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The solid whack of pool balls smacking against each other washed over Daniel as he entered the bar. Coaches was a little further off their normal path, but after getting banned from O'Malley’s for 3 months they’d taken a liking to this place.

Daniel noted that he was the last to arrive, the Colonel’s truck & Sam’s bike were already parked out front. He spotted Teal'C in a corner both & brushed past some young coeds to reach the table.

“Hey, guys.” he nodded at them. Teal'C was wedged in the corner on one side of the booth, Jack sat smack in the middle on the other.

“Where’s Sam?” He asked, picking up a tumbler from in front of the Colonel.

“Over there kicking some guys ass at pool.”

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New Beginning 1

–a/n: this could be a one shot, this could be a fic, just lmk. Im also taking requests!—

“Its move in day!” Mirajane says as she barges into Cana’s packed up apartment. Rubbing her sleepy coffee brown eyes, Cana sits up and stretches. “Can’t I sleep a little longer? The house will be there in another couple hour,” she says. Mirajane has helped Cana pack up the entire apartment, except for a few things still hanging on her deep purple walls. It’s hard to believe by the end of the day she’d be in her new home with her boyfriend of only a year. Somehow, they managed to get a house just a block away from the other couples within the Raijinshū. It was a beautiful two-story home with a big enough, fenced in backyard, gray exterior with a red front door. The inside throughout most of the house was a deep blue shade. There are 3 bedrooms and 2 baths upstairs and were mostly on the neutral side, a spacey office downstairs, a beautiful kitchen, and a huge living room. Cana still sitting in bed while Mira kept ranting about the schedule she had for the day in excitement, fantasized time and time again how it’ll be nice living in a house instead of a messy and cramped 1-bedroom apartment.

“Okay, okay!” Cana said finally making her way to the edge of her queen size bed, “I’m up, happy?” she says grabbing the fresh white Russian her best friend knew she loved in the mornings to get her going for the day. Mira smiled and walked out of the room to allow Cana to get dressed. Stretching once more, the brunette leaps out of bed and begins to put on the outfit she left out before Mira and Freed had packed her belongings in a flash. She wore a teal top with dark gray shorts, with matching teal wedges. Not being able to decide what to do with her hair she put it in her signature half up bun and grabbed her drink before leaving her room to see Mira had a few of the guys from Fairy Tail helping get her stuff out to a magical vehicle. Mest had already transported a few heavy items, the best he could. Standing in astonishment at her almost empty living area (kitchen included).

Laxus had been at the house for a few hours now, watching guild members come and go with the last of Cana’s things. Knowing she’d be the late one he decided to set up a few rooms to surprise his girlfriend. He first set up the living room. Bickslow and Lisanna were there, so it was easier than expected. The lacrima was in the corner of the room. On the opposite side was Laxus’ black sectional couch, Cana’s navy-blue love seat the right of that, and their brown coffee table in the center. The matching side tables had lamps, and little items without a place yet laying upon them. “I’m so glad you guys are moving in together.” Lisanna said as she sat on the arm of the sectional taking a break. “Me too, the parties are gonna be so much easier to get to!” Bickslow said as he propped himself beside Lisanna on the couch, leaning back. Laxus just rolled his eyes with a sly smile. He knew that was the first thing Cana is going to want to do once the house is finished. He was just as excited as everyone else for this move. No more sleepovers, no more commutes to the other places. Just them, in their own home. Where their life together was just beginning.

As Cana grabbed the last box that had most of the different decks of cards she’s collected over the years, she takes one last look at the now empty, and very dusty, apartment she had been in for years now. Shutting the door, locking it for the last time before giving her key to her landlord, she began walking to the new place. Really, it wasn’t too far from either of their now old houses. Enjoying the peaceful walk, she turned onto the road she now had to familiarize herself with and headed toward her new home. From the distance, you can already hear the ruckus the guild was causing with getting things into their specified rooms, or just being moral support. Smiling as she walked up she noticed a long-haired ginger man sitting on the porch with Makarov. She loved her father but sometimes he was such a pain in the ass when it came to her relationship with Laxus. Reaching the steps, Gildarts and Makarov both gave a confident smile to the woman walking up the them. “Old man, Father. I see you found the booze I was saving for the house warming party?” Cana said with a little frustration in her voice. Makarov pointed to Gildarts as if to blame him, but Cana knew. She walked passed the two men shaking her head slightly before heading to the office down the hall from the living room, walking past her guildmates. Yawning as she put down her card box on top of Laxus’ records box, she hears a knock at the door. “hey there,” her tall, muscular, blonde boyfriend says as he entered the room, shutting the door behind him. Smiling warmly at him, “Hey” she says tiredly. Walking over he pulls her in for a hug and they stay there in silence for a few minutes. Or what little silence they could have with a shut door between them and their rowdy guildmates.

“What’s left now?” Cana says, breaking their comfortable silence. “Just the kitchen, the guest room, and this office.” He says, stroking her hair. Looking up at Laxus, she smiles again. “I love you, you know that?” the brunette says. Looking down at his beautiful girlfriend, smiling, “I know, I love you too.” Before kissing her forehead. A knock came from the office door before being opened, seeing Lucy sent a wave of relief through Cana, she was just hoping it wasn’t Gildarts. “Hey guys! I’ve been looking for you!” She said with a loving smile, as her boyfriend Natsu flung himself over her shoulders with his big smile. “Nice place, sparky.” Laxus just looked at Natsu with annoyance, then feeling an elbow in his side before saying thanks to the pinkette. “We just got a new camera while we were out on a job, let me take a picture of you guys, first memory in the new house!” She said even more excitedly, being able to use the new toy Natsu had bought for her. Cana looked up at Laxus who agreed. He sat himself on a sturdy box, Cana draping herself on his back. “Say “Move in day!” The blonde said happily. “Move in day!” The couple said in unison, smiling.

-a/n p2” The camera is included in a fic I did of Team Natsu! Read it here!