teal dreadlocks


Descendants 2 - Mal, Evie, Carlos & Uma

Time: 5ish hours each (yikes! worth it though)

Medium - pencil, biro, sharpie and watercolour (progress shots on instagram)

I love the designs of these characters but .. the implications of that movie universe though. Like who dey daddies? Does this mean all disney heroes and villains are A: in the same universe and B: all the had kids in the same year? Like… .Snow White and sleeping beauty clearly take place in medieval times, but they kids is friends with Cruella De Villes kid who lived in like 1950s London.. WHAT IS THIS CANNON

This is my lovely friend Lacey! She is goofy and hilarious and I miss her so much! We used to stay up all night drinking wine out of mugs and working on our dreadlocks or walking all over town at three am. I cant wait to visit Florida at the end of July and see everyone! Indiana is starting to make my heart hurt.