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Descendants 2 - Mal, Uma and Evie.  

Time: 5ish hours each (yikes! worth it though)

Medium - pencil, biro, sharpie and watercolour (progress shots on instagram)

I love the designs of these characters but .. the implications of that movie universe though. Like who dey daddies? Does this mean all disney heroes and villains are A: in the same universe and B: all the had kids in the same year? Like… .Snow White and sleeping beauty clearly take place in medieval times, but they kids is friends with Cruella De Villes kid who lived in like 1950s London.. WHAT IS THIS CANNON

One Word Prompt: Matrimony {Harry x Uma} // Huma Wedding Planning

one word prompt: matrimony {harry x uma} // for @saveshootingstar

{i didn’t want this to be a basic proposal or wedding, so i hope you like what i came up with !} xx
- lana 💖

“What’s the different between eggshell and ecru?”

The teal-haired pirate hung her head over rows of pale swatches, filing through them for what seemed like the hundreth time. Beside her sat Evie and Jane, her appointed wedding planners, with her fiancé nowhere to be found. The ladies had been lounging on the deck of the ship all afternoon, planning table settings. Who knew it’d take so much work? Uma was officially up to her neck in napkin rings and centerpieces. Her tired eyes flickered from the swatches to tiny candles carved in the shape of doves. She wrinkled her nose.

“I really don’t like birds. And why are they so expensive? They’re just wax.”

Jane tapped her pink pen on the clipboard in front of her, shooting Uma a sympathetic smile. “Weddings aren’t cheap,” she reminded gently, as if she knew the bride-to-be was on edge as it was.

Uma pouted. A month ago, when the dashing pirate had got on one knee and poured his heart out in love and devotion, she never knew there’d be this much of an obstacle to cross before she actually had Harry as her husband. The wedding was more for the guests than it was for her. She knew Harry would want it, though; he loved being the center of attention, and showing her off as well.

“I know,” she groaned. “I just.. I can’t look at another flower arrangement today. I think I might die.”

Evie reached out and gentle squeezed Uma’s hand. “It’s alright, planning takes a lot of hard work. That’s why you have us! It’s your wedding, you shouldn’t stress yourself out.” She stood up and smoothed out her royal blue, satin dress. “We’ll take care of everything. Promise.”

Uma sighed defeatedly. “F-fine. Just… don’t pick anything with frills, and no doves. Anywhere. At all.”

Evie nodded, quickly jotting down Uma’s brief guidelines. “Got it.” She turned promptly on her heels, gesturing at Jane to follow her.

Just as they were leaving, Harry boarded the deck with a grin on his face that hadn’t faded since Uma accepted his proposal.

He slid behind her and wrapped his arms around her seat, giving her a gentle squeeze. “How’s my fiancé doin’ today?”

She frowned. “Not great. Why didn’t you tell me wedding planning was so hard?”

Harry laughed and stepped in front of her, gesturing to himself. “ ’M sorry, love; but do ‘ah look like I’ve plan’d a weddin’ befare?”

She rolled her eyes. “No. But it’s so..” She sighed, planting her face in her hands again. “It’s so tedious.. it’s…” She looked up, her eyes pooling, while her features remained stone cold. “It’s scaring me,” she whispered.

Harry’s amused expression faded to reveal concern. He sat in the seat next to her, pushing away packets of caterers and fabric swatches. He took her hands in his and stared at her pensively, his bright blue eyes becoming quizzical, deep pools. “Why didn’t ye’ tell me earlier?”

Uma sniffled and shrugged. “Y-you were so h-happy… that we were getting m-married… I-I wanted you to have a wedding… you deserve it…”

Harry shook his head. “Not if it’s too much for ye’. We can elope.”

Uma shook her head. “No. No, no, no. We’re having this wedding. Just…” Her eyes darted around the sky for a solution. “… a smaller wedding. Smaller than what the girls have planned.” She laced her fingers into his and smiled at the way they seemed to fit perfectly. “Just our close friends.”

Harry leaned closer and pressed their noses together, to which she giggled. “If thas’ what ye’ want. As long as I get te’ call ye’ mine.” He pressed a quick peck on her lips and grinned.

She smiled against the warmth of his breath on her skin. “I love you, Harry.”

“I love ye’ too, Shrimpy.”


All the large plush I have for sale. Sorry about the mess. They are all actually at my place in Aomori, and there’s laundry about from where I was trying to find all my socks to pair them before packing them.

Available on a first come, first served basis. I accidentally cleared my askbox last week, so I’m sorry, but asks inquiring from the last post were deleted so please send them again ;w;

All have tags.

Please message me on tumblr to inquire about prices and include your country to get an accurate shipping quote. All shipping quotes are by EMS. I’m returning to my apartment the 12/13th of July, and would like to have these all claimed/purchased by then so I can have them ready to ship as soon as I step in my old place <3

Series from left to right and top down:
*White Bear Hood Boy
*Pink Tissue Alpacasso
*Pink Flower Eden
*Beige Candy Boy
*White Prince Boy

*Pink Girl Dreamy
Pink Kindy Kids, First Release
Green Neon Color play (in the picture, there is a yellow, but I mixed it up and it’s the green version, not the yellow I have available)
*White Love Hat
Beige Love Hat

Beige Kindy Kids Old Release
*Pirate Yuki, Teal Version
*Pink Momo Eden Girl
Pink Hooded Hana
*/**White Tissue Arpakasso (the older series)
*White Dreamy Girl

First Mate Pirate Bei
First Mate Pirate Bei
*Pirate Yuki, Teal Version
Pink Happy Snow
*Minnie Mouse Pink AmusexDisney Collab

*White Kindy Kid
*/**Pink Tropical (This one had a tag, but the series name on it is a weird “acasso” pun I don’t understand, so I’m not sure the exact name)
Beige Tissue Alpacasso
*Pink Sweet Kids

White Happy Snow
*White Kindy Kid Boy
*White Nerd Glasses
*Pirate Ace
*First Mate Momo

Not pictured, but available:
*50cm Purple Cotton Candy, aka Blueberry. Blueberry has been washed and no longer has tags. He is free, just pay for shipping.

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All others I am the original owner and they are in great condition.

Editing to add the plush go to who can pay first. I’m so sorry about that but I need to know these sold and sometimes people come back weeks later after I gave them a quote and are like, “I’ll take it” but get mad I already sold them.

List Edited 7/5 @ 7pm JST

One Word Prompt - Stars - HarryXClarissa {Daughter of Queen Clarion}

one word prompt blurb: {stars & harry} for @mysticmessofcrap // clarissaXharry

{excuse my “scottish” dialect, i used an online translator and tweaked some things on my own so it’d be easier to understand 😂}


“What do you want?”

Clarissa took a deep breath and smiled, now face to face with the unpleasant, teal haired pirate. She and Uma were never at odds, and as much as Uma appreciated having someone to control Harry, she hated having an annual pirate crew meeting interrupted. Now that they were on the Isle, it was less evil plotting and more catching up; and Uma would be lying if she said she didn’t look forward to it every week.

Clarissa swayed back and forth on her tiptoes for a moment, with her hands clasped behind her back. For a moment, she caught a glimpse of Harry, who sat leaned back in a chair with a devilish grin plastered against his face. He greeted Clarissa from afar with a flick of his hand, sitting up a bit straighter. The other pirates around him whispered amongst themselves and whistled, nudging Hook, who ignored them as his eyes pierced into Clarissa’s.

She blushed, clearing her throat as her eyes flickered back to Uma’s. “Can I steal him for a second?”

Uma rolled her eyes. “You can borrow him. I guess. After all, stealing isn’t really an AK’s specialty.”

Clarissa’s smile grew a bit at this, and she nudged Uma lightly. “I know you’re starting to like me,” she giggled graciously.

A small smile broke out on Uma’s face after a moment. “I tolerate you, for Harry’s sake,” she defended, stepping out of the way. Harry was close behind, shrugging on a red hoodie and closing the door behind him.

“Whet are ye’ doin’ here?” he whispered, a grin playing at his lips. Clarissa wrapped her arms around his torso and tipped her head up, shrugging slightly. “I missed you. Everyone else has plans with their boyfriends, and I was kind of hoping I could have some with mine?”

He shrugged. “We can do anythin’ ye want te’ do.”

Clarissa backed up, leading him out of the ship, pondering over her ideas. She tipped her head to the side and glanced at him. “I mean, I really just want to hang out. Talk.”

Harry nodded, looping his arms around her from behind. “Okay, where?”

They stepped out of the ship, and Clarissa’s gaze immediately met with the sky. She released a tiny gasp and pointed up. “Look!”

Like everything in Auradon, the nights were something out of a storybook. That being said, this night was especially gorgeous. The stars sat in clustered, splattered like crushed diamonds against a navy blanket. The moon cast a milky light on the shore, illuminating the waves as they crashed against the young couple’s legs.

Harry slipped off his shoes and plopped down onto the bed of sand, reclining and patting the ground next to him. Clarissa beamed and joined him, snuggling close and taking a deep breath, breathing in the damp, salty air.

Harry pointed at the sky at a distinct constellation. “ ‘At looks like my hook.”

Clarissa giggled and scanned the sky. “That one looks like a heart.”

Harry smirked. “ ‘Cause I hung them there. 'Jest like that, for ye.”

Clarissa smiled, shaking her head. “You wish.”

Harry laughed, adjusting her so that she layed on his chest. “I wish ah could. Te’ show ye’ how much I love- uh…”

In the past few weeks that they’d been together, the “L-word” had never really come up. It was of mutual understanding that they loved each other, of course, but saying it would solidify it. Harry took a shaky breath, what did he have to be scared of?

Clarissa laughed. “I love “uh” too.“ She reached over, intertwining her fingers in his, glancing up at the blushing pirate expectantly.

Harry craned his neck slowly, planting a gentle kiss on the fairy’s lips and holding her closer. ” I don’t mean te’ brag, but I’m th’ luckiest lad in Auradon.“

Clarissa shook her head. "I wouldn’t say that, but… I think I’m luckier. To have you.” She glanced up at the sky again, the moon illuminating her pensive features. “You’ve sacrificed so much for me… I-”

“Shhh.” He planted another kiss on her lips. “Don’t mention 'et.” He grasped her hand in his, giving it a reassuring squeeze. “Th’ least I could do f'ar the girl that I love.”

Clarissa beamed again, sitting up and nudging him playfully. “There it is,” she teased. She leaned down, pressing a kiss on the tip of his nose. “I love you too,” she whispered.

It was silent for a moment as they held onto each other; filling the void under the twinkling stars was the eversteady crash of ocean waves, and the purest, most breathtaking love of all.

xx lana