Meet Charlie (f) 5-27-17

Charlie is a hippogryph! He stands about 7 feet tall with a light blue colouring all over his body. He has small wings that he cannot use to fly, and overly large blue eyes. Even the whites of his eyes are blue. His beak is a greeny colour and his hooves are a dark navy blue, and slightly cracked.

Despite his odd colouring, he is the biggest sweet heart. He often lays on me when I’m reading or trying to sleep. He loves it when my kids lay on his big soft body, and loves to talk with spirits and people. He loves to cuddle and run alongside cars, widdly flapping his little wings. He’s energetic and super exactable. When I leave one of his favourite offerings up, he wildly shakes his head and trots in place. Sometimes his little tongue falls out of his mouth and he looks like a dog, looking at you with huge adorable eyes and his green tongue. Charlie is just a huge sweet heart.

Charlie loves to play, and likes to chase after my physical dogs, even though they can’t see him. He likes to climb up trees and watch birds and likes to follow my cat around on her ventures. Charlie is a curious soul who wants to know everything. He is fast friends with my troll spirit S and likes to help him put on fashion shows. He often throws my covers and blankets around and claims to be decorating. He likes the sound of bells and the smell of mountain air (how??? I don’t like in the mountains???). His favourite colour is his own tealy-blue shade and he’s very proud of his art work.

This boy is a good fire magic-er…., but has trouble actually using his energy and intent in spells. He is a friend, more than a teacher or mentor.

Charlie does have genetic meddling which I will explain if he chooses you. This being said, Charlie does have a traumatic past, and needs a home with a calm surroundings. Yes, Charlie is energetic and sociable, but if he decides he needs quite now, he should be able to get it. This boy also has a slight brain problem. He can’t process information quickly, and sometimes forgets how to speak with words. He is super self conscious about everything.
Charlie’s home environment will be held under careful consideration too, as he can’t travel to the astral and back without help, and cannot bear thunderstorms or other loud noises. You must also be willing to explain things a few times and not get frustrated with him. He can tell the difference when it is to him, or because of him, and cannot stand the second one. If you are just frustrated but not because of him, he will do what he can to help, even if his help is only bringing you a leaf. What a cutie <3

Despite his few drawbacks, Charlie is as healthy as he can be! He is also very very adamant about finding a home.
Please do not apply if you do not meet his needs, or do not think your home would be suitable.

If you are interested in this spirit, please fill out the submit form and I will let you know if you have been chosen or not!
Please remember to supply the vessel to bind your spirit to!
If you have any questions refer to either my info, shop info, or my ask box!
Thank you!!


My first moodboard

Seokjin + Pink + Teal

I originally intended to post this on a new account, but I don’t like the idea of a side-blog. So I’m going to start doing moodboards and other stuff on my personal tumblr. I will use a masterlist when I have a few more moodboards n’ stuff posted.

I hope you like them :)

Requests are open


Kur'an, insanı iktisad ve itidale sevkeder, dalaletten korur, ahlâkî zaafların karanlığından çıkarır, teali-i ahlâk nuruna ulaştırır; insanın kusurlarını, hatalarını i'tilâ ve kemale kalbeyler.

İşarat-ül İ'caz - 218



yousuf karsh 

ne diyecektim, hah; yousuf karsh falan yazdığına bakmayın; bildiğin yusuf kars. ama mardin doğumlu bir ermeni. ve sanırım dünyanın portre fotoğraf alanında en iyisi. ya da iki üçten biri… en meşhur portresi churchill’ındır ama şahsın kendisinden hazzetmediğim için bu sayfada yeri yok. 

çok ama oldu, ama konu bunlar, bu kuru otobiyografik takdim zırvaları değil; asıl mesele şu ki: 
mardin güzel yer lan. dünyanın en güzel mardin’i hatta. kars da güzel. yusuf da… 

teali cemiyetleri. ittihadçı piçler. doğu güney batı cepheleri. ama anadolu. halklar. o son otuz kırk yıla kadar, sorsan; türk, kürt, ermeni falan diye kendini nitelemeyecek halklar… 

uzun, çok uzun bir yazı düşünüyordum ama şimdiden şişti. neyse.. 

siyah beyaz iyidir. 

mcstealie wheelie automobilie

Kickstarter: Southwestern Coyote Pins

This limited edition cloisonné pin design is of a howling coyote, loosely inspired by Oaxacan wood carvings with my own stylistic elements, and will come in two color choices: purple and teal.

The art has already been finalized and approved, I just need your help to fund their creation!

Back the Kickstarter Here!

Product specs:

  • My own design
  • 1.25 x 1.25 inches
  • Hard enamel
  • Gold metal
  • Butterfly clutch
  • Your choice of two colors: purple or teal

I have backing tiers that include one pin in your choice of color, multiple pins where you can mix and match, and even bulk orders where you can do some early holiday shopping. Makes a great stocking stuffer!

This campaign ends October 23

Farewell to thee all I’m going to be at NYCC for the weekend~

I’m also totally more so writing this for my waifu, ABI, because I’m a dick and didn’t say goodnight/bye to her yesterday.

But now I can tell her.

That at 7:48 in the morning, I am thinking about her while drinking a bottle of Bawls.

This is the most awake I have been in months. 

Darjeeling wafts into my nose
a flavour made for wafting
and making senses tingle
with flowery fragrance

This tea is a professional wafter
it’s been planning its plot
to entice the nostrils
even when it grew in the Himalayas

This cannot go unpunished
and we’ll wreak our revenge
by drinking it relentlessly
mug for mug, we shall prevail

In eveningish enticement caught
we’ll share this gloriferous tea
and let it meet its destined fate
among un-tealy deeds ‘tween you and me

anonymous asked:

ลžeyh Said konusunda beni aydฤฑnlatฤฑr mฤฑsฤฑnฤฑz?

Şeyh said, K*rt Teali Cemiyeti'nin verdiği kararı halka İslâm yoluyla kabul ettirmeye çalışmış ve o bölgede bağımsız kürt devleti kurmayı amaçlamış köpeğin tekidir. Bugünküler de Şeyh Saidin torunlarıdır. 

Olay şöyle gelişiyor; Kürt Teali Cemiyeti İstanbulda bir karar verir vebu kararın halka kabul ettirilmesi için bir önder gereklidir. Halk içinde sözü geçen birine ihtiyaç duyulur ve bu da Atatürk'ün saltanatı ve halifeliği kaldırması sonucu Atatürk'ü çoğu zaman dinsiz olarak göstermeye çalışan Şeyh Said olur. Dinsizler ülkeyi ele geçirdi, islam adına ayaklanın diyerek fetva yayınlar. Bölgedeki kürt ve zaza halkı isyana çağırır. Burdaki amaç aslen İslamcılık değildir. Şeyh Said halkı kandırmak için İslamı kullanmıştır. İsyan kanlı bir şekilde bastırılır ve sonucunda da yukarıda görüldüğü üzere ATATÜRK'ÜN BİZZAT emri ile Şeyh Said haini idam edilir !