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New birdy friends!
Sora has been very lonely after Kitten went to birdy heaven so his owner got a few new friends for him from a specialty bird store not too far away from where she lives. Meet Citrus (yellow), Opal (teal), & Sweet Pea (green). They’re still little babies so we’re not to sure on they’re genders & they’re gona be kept separate from Sora for a few weeks.

A gorgeous daith Adam did for our client Marjorie. 

Marjorie put together this lovely @anatometal captive cluster combination consisting of CZ’s, a teal opal, and a light purple opal. A perfect choice to compliment her other piercings. 

Thank you as always, Marjorie! 

Monterey, CA 

Bought from :iconqueen-vaega: on DA I swear I have 5 of the Opals he’s selling.

Name: Light Teal Opal
Gem: Opal fusion
Fusion of: Light Blue Amethyst and Teal Pearl
Gem Locations: Top of Right foot and Left Eye
Pronouns: She/Her
Weapon: Double Edged Spear
Serves: Star Purple Diamond
Personality: Shy to a point. She’s afraid of telling Star about her being a fusion so she hid one of her gems and said she came out as a defect. Star still accepted her and now Opal is building up confidence.

Here is a healed conch piercing we did for Margie a little over a year ago.
She had us custom order her this lovely @anatometal captive gem cluster.

She chose this gorgeous combination of light purple opals and teal opals surrounding a genuine moonstone.

Great choice, Margie. It looks amazing on you!

Monterey, CA

GaaHina Week: Day 1: Birth

AN: I’m late! But imma catch up! I’ve written so much SH, it’s time for a bit of GaaHina. My OC Aisa (Sabaku)


Teal eyes watched the sleeping child from his crib. His fingers clench and unclenched, his legs moved and pushed the remaining blanket from his body and his face scrunched up.

Gaara peered closer into the crib only for the child to sneeze in his face.

“Your sand,” came a incredibly tired voice. “It’s making him sneeze.”

Gaara didn’t turn from the child. His sand had been doing this at its own will. Protecting his near powerless baby. Hinata walked up to him and placed a hand at his back.

The child’s navy hair was showing early signs of being unruly as his. Gaara touched his son’s moving fingers. The little things wrapped around his index finger. “I, um, love him.”

Hinata smiled at the stoic man. “I love him too.”

Gaara used his thumb to brush the boy’s knuckles. “We-“

The boys eyes fluttered open. Teal-tinted opal eyes looked back at him. He shifted to his mother and back at his father. He sneezed again and jumped, scaring himself. Aisa started giggling before falling back asleep.

“He’s always sleeping,” Hinata noted.

“It’s a beautiful thing,” Gaara removed his finger slowly. He turned to the shorter woman. “Thank you - for him.”

Hinata wrinkled her nose and shook her head. “No, you helped.” Gaara created a sand eye and placed it at the head of the crib. Hinata took his hand. “I’m e-exhausted.” She confessed.

“Very well,” he allowed her to take his hand. She cooed the baby in his sleep. Gaara ran a finger over his forehead. “Goodnight, Ai.”

Hinata pulled him away. “Come on.”

“What’s your rush?” Gaara asked closing the door quietly.

“I can’t s-sleep without you,” she smiled at him. Gaara looked at her with a raised expression. One she associated with him raising an invisible brow. One that always made her laugh. She squeezed his hand tight. “I love you so much.”

He squeezed her hand tighter. “It would be impossible to surpass me.” Hinata looked at him with confusion. “I - I love you most.”

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