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Colorful entrance to Uxua Casa Hotel and Spa, Trancoso, Bahia, Brazil photograph by Adrian Gaut

  • “The only boutique hotel in the historic main square of Trancoso, Bahia, Uxua Casa Hotel & Spa has become the stay of choice in this beautiful seaside village. The Brazilian elite, not to mention style-savvy visitors from the US and Europe, flock to its 10 private casas all year round, drawn by its stunning beachside location, dedication to sustainable tourism.“

Crafty. It’s important to be carve out a spot for creativity in your home. Put the fun in functional with a clever craft station that the whole family can enjoy. Desk for homework paired with cubbies to keep your craft supplies organized and accessible. Add an armoire that has a few shallow drawers to hold papers and transform an underused corner or closet into a sure-to-be loved creative haven.

stuckinforever  asked:

im redoing my room and its gonna be teal and white furniture, but i want it to look kind of like a tumblr room... do you have any ideas?

Essentials to a tumblr bedroom.

1. String/fairy lights

2. wall quotes and wall decals 

3. lots of pictures/posters

4. lots of hanging stuff (ex. string lights, garlands, flags, gauzy curtains, lanterns, origami cranes, dream catchers)

5. Fun bedding

Basically you turn your bedroom into a cozy cave.



$12 each
(includes full res. transparent of pony & separate file of cutie mark)

Once purchased, you’re free to tweak the design / details of the character!

Ponies greyed out above and striked through below have been purchased.

Do not send money immediately!


SNAKE CHARMER : Earth Pony : Herpetologist (specifically snakes)
Quiet, thoughtful, brave. Special talent: Communicating with snakes.

PATTY O’ FURNITURE : Earth Pony : Patio Furniture Salespony
Loud, quick-witted, humorous. Special talent: Selling Patio Furniture

DREAM BOAT : Pegasus : Sailboat Captain
Charming, romantic, dreamy. Special talent: Sailing.. into the hearts of ponies.

AIR WAVES : Pegasus : Radio Host
Smooth, smart, mellow. Special talent: Hosting late-night radio talkshows.

FAIR FORECAST : Unicorn : Weather Forecaster
Charismatic, talkative, perfectionist. Special talent: Forecasting the weather

NEWSIE BLUES : Unicorn : Field Reporter
Assertive, thorough, a little morbid. Special talent: Reporting bad news.