting only with the energies you are welcoming into the space.

4. The Dedication - Have the coin, incense or single use candle, cinnamon, and wine/beverage handy. You may change the phrasing if you wish! State “This is my dedication to you, ____. These are the promises I wish to keep to you, as a friend, as a companion, and as a human counterpart. I thank you so much for choosing to stay here with me, and to help me on my Earthly journey. I value you and look forward to growing alongside you. – Insert any personal dedications here-

5. Place the coin on the top plate. Say something along the lines of “Let this coin symbolize the wealth of our friendship, and the richness that comes from having you in my life.

6. Light the candle or incense and place it on the plate. [Dorm folks can use battery candles!] Say something along the lines of “As this flame alights, I thank you for providing a guiding light and inspiration in my life. Let it symbolize the enlightenment that comes from our friendship.

7. Place the cinnamon on the plate. Say something along the lines of “Let this cinnamon represent the grounded, sturdy nature of our friendship, and the sweetness that comes from working with one another.”

8. Place the beverage on the plate. Say something along the lines of “As the river nourishes the earth and allows for growth, so do we inspire growth and enlightenment in one another. Take this libation as my thanks for being a teacher and a friend.”

9. Lastly, place the hand-drawn figure or sigil on the plate. Say something like “Let this sigil represent the time and effort I dedicate to you as you have dedicated to me. This friendship involves work and passion on both parts, and this is my dedication to you that I will do what it takes to show you the love and respect you have shown to me

10. Say any further prayers or dedications, and feel free to bring out tarot cards at this point and allow them to communicate through that or other mediums of scrying or divination. Leave out the offerings as long as you like, bury them in the earth, or consume them if the entity is understanding and if you cannot afford to waste. Know that portions of offerings do not need to be huge, it truly is the thought that counts. 

Note that you can also use apps such as Ghost Radar or Echovox if you use those types of programs, as communication seems to pick up at this time. 

We like to do this on saturdays and follow it with divination, wine/beer, and treats. You can also do it with other spirit companion friends of yours and bring different entity families together! This may not be the perfect schematic for all spirit families, depending on cultures, needs, and preferences, but hopefully it will give you a good outline!

We wish you much love, light, and laughter!


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ivegotaheadlineforyou  asked:

Hi Hi! I've been interested in secular witchcraft for a long time, but i'm finally starting to stop just researching, and I want to try and start practicing! I've collected a bunch of resources, but what are some of the first things you'd suggest picking up from the store? Candles, herbs, oils, etc? Also, any beginner posts you could link me to would be wonderful. I'm all ears! Have a wonderful day <3

Hey, congrats on deciding to practice and doing your research! Are you excited? Nervous? Enjoying what you’ve seen so far? Is Tumblr your primary resource? :)

I wanna learn so much from new witches omg. (There’s irony in there.)

Well, it honestly depends on what you wanna do and use yourself. Because personally, I picked up a few of each - I got some tealights from WalMart, bought some cheap incense from somewhere else, picked up some dried herbs from the grocery store that I didn’t already have in the kitchen, and found like five or six crystals I liked from Green Earth. I spent maybe like twenty bucks. That was my beginner’s witch kit.

But, again, it all comes down to what you want to use. Are you more interested in working with candles in magic? Candle magic *is* a really easy but effective method of magic, and candles are everywhere, and really cheap. Most spells use candles in them, not necessarily as the focal point of the spell, but they also do wonders for boosting energies. A bag of 100 tea lights goes a long way in witchcraft. Color correspondences can help, but isn’t necessarily required.

Or maybe crystals are where you wanna go. Crystals have amazing energy, but are a bit more on the pricey side. It can also be hard for people who don’t know a lot about them to tell them apart - the “danger” in this is being swindled by people claiming their crystals are something they’re not. Doesn’t mean they won’t work for their “declared” intent, necessarily, but it means you just dropped a lot of money on something worth a tenth of that. 

That doesn’t mean it isn’t worthwhile to work with them, though. Because they’re an amazing tool, really - you just gotta do some more research, and be confident in where you’re buying from. Finding a reliable dealer with decent prices is where it’s at. But then, once you’ve got some crystals, they’re really versatile. They can be used on their own, or in conjunction with other spells, put them in jars and sachets, or in poppets, make grids, use them to charge other things, just stick like ten of them in your pockets - boom, witchcraft. 

Oils aren’t something I necessarily recommend, to be honest. Not because they aren’t useful, because they are, just like any other tool can be (just gotta know how to use them). I just don’t know a lot about essential oils. xD If that is the area you wanna go in, however, it’s worthwhile to know that you’re gonna want to do some more research on the topic, and be wary of any allergies you may have, and for the love of god don’t put a crapton of pure oil straight on your skin.

Herbs is a little bit of a tricky area too, especially when using them as medicine. It requires a lot of research and safety if you plan on ingesting herbs for actual remedial purposes. If you just want to use dried herbs in, like, jars and spell bags, it isn’t nearly as bad, but you still want to keep an eye out for any poisonous / toxic plants and allergies. The stuff you can get pre-dried from grocery stores and dollar stores are honestly enough in most cases, and there’s lots of substitutes for more expensive or exotic plants, depending on intent.

If you wanna grow your own herbs too, that’s an option, but another area I don’t know a lot about, so I can’t give you any more advice on that besides do some more research. (It seriously never ends, so I hope you like studying.)

I guess this sort of answers your questions, but not really in the way you wanted. So, long story short, what you pick up depends on what and how you want to practice. However, I’ll give you a list of items I would recommend, purely based on my own craft, but I feel they’re pretty good staples to have all around.

  • candles - versatile as all hell; can be used on their own or in any other spell; bags of white tea lights are super cheap and easy to find; worry about colors later; scents can be used as correspondences as well but don’t hinder in any way
    • also, if you can’t have open flames for whatever reason, they have LED / battery powered candles in some dollar stores now; not to mention, tech magic?!
  • matches - they smell nice, and can light candles; suuuper cheap, but in bulk; unless you’re allergic to sulphur, then just a lighter will work
  • herbs - dried herbs from the grocery store seriously do the trick just as well as fresh / organic stuff; Bulk Barn / Barrel has a lot of awesome stuff for super cheap too; start off with just a few general / all-purpose ones, and then add to your collection as you go along; it starts to build up over time, trust me
    • sea salt - cleansing and protection; can be used as a base for most herbal mixtures
    • rosemary - considered a substitute for most other herbs
    • basil - has like a shit ton of correspondences
    • cinnamon is useful to have too
    • if you wanna curse, pepper flakes, paprika, or cayanne pepper should do the trick
  • jars - do I even need to explain?; dollar store, man; even thrift stores have some pretty amazing and cool looking bottles and stuff
  • notebooks - not something necessarily overly witchy, but more so to write down what you learn; trust me, you’ll wanna do that, especially with correspondences; also, sigils
    • also, though, keeping a blog can be a great way to have a magical book; can be password detected / kept secret; tags are useful for organiazation; and then you have us assholes in the community to hang out with too xD
    • writing utensils are also kinda required to, you know, write in books; black Sharpies are useful for actually drawing on stuff - candles, sachets, etc.; good for sigil work
  • scrap fabric - but some cool patterns from thrift stores or whatever; useful for making sachets and poppets
    • sealable plastic bags can do in a pinch though, really; also can be drawn on with Sharpie for easy sigil application
  • string / thread - tie up bags, herb bundles; make sachets and poppets; also useful for bindings, and that’s a good skill to know
  • mini sewing kit - super useful to have in general, and all parts of it can be used for something, somewhere
  • tea bags - seriously, tea has magical properties too; super discreet; and easy as hell; play around with different flavors for intents
  • crystals - clear quartz is super cheap and all-purpose; buy like five of them and just use them over and over; again, another thing it might be useful to have like three or four basic ones and then build your collection over time; that’s how most of us get our arsenal of supplies
    • clear quartz - substitutes for any other crystal
    • amethyst - super cheap and easy to find; variant of quartz; good for sleep and peace and divination; also purple
    • tiger’s eye - I’m biased because this is my favorite crystal; good for protection and courage; did I mention it’s awesome to look at?
  • incense - not necessarily required, but I like to have it; smells nice, useful; so many scents; can be found pretty cheap all over too
    • again, if you can’t have open flames in your place, you can try those wax melters; definitely pricier, but versatile for magic as well; and I mean, they just smell, so, good; my mom has one with like sugar cookie wax cubes; and I come home and think she’s baking, and I get super excited; but it’s a lie

So, yeah, that’s my list, and reasons for what I wrote. That’s just some ideas to get you started. If you choose a path that doesn’t need those things in them, obviously don’t bother then. And depending on what “type of magic” you wanna do, your basic supply list might be very different. For instance, a sea witch probably won’t care so much about kitchen herbs, and stock up on sand and seaweed, sea shells and salt water. 

Since you asked for beginner’s posts, too, you can have my whole list:

I did it! I made a post that wasn’t mostly links! :o Anyway, sorry for my smartass mouth, I was having fun with this. I hope you enjoyed reading, and I hope it gave you some ideas, and helped you out! Good luck! And if you need any more clarification or have more questions, you know where to find me. :D

Jar spell tips

-If you don’t have a jar, paper roll tubes sealed at each end will work too!

-You don’t always have to use wax to seal. If you don’t/ can’t have tealights and candles, tape works too

-If you are using herbs, I recommend using the dried supermarket prepped ones, the sort you can easily find in the kitchen. They also last longer in the jar compared to fresh

-If you do use fresh that’s been sitting in a jar for a while, or find the spell is wearing out, empty everything out, clean the jar well with hot soapy water and then you can refill with new herbs and ingredients (make sure the jars completely dry to prevent moisture)

-You can put anything in a jar. Objects, paper, glitter, anything. It doesn’t have to include any herbs or plants, they are just an option as is everything else!

-Get creative! You can decorate your jars and spell vessels with paints, pens, ribbons, anything you like to increase the intent and inject some personality

-If you use wax, white is the most universal colour choice for every intent; you don’t have to use specific colours if you can’t find them or have them on hand. 

-If you can, find small cheap jars and stockpile as many as you can. You could have miniature jars perfect for carrying on your person, to pretty craft jars. I found some cute little jam jars for 49p each!

-If you intend to bury a jar spell, using biodegradable material instead of the jar is much safer i.e toilet roll tubes

-Have fun, enjoy making your spell jars and stay safe!