teal lace


“Mikasa,” Levi groaned. “Stop it. Don’t touch that. No!”

He picked up the giggling girl, setting her on the couch with a juice box and a cookie, turning on her favorite movie. He let out a sharp breath, praying to whatever God was watching over them as she sat still for a moment. Levi had forgotten how much energy a five year old had and greatly regretted agreeing to babysit the little devil for the day.

Usually, his husband Eren was home, the one who Mikasa usually spent her time with and liked most of the two. But Eren was out for the day, claiming that he needed to run some errands and gave Levi a quick kiss on the cheek before he was out the door in a flash.

He had only stepped away from her for a few moments. Erwin had called —on Levi’s first day off in weeks, go figure— and knowing himself and his habit of curse words, Levi stepped away from the small child so not to infect her precious ears with such foul language. He seemed to have missed the doorbell ringing or Mikasa lugging the package inside and opening it somehow with her small, child hands because when Levi walked back into the living room, he almost dropped his phone.

“Look Lee!” She exclaimed brightly, pulling a pair of black and teal lace panties over her head and messing up the very pristine braided pigtails that her mother had put her in this morning. “A hat!”

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Sorry, Ladies

Dean x Reader

Word Count: 823

Warnings: self-consciousness, fluff.

Author’s Note: This is an Anon request. Hope you like it!

Request: “Plus size reader and dean go to torrid and dean picks out lingerie for her and she gets self conscious about as skinnier girls walk in and begin flirting with dean.” – Anon

Originally posted by bringmesomepie56

Dean was always happy to help you shop for some new clothes. Occasionally, there were those hunts that totally ruined half of your wardrobe. Sure, he liked helping you choose what would be the best clothing certain hunts, but then there was the other part of the stores, the lingerie department.

There was something about the lingerie in Torrid that Dean loved. They were a bit spicier than the limited selection in the department stores, and a little more playful. His eyes locked on a particular set, a teal and black lace pairing with lots of ribbon and bows.

“Ooo, sweetheart! How about these?” He pulled the pairing off the rack and turned to you, immediately holding it up to you. “Yeah, I like these.”

You smiled as you snatched the hanger and set it back on the rack. “I have an idea, Dean. How about you let me pick a few out.” You leaned in to kiss his cheek. “It will be a surprise. So, go have a seat in one of the chairs up over there, and I’ll get you when I’ve picked some.” Dean nodded, intrigued by the offer. He loved surprises, especially the ones that involved you in your underwear.

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A metallic and teal cake fits in with a modern wedding theme perfectly, but the copper-tinted pineapple topper, metallic berries and succulents add a fun twist to it.

Cake: C’est La Vie Cakes. Fruit topper: Lauren Elisabeth Events