teal tome

Emerworld's 100 Follower Forever

Thank you so much for those following me getting me to my first milestone.  I never thought I would have been interesting to someone.  

These are a quick list of blogs whose content bring a smile to my face when ever I see it on my dash, they’re also the people who drained the life out of me and sucked me in to a pit of nothingness that I cannot escape motivate me to continue to keep my weeb shit blog active.  In no particular order.  I’m sorry if I’m forgetting anyone.

trashy-pandas | mireilleminami | illogiqaltenis | amacchiet | teal-tomemakidesuuuuuu | child-maki | c-c-c-cactus | tacheebunna | yurikatodo | tarotcardprincess | totallymoe | lolibloodsucker | cayenne-kick | tachibana-marika | nyanberry | nyariko | chiyisa | nico-ahegao |
rimreaverale1152 | readingsteiner | onee-samaaa | na-na-ka | woflie | thedorkflamemaster | lucyheartfilialover | nishikino-sama |
timegotstolen | jzanity1010 | tsunglasses | metaphetamines | silvertsundere | ice-queen-esdese | electrifying-swordsman | maki-is-gay | metamonkey42 | griffmstr | deophobic | captaincrunchmakesmebleed | megaboy335 | vector-change |

 I would have never been motivated from being that random person that only favorites stuff, to someone who would like to have fun on this horrid horrid horrid website, and make friends along the way.  Thank you all of you, I don’t regret i regret everything ever starting to do things because of everyone on this list.  

Now its time for a little game.