teal case

[exit tunes presents actors: duets 2/?] noushou sakuretsu girl/shake it! – ashihara kouya and yuyama seijun (cv. aoi shouta and toshiki masuda)

“being treated like a combi…i don’t like it…” “seijuuuuuun don’t be like that!! we’ve been seeing each other for a long time now!!”

This is a photo of my side of my dorm room at Indiana University back in 1997 or 1998.  My Bible (in its fabric teal case, because Nineties) being covered by a pile of Beast Wars toys is probably diagnostic.

I still have that surge protector that’s under the monitor.  It’s at my feet.  It’s, um, more yellow now.  I also still have the Bible, still in that case.  The binding isn’t looking so hot these days.  

for some reason the owner of all these posters and various action figures did not make any friends