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Hothouse Flower Teal Eye (Deep Teal with L'oreal HIP Flashy Eyeshadow Duo)

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One of the things about hothouse flowers is their deep, intensely-green leaves. In the second evening look for steamy Summer, I thought I’d feature a really simple look featuring a very affordable shadow.

  • L'oreal HiP Eyeshadow Duo #318 Flashy (matte-beige and deep teal combination)

If you like greens, I really do recommend the L'oreal HiP duo. It features a staple matte beige with traces of silver sparks, as well as the most gorgeous deep teal shot through with a faint gold sheen.

Step 1: Apply a dark cream base to the lids. I used the black shade in ELF Licorice cream shadow duo.

Step 2: Apply the dark teal green all over the lids. If you have MAC’s Green pigment, it would work, but the smoky-satin intensity would not be there as Green pigment is very metallic, and the L'oreal is more velvety.

Step 3: With a pale gold shade (use any that you own), rub a highlight in the inner corners of eyes, as well as the beneath the outer corners.

Step 4: Trace black or teal liner along the waterline. I used MAC Shade Gel Liner, but any black pencil will do as well.

Step 5: Apply separated, spiky false lashes for a look reminiscent of a Venus Fly Trap.

And the perfect bloom to pair your hothouse green with?

NYX Power for the edgier, and Revlon Pink Pout for the gentler of our species.

things I learned in my ancient world history seminar:

-how to write topnotch and various other strange compliments in greek because my prof was incapable of writing essay comments in english, his native language

-how to sing the words of all star to any tune

-how to craft all the tiny pottery needed for a tiny symposium out of cvs clay, sharpie, staples, eyelash glue, and teal & gold eyeshadow