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Things that I associate with the types (by an ISTP)

ESFJ: foreign music, aesthetics, makeup on point, mother figure, olive green, sunlight through trees at sunset, laughing till you can’t breathe

ENFJ: upbeat music, childhood, colorful bedspreads, suntans, bright pink, running around outside all day and coming home still full of energy

ESTJ: organized playlists, pie charts, schedules, greyscale, glass, speaking in front of hundreds of thousands of people without faltering

ENTJ: classical music, corkboard, dayplanners, warm greys, leading small teams in difficult situations

ENFP: BUBBLES!!!!!, edm, highlighters and markers, teal, reuniting with old friends and everything being just the same

ESFP: best day of my life on repeat, youtube, pale pink, big cities, always wanting to be around people and yet always feeling alone

ENTP: instrumental music, Pinball machines, go-karting, edgy jokes, winking, coming up with different ways around rules but not acting on them

ESTP: pop rock, large groups of friends, black ripped skinny jeans, dark grey hoodies, glass buildings, running outside at night

ISFJ: Disney soundtracks, sunshine through windows, sundresses, pastel pink, reading a book in a tree at sunrise

INFJ: soft rock, flower crowns, kittens, dresses with combat boots, staying up late having a really deep conversation with a friend

ISTJ: electronic music, computers, film theory, greys and blues, instruction manuals, editing videos till 3 am

INTJ: cultural music, memes, ripped skinny jeans, politics, art, dark blue, a little bit of knowledge on a lot of subjects

INFP: just music, inside jokes, purple, smirks with raised eyebrows, headphones, either being very social or disappearing for months without a trace

ISFP: fairy sounds, mythical?, do you even exist????, literally, I’ve never met one of your kind????, smiles, running through a field of sunflowers

INTP: heavy music, cool af, I want to be you, alone a lot, dark purple, books smart, but not street smart, converse hightops, doing bad in school but you’re really f-ing smart

ISTP: rock music, graffiti, black, combat boots, BASE jumping, doing stupid shit smartly, running around at night with friends, always feeling alone, either really deep or shalow af


Got my first mechanical keyboard~ my brother (who is a game programming/photography/film/mechanical keyboard nerd) is going to leave after summer to study film abroad. As a goodbye gift he figured out what my favorite key were, what colours I liked and managed to put this together for me. I absolutely love it. From the vaporwave colours to the green switches to the light-up keys with faces. I’ve got the best brother I could wish for.

Gigantic: Mozu
Digital Art; Clip Paint Studio • Time Taken… I don’t know.

Oh yes, I have been enjoying playing Gigantic, yes very much!

The game itself is very well done and I’m quire liking the game play. Each character feels very different yet I am not afraid to try them. Plus, it helps that the design is amazing. Backgrounds, character, elements… everything!
[And I’m a longtime fan of @gorrem!]

More: Gigantic | Gaming | Cel-Shaded

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okay but I'd like to expand on Yandere thing: What if the alien captain says 'Yandere is good!' With a human nearby? How do they rect when the human starts laughing hysterically and going on how that's the best joke the heard in a while? What would they do when the human rants while crying tears of madness because someone close to them got killed by a yandere? ... shit this was long as fuck.

“Yandere is good”

Twisting her head to look at where those words came from, Human Alexis caught sight of the Captain and one of her crew mates, V’uk if she remembered correctly, talking.

Processing the words, she snapped her fingers by her ears to check that her ears were working properly and that what she had heard was correct and that she wasn’t going off the deep end.

No luck, her ears were fine.

“Besides,” the Captain spoke, “I can get a human here and they will agree with me.”

‘Well time to go. I don’t want to deal with the rants and ravings about that game.’ Alexis spun on her heel and started to speed walk out of the room.

One of the Captains tentacles draped over her shoulder. “Here’s one now. Human Alexis, would you please explain to your crew mate V’uk here that ze is worrying over nothing about a Yandere.”

Walking back over to the Captain wile mourning the loss of her freedom, Alexis noticed V’uk’s hunched over body. It was as if they were trying to hide from something or someone. Odd. Ignoring it Alexis began to speak. “Well Yandere is a ga-” Alexis cut herself off. “Wait a Yandere not the Yandere?”

The Captain retracted his eye stalks into his head and sighed. “Yes, a Yandere.”

“Is there a Yandere on board?”

“Yes and I was currently trying to explain to V’uk that having a Yandere insures utmost protection from danger” The Captain extended xyrs eye stalks and looked to Alexis.”Why are you vibrating Human Alexis?”

Alexia was indeed vibrating. In fact her whole body was shaking from the laughter that was struggling to erupt from her throat. “You’re joking right? There being a Yandere on board would mean everybody will be dead except whoever the Yandere loves. And even ze wouldn’t survive the Yanderes craziness.”

The Captain’s eye stalks shrunk in confusion while zir hide turned a mud brown and V’uk’s hide turned teal. “What do you mean ‘won’t survive’? A Yandere is the best protection credits could buy!”

Alexis was now laughing so hard she had to sit on the ground for fear she would fall over if she remained standing. “Have you even played the game properly? In order to show your love to your crush, you murder anyone who could possibly become a threat to you or to him.”

Both of zirs hides turn black in fear.

Finally the Captain regained the ability of movement. Xe reached up and activated to comm below his mandibles. “There will be an reclassification of the usefulness of a Yandere. Now.”

Tried my best! Hope you enjoy it!

[RvB] Old Yeller Lived Here

Title: Old Yeller Lived Here

Rating: R to be safe

Pairings: Implied Church/Tucker

Characters: Wash, Tucker, Alpha Church

Warnings: This is kind of dark. Includes implied imprisonment/confinement in small spaces, restraint, non-graphic torture, violence, some implied medical procedures, implied abuse of a prisoner (non-sexual). Minor character death. 

Prompted by @illumynare for @rvbficwars

the AU where Wash is still adopted by the Reds & Blues, but they’re mercenaries who work for Hargrove ;)

Summary: “Rise and shine.”

He squints into the light at the figure shadowed in the door of his cell. Cell, he thinks, is probably a bit generous. It’s more of a box where he can be restrained while they move him between assignments. A cage.

He knows how this works. They let him out when they need him, and pray that they can put him back inside.

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Amazon Original Kids Series Danger & Eggs Premieres June 30 on Prime Video in the US and UK


All 13 episodes, created by Mike Owens and Shadi Petosky, and executive produced by Owens, Petosky, and Chris Hardwick, will feature the voice talent of comedians Aidy Bryant and Eric Knobel

Guest star voice talent includes Weird Al, Lori Petty, Charlyne Yi, Kate Micucci, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Jasika Nicole, Felicia Day, Jonah Ray, Angelica Ross, and Jazz Jennings

(NASDAQ: AMZN) — Amazon today announced its original animated kids series Danger & Eggs is scheduled to premiere on Friday, June 30 on Prime Video in the US and UK. Featuring the voice talent of comedians Aidy Bryant (Saturday Night Live) as D.D. Danger and Eric Knobel (Huge Theater) as Phillip, the series will also include guest star voice talent from Weird Al (Milo Murphy’s Law), Lori Petty (Tank Girl), Charlyne Yi (Knocked Up), Kate Micucci (Garfunkle and Oates), Mary Elizabeth Winstead (Scott Pilgrim), Jasika Nicole (Fringe), Felicia Day (Geek and Sundry), Jonah Ray (Nerdist, Mystery Science Theater), Angelica Ross (Her Story), and Jazz Jennings (I Am Jazz). Danger & Eggs is created by Mike Owens (Yo Gabba Gabba!, Animaniacs) and Shadi Petosky (Yo Gabba Gabba!, Mad) and executive produced by Owens, Petosky, and Chris Hardwick (Talking Dead, @midnight). The pilot, which was part of Amazon’s Fall 2015 pilot season and is rated 4.6 out of 5 stars by customers with 80% 5-star reviews, is now available to stream exclusively for Prime members via the Amazon Prime Video app for TVs, connected devices including Fire TV, mobile devices and online—Prime members can also download the pilot to mobile devices for offline viewing at no additional cost to their membership.

Danger & Eggs follows the endless adventures of a fearless, teal-haired girl named D.D. Danger (Aidy Bryant) and her ever cautious best friend, a giant talking egg named Phillip (Eric Knobel). As the daughter of world-renowned stunt daredevil, Roy Danger, D.D. is following in his footsteps and is always chasing her next big thrill. Luckily for her, Phillip is always there by her side with jerry-rigged safety mechanisms to make her thrill-seeking dreams come true. Together, they go in search of new adventures at their favorite spot, Chicken Paw Park, which is home to Philip’s mom Becky, a gargantuan chicken. The first season finds D.D. and Phillip meeting a raccoon with a thirst for technology, being sucked into a mysterious underground science lab, discovering a lonely robot in an overgrown garden, and taking on a famous zip line. Throughout their journey, they overcome obstacles with the “Buddy System” because even though they are polar opposites, their differences complement each other’s strengths and weaknesses to solve problems. Their Buddy System mantra says it all, “You look out for me and I’ll look out for you!”

“We are excited to introduce our first animated comedy for children ages 6-11 to our customers,” said Tara Sorensen, Head of Kids Programming at Amazon Studios. “We feel incredibly lucky to be working with the caliber of creative talent behind this series.”

“For us, the heart of Danger & Eggs is the friendship between Phillip and D.D. that proves you can face fear and danger and have a blast in the process because you are not alone,” said Mike Owens. Adds Shadi Petosky: "We can’t believe we get to take out our anxiety on a show–putting our inside voices into these characters and seeing if they stay friends.”

"I’ve been passionate about animation my whole life and to produce this series with my animation company fulfills a lifelong goal,” says Chris Hardwick, Executive Producer. "This show is funny, touching, and has incredible design–everything I’ve wanted to make.”

Below are what customers have said about the Danger & Eggs pilot:

  • “[My 8 year-old son] asked to watch this show at least four times! He loves it! I’ve watched it with him for at least three of those times.”
  • “As a father of a little girl with anxiety issues, I really appreciated Phillip’s portrayal. So often in cartoons there is shaming of nervousness or anxiety (ie: C'mon, don’t be a wimp) but in Danger and Eggs, Phillip is just there. He’s an anxious character and that’s ok.”
  • “My son loves this show! He’s 6 and says he loves the characters and finds them very funny. He loves the art style and how crazy and fun it is.”
  • “As a father of two young daughters, I was thrilled to see a show that revolves around a young girl going on playfully dangerous adventures without the need of an overly macho cohort saving her! Added points for the wonderful humor that is also incorporated for the older demographic without it being crude.”
  • “My 10-year-old daughter and I both loved it! She appreciates the subtle humor and animation of this show and said she wants to watch more!”

Danger & Eggs is part of Prime Video’s growing line-up of award-winning and critically-acclaimed Originals for kids and families. All 13 episodes from the series will be available to stream and enjoy using the Amazon Prime Video app for compatible TVs, connected devices, including Amazon Fire TV and mobile devices, or online at www.amazon.com/kidsoriginals, at no additional cost to their membership. Prime members can also download select titles to mobile devices for offline viewing. Eligible customers who are not already Prime members can sign up for a free trial at www.amazon.com/prime. For a list of all Amazon Video compatible devices, visit www.amazon.com/howtostream. Danger & Eggs is also available as part of Amazon FreeTime Unlimited, the all-you-can-eat subscription service designed from the ground up for kids. FreeTime Unlimited is available exclusively on Amazon devices, including Amazon Fire TV and Fire tablets, and a year-long subscription is included with every Fire Kids Edition.

About Amazon Video

Amazon Video is a premium on-demand entertainment service that offers customers the greatest choice in what to watch and how to watch it. Amazon Video is the only service that provides all of the following:

  • Prime Video: Thousands of movies and TV shows, including popular licensed content plus critically-acclaimed and award-winning Amazon Original Series and Movies from Amazon Studios like Transparent, The Man in the High Castle, Love & Friendship, and kids series Tumble Leaf, available for unlimited streaming as part of an Amazon Prime membership. Prime Video is also now available to customers in more than 200 countries and territories around the globe at www.primevideo.com.
  • Amazon Channels: Over 100 channel subscriptions that Prime members can add to their membership, including HBO, SHOWTIME, STARZ, Cinemax, PBS KIDS, Acorn TV and more, plus Anime Strike – the first curated on-demand subscription by Amazon Channels. To view the full list of channels available, visit www.amazon.com/channels
  • Rent or Own: Hundreds of thousands of titles, including new release movies and current TV shows available for on-demand rental or purchase for all Amazon customers.
  • Instant Access: Customers can instantly watch anytime, anywhere through the Amazon Video app on compatible TVs, mobile devices, Amazon Fire TV, Fire TV Stick, and Fire tablets, or online. For a list of all compatible devices, visit www.amazon.com/howtostream.
  • Premium Features: Top features like 4K Ultra HD, High Dynamic Range (HDR) and mobile downloads for offline viewing of select content.

In addition to Prime Video, the Prime membership includes unlimited fast free shipping options across all categories available on Amazon, more than two million songs and thousands of playlists and stations with Prime Music, secure photo storage with Prime Photos, unlimited reading with Prime Reading, unlimited access to a digital audiobook catalog with Audible Channels for Prime, a rotating selection of free digital games and in-game loot with Twitch Prime, early access to select Lightning Deals, exclusive access and discounts to select items, and more. To sign-up for Prime or to find out more, visit: www.amazon.com/prime.

About Amazon

Amazon is guided by four principles: customer obsession rather than competitor focus, passion for invention, commitment to operational excellence, and long-term thinking. Customer reviews, 1-Click shopping, personalized recommendations, Prime, Fulfillment by Amazon, AWS, Kindle Direct Publishing, Kindle, Fire tablets, Fire TV, Amazon Echo, and Alexa are some of the products and services pioneered by Amazon. For more information, visit www.amazon.com/about and follow @AmazonNews.

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