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Guzmania - Chapter 1

Notes: I have been hoping to take on a longer, serious project for awhile. I have many headcanons about Guzma after the events of the games, because I believe there’s more to his story, and I wanna see it, so I’m gonna write it.

I’m dedicating the story to @the-real-sasami who has helped me plan this out for months now. Sorry my lazy ass took so long. ^^;

The only warnings I can think to put on this are:
1. I subscribe to the chubby Guzma theory, so he’ll probably be eating a lot and I’ll mention sometimes how soft he is.
2. I believe his father was physically abusive, so there will also be mentions of that but probably nothing too graphic.

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Disney Day (Schuyler Sisters x Reader ft. Hamilsquad)

A/N: I am stoked! This is my second request! I enjoyed writing this, and I hope it fits the request. I made it an x reader because I know a lot of people would love to have a Disney day with the sisters and Hamilsquad. I hope the anon that requested this, likes it!

Word Count: 5580

Warning: Cuteness and Silliness, you’ve been warned.


I had been friends with Schuyler Sisters for as long as I could remember. Our families were friends, so that kind of pushed us together. Despite this, we remained friends throughout the years. So receiving a call from them today wasn’t quite out of the ordinary.

“Hey, Angie,” I say, having a seat on my couch. I had nothing planned today, so I intended to watch reruns of Supernatural. I had a feeling my plans were about to change.

“Hello, (Y/N),” she says cheerfully. “You’re on speaker, my sisters can hear you by the way.”

“Hi, Eliza, hi Peggy! Anyway, what’s up, Ange?”

“Well…,”she drawls. “My sisters and I want you to come over to our place today. We’re binge watching Disney movies. You could stay the night!”

I chuckle. “Disney movies,” I scoff. “I’ll be there in, like, twenty.”

“See you then,” Angelica says, hanging up abruptly. I roll my eyes, laughing slightly. Wandering into my bedroom, I pick out a teal tank top, a pair of sweatpants, and sports bra. Then I head to the bathroom to wash up. I debate the pros and cons of putting on makeup before just deciding not to. I head out of the door and set off for the Schuyler’s house.

Once I get there, I take the spare key they had given me and I walk in. I expect to see the sisters sprawled out on the couch, but I am instead greeted by four men that I don’t know. One with a beanie sitting draped with his arm over the couch and the one with the curly ponytail sits opposite him. The other one, with dark hair, sits with his legs crossed in front of the couch and the last one, who has freckles all over his face, is sprawled out on the floor.

The one with freckles notices me first and gathers the attention of his friends. They all stare at me and I look back in confusion. Angelica walks in and notices our awkward staring match. She clicks her teeth.

“Stop being weird you guys,” she says walking over to me. She pulls me into a hug which I return and turns back to the guys. “This is (Y/N). She’s Eliza, Peggy, and I’s best friend.”

The four men nod in understanding. Angelica turns to me. “(N/N), these are some friends of ours. We met them a while back at a gala. So go ahead and pop a squat. This is your home too, you know.”

She walks out of the living room, probably going to retrieve her sisters. I glance at the men and, again, they are staring at me. I roll my eyes and plop into the chair by the door.

“If you’re gonna keep staring at me can I at least have your names,” I ask, throwing my legs over the arm of the chair. The one with the dark hair speaks first.

“I’m Alexander Hamilton,” he says. Then the others introduce themselves.

“I’m John Laurens,” the freckles one says.

“I’m Hercules Mulligan,” the one with the beanie says.

“And I am Marquis de Lafayette, but please call me Laf,” the last one says with a french accent. I smile.

“Cool,” I say. “So what are we watching?”

“Not sure yet, we were waiting for you,” Angelica says, reentering the room with her sisters in tow. I sit upright in the chair.

“Peggy, Eliza,” I exclaim. I hop up to hug them and while doing so, Angelica takes my seat. I pout at her. “Not cool, Angie.”

She shrugs. “Pick a movie.”

I slide over to their movie stand and grab four Disney movies.

“Okay so, I’ve got The Lion King, The Princess and the Frog, Aladdin, and Big Hero 6. I say we watch….Aladdin.”

“Why, Aladdin,” Alex argues. “The Lion King is clearly the best movie you named!”

“Here he goes,” Laf mumbles. Alex rolls his eyes.

“I’m just saying. Why watch a movie about a street rat who marries royalty when we can watch a totally uplifting tale about a lion cub coming into his own and growing up to rule the pride in place of his father. The Lion King is clearly superior.”

I gasp. The Schuylers groan. They know Aladdin is my favorite movie.

“I resent that! And besides, Aladdin is my favorite movie and I get to choose what we watch. So bite me, Alex,” I say, popping the movie into the DVD player. Everyone “oohs” while Alex rolls his eyes again. I lay on the floor beside John and he turns to me with a smirk on his face.

“I’ll bite you,” he says before bursting into laughter. The room joins in laughing and Eliza throws a pillow at him from her place between Laf and Herc.

“Don’t be crude!”

“Yeah,” Peggy says, laying herself on top of me. “(N/N) is mine.”

“Wait! I thought you liked me,” Hercules says jokingly. Peggy rolls her eyes playfully.

“(N/N) is much better, Herc. Sorry, dude.”

Angelica shushes us. “The movie is starting.”

We all quiet down as the opening scene for Aladdin starts. Peggy rolls off of me. When One Jump Ahead begins playing, Peggy and Laf dance around the room like idiots until Angelica throws popcorn at them. I, of course, know all of the words. Then, when A Whole New World starts, all the boys start to sing Aladdin’s part and the girls and I take over Jasmine’s part. Needless to say, we were having the time of our lives.

However, about a million Disney movies later, it’s around two o’clock in the morning. Alex and Herc are in a snoring pile on the floor. My back is against John’s chest and Peggy’s head is in my lap. Laf, Eliza, and Angelica are cuddled up on the couch. The only ones awake are Angelica, Eliza, and myself.

“I had fun tonight,” I whisper so as not to wake anyone. Eliza yawns, resting her head on Angelica’s shoulder.

“It sure was,” she says. Angelica nods in agreement.

“We should do it again,” I say shifting slightly in John’s arms. I get no verbal response. Only the light snores of the two sisters. I smile, closing eyes.

“I could get used to this.” I think as I drift off to sleep.

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