tealey  asked:

p!atd ?

Am I a fan?: hell fucking yes 

First Song I Heard By Them?:  this is gospel

Favorite Song?:  la devotee , house of memories , this is gospel (piano version) 

Favorite Album?:  Vices & Virtues

Favorite Music Video?:  la devotee , nine in the afternoon

Have any merch?: yes! 

Seen them Live?: no :((

Favorite Member?: the one w the 5head

tealey  asked:

6, 7, 11, 23 ! sorry if other people requested these too lol

  • 6:A song that makes you want to dance 

Carousel - Melanie Martinez 

  • 7:A song to drive to


  • 11:A song that you never get tired of

answered here!!

  • 23:A song that you think everybody should listen to

For Baltimore - All Time Low    im getting into atl again kjgkfdjfg :’’)))))

tealey  asked:

please do flowershop!jun for my poor jun-consumed soul! thank you my love :~)

  • he’s working part-time at a flowershop to help pay off student loans 
  • he’s not the cashier, he’s more like the clean up boy and he haTES it but the old woman who runs the shop is so nice that he can’t ever show that he hates because hey she was nice enough to give him this job (every other place he applied to thought he was up to no good) 
  • doesn’t know the first thing about flowers except that cactus’s don’t need a lot of water and sunflower seeds are edible 
  • you walk in oneday while the old woman has run off on an errand and you’re looking around for a nice potted plant to get as a gift and you see this handsome tall guy leaning against his broom looking at you and you’re like ???
  • so you continue shopping, but jun’s a total flirt and plus the owner isn’t around so he walks up behind you with his hands behind his back and a sly smile like “do you need help?”
  • he’s really handsome so looking at him straight makes you a little flustered so you just mumble that you’re looking for something to get a friend and he’s like “ah! I know the perfect flower!” and he leads you over to this nice little pot of petunias and you’re like “they’re cute!” and he’s a grease ball so he’s like “yeah, like you! plus your friends probably cute too if she’s your friend….” and he gives you a little wink and you’re like omf is this boy for real???
  • you’re about to pick up the petunias when the old lady comes back and she’s like “jun! why aren’t you sweeping!”
  • you look up at him like ??? “whose that” and he’s like “the owner” and you’re like “you’re not the owner??” and he just chuckles and shrugs his shoulders while going back to cleaning 
  • and tbh you’re a little frustrated w him but the petunias are cute so you decide to buy them and while the lady is packing them up jun slips back over to you and is like “hey, out of all the flowers here you’re still the prettiest sight in the room” and it’s so chessy it hurts but it makes you blush and when the woman comes back you get your flowers and thank her
  • you step outside and jun trails behind and you turn around and he’s just looking all cute with his broom when he hands you a packet of seeds and you’re like ?? what’s this
  • you turn it over and it’s petunia seeds with his number written on the flap and he grins like “in case you wanna grow some for yourself and you know……hangout with me sometime”