Absinthia: Green Fairy Eye Tutorial

Meet 2013’s Color of the Year. Emerald.

There was a phase in my life when I wore NOTHING but green eyeshadow. I just thought it was such a sexy and flattering alternative to a neutral for smoky eyes. Some good options include MAC Humid or a discontinued pigment called Green. (I used that for this tutorial because I still have my large 7.5g jar from years ago, but use Humid or Antique Green pigment if you don’t have it.)

I also added a touch of golden lime (MAC Golden Olive pigment) and a deep emerald green glitter called Capricorn. Now, in direct light, this glitter looks like a straight dark emerald green, but when the light shifts or when you’re in the shade, it has a teal-blue shift. That’s probably my favorite glitter out of the Zodiac range from Lime Crime, but a regular green would work anyday.

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Teal Eyes Tutorial
By Maura

The other day I posted some teal eyeshadow inspiration. I’ve always had a hard time pulling off any blue eyeshadow. Blue eyeshadow gives me immediate 80s flashbacks (not that I was alive back then, but you know..) I think the key to pulling off is to go for a messy approach, almost editorial like. It won’t be a casual look, but sometimes you get tired of the endless amounts of nude eyeshadows and you just want a look that matches your hair. That’s what I went for in this tutorial.

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Teal Painted Eyes and Glorious Colored Lashes

I generally don’t love colored lashes because most look kinda tacky, if I may say. But this pair looks SO good worn with those crazy teal-painted lids! 

(Actually, I think the teal-painted lids look good all on their own with the strong black liner and subtle contouring at the inner and outer corners, so I might give this look a try one of these days!)

You’ll probably get the best effect foiling a strong aqua/teal green pigment or shadow and packing it over a white cream base.

[Photo source: http://www.lip-gloss-pictures.com]


Rainbow! My Makeupgeek Eyeshadow and Pigment Swatches and a Super-Quick Review

Ah…. what’s better than affordable, beautiful shadows?

I picked out 24 shades and 4 pigments from the Makeupgeek (MUG) line for review, and here they all are. You’ve already seen me use Latte shadow and Afterglow pigment in a red eyeliner look a while back.

But I figure I should swatch everything and let you see them before I forget. 

All swatches are done on bare skin, without primer, without wetting.

My verdict:

Love the pigments I got. Liquid Gold is just incredible, and I can just imagine Paparazzi applied wet as a thick sparkly liner. Both the soft champagne shades are beautiful as well, though one is sheer and sparkly, the other is satin.

Shadows-wise, I did find some of the matte and sparkly shade felt a little gritty when touched, and Stealth, Bitten and Latte were probably the patchiest of the shadows here. You have to make sure your lids are either completely dry, or else covered with an even layer of primer so that everything goes on evenly. And press/pack your matte shadows on. Don’t buff these.

The black shade, Corrupt, on the other hand, felt gritty and grainy, but it went on beautifully and was absolutely jet black even without a base. Worth getting out if you can’t seem to find a good black shadow.

As for the metallics, most of them are beautiful and smooth. My top picks are: Homecoming, Cosmopolitan, Nautica, Shimmermint, Pretentious, Twilight.

For those of you outside of the US, Makeupgeek.com ships internationally and prices start from US$6 for smaller orders. 


Random collage of beauty, fashion, & decor finds!

Ahhh - Fall colors are coming!
And #CledePeauBeaute kicks it off this year with a glamorous, mysterious Venetian inspired Autumn/Winter 2015 collection featuring 3 jewel-toned eye quads, 5 blush duos and 10 melt-on-your-lip Enriched Lip Luminizers.

Eye quad 311 may seem a bit intimidating for all you neutral-lovers so I’ll do an eye look with it soon.

Blush Duos 104 (top) and 103 shown; Enriched Lip Luminizers (fr left) 233, 235, 227.

#CPB’s also launched 2 bronzer duos in the permanent line. Look out for a separate review on these! Also pictured:
#CledePeauBeaute Radiant Fluid Foundation
#SergeLutens eau de parfum - Jeux de Peau

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