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My take on the “Neil dies in Baltimore” au:

Here’s a list of reasons why Andrew is considering death-by-FBI-agent-who-won’t-shut-up:

  1. Neil is dead.
  2. Neil obviously knew he was going to die, since he made sure to break his contract with Andrew.
  3. He didn’t catch the strain in Neil’s voice when he said “You were amazing” until later, when it was too late.
  4. Now that it’s too late, he can’t stop hearing it. That little waver, like it meant more than it was saying, which now he knows it was but he was too fucking dense to realize it.
  5. Even after the disappearance, even after hours of nothing and then the FBI call and Kevin’s stupid confession and stupid throat (which he fully intends to come back to crushing later), Neil was alive.
  6. But not long enough for them to reach the hospital.

And now here they are, in the hospital lobby, being talked down to by an idiot in a suit trying to make excuses for why the FBI needs his body.

“He is ours,” Dan growls. Actually growls. “You said his father is dead now, and his mother’s been dead for years, so that means we’re his closest family.”

But all Agent Dick dous is raise an eyebrow. “How do you know that Mary Wesninski is dead?” It has the clearly desired effect of shutting Dan up. There are a thousand innocent answers to that question, but they’re Foxes. Nobody ever gives them the benefit of the doubt.

“We need to conduct a full autopsy, get a clearer picture of what was done to him. We’ll hand him over to you post-cremation.”

Matt shakes his head. “Not good enough.”

“You all need to get this into your heads: Neil Josten isn’t real and never was. He was a halfway decent cover that, honestly, probably would’ve been passable if he hadn’t thrown caution to the wind time and again over the past year. He was playing a part, and now he’s dead, and those are the facts.”

Andrew is aware that they’re talking about a corpse, but that complete disregard for who Neil was makes him want to rip out the man’s throat. Anger colors his vision red, but it’s better this way. Because as soon as the red leaves, the gray will settle in, and it will never, ever go away.

“Here’s another fact,” Agent Dick continues. “People don’t spend months in close company of others without letting something slip. So I’m going to need all of you to come in and te—”

“That’s enough, Agent Browning,” a new voice calls to them. A second later, a woman appears next to the agent, towering over him by a good half a foot. “Say another word to them and I’ll personally make sure that anything they say becomes inadmissible in court.” She turns to the Foxes. “Hi, sorry, I’m Ms. Waters. I was — still is, technically — Nathaniel’s lawyer.”

Kevin’s face goes ashy, likely imagining the worst. “He was here for six hours before dying. Why the hell would he need a lawyer?”

Ms. Waters pulls out several small white envelopes by way of response. “Because he didn’t trust Agent Chucklehead over hear to not open these before you recieved them.” She hands each Fox their own envelope, with their name written on the front in Neil’s familiar scrawl. Wymack doesn’t get an envelope.

It makes Andrew’s chest ache and his heart boil, and he doesn’t trust himself to speak. He knows what’s inside that letter: a sequel and an epilogue. All of Neil’s bullshit sap wrapped in a promise that he’ll never have it again. He doesn’t even know wether he wants to read it or tear it into a million pieces. Probably both.

“—two requests,” it takes Andrew a second to register that Ms. Waters is talking again. “That you read your letters in private, and that you destroy them after reading. Preferably with fire.” She smiles at their confused stares and nods at Agent Dick. “Browning here is a man of many words, but he spends very few eandearing himself to others. Nathaniel was likely afraid that he would try to read them.

“In any case, I’ll be in touch soon. Nathaniel left a great deal behind, and while the FBI can scramble over his past, it’s my job to sort out his present, and that means you.” She gives Wymack a teal business card. “In case you need me urgently, in the case I don’t contact you first. Now run along, you were all injured and in need of rest.”

The bus ride back to Palmetto is silent, but nobody is asleep. Like Andrew, they all sit on their individual benches, staring at their letters, trying to decide wether they wan’t to know or not. Is it an explanation? Apology? Questions too big for the heart to ask or recieve an answer to.

In the end, it’s Nicky who breaks the silence. “I know he said to read them alone, but… anybody want to open their’s with me? I just. I can’t. Not alone. Not on this.”

There’s silence again, but then Renee comes to sit next to Nicky, and then Allison, and the next thing he knows he, Kevin, and Aaron are the only ones not crowded together in a massive group hug. There’s sniffling, then a countdown from three, and the sound of several envelopes tearing and pages unfolding. And then silence again.

And then.

And then.

Dan’s been captain of the Foxes for years, but Andrew doesn’t think he’s ever heard her yell that loudly as her ARE YOU SHITTING ME vibrates throughout the bus. The rest of the Foxes are quick to follow with their own sounds of anger and disbelief.

It’s when Nicky starts laughing hysterically that Andrew finally succumbs to his curiousity and opens the letter, skimming over the words.

Andrew is going to fucking kill that boy when he gets his hands on him.


****We decided to do a “what’s in my pencil case post together at the last minute :) enjoy****

||First photo||- Jhordan

1. Pilot G-2 07 in black and blue
2. MUJI 0.5 (I don’t usually use these but I decided to include them anyway)
3. Zebra Mildliners  (pastel)
4. BIC Wite Out Correction Tape
5. Faber- Castell Liquid Pen Corrector  
6. Post-it Flags in teal

Pencil case:

design happy dash and dot (in purple)

||Second photo||- Elise

1. Pilot Juice Pen - 0.35
2. Pilot G5 - 0.7
3. Muji Low Center of Gravity Mechanical Pencil - 0.5
4. Pilot Frixion Highlighters - Pastel set
5. Staedler Triplus Fineliners - yellow and blue-green [ I alternate between different colours, whichever two I’m feeling at the moment!]
5. Post It Note page flags
7. Milan correction tape
8. Milan ruler

Pencil case: countryside flower floral pencil case

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How do you pick out your colors? Yous don't gots to make a tut, I was just wondering??

I don’t, usually.

unless i have a setting plan going in (dusk, night, stormy, sunset, etc) 

i just kinda,,, mess around until i get what i want. 

I do, however, try to group color families. As in like, if someone’s got a design that features green, blue, red, brown, and purple

Then I’ll pick the colors between the warm and cool selections to influence them a certain way. In this case, teal and fuchsia.

Extra color blending/filter/contrast is optional.

A Soulmate to remember chap 7

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Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4, Chapter 5Chapter 6

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TW: Churches? Otherwise, none

Y/N- Your name 

L/N- Last Name

Word count: 1,863

You were sitting in an extra little sitting room, and You had just finished checking up on all of your college classes, and making sure you had completed all of the homework, when your mother let out a shrill call, “Y/N- phone!”

“Make sure you don’t listen in this time,” You call back a you reached over to the still-operable landline- that your mother refuses to get rid of -with your free hand. I pick it up and press the button, “Hello, Y/N L/N speaking.”


You immediately stop typing on your laptop and set it aside on the couch, “Jason! How are you, I saw a little bit of the situation on the TV - are you okay?”

He seemed taken aback for a moment, but cleared his throat and said, “Yeah, Yeah, a little bruised up, but I’m fine.”

You let out the breath, “Good, good, I’m glad, I knew you could probably take care of yourself, but still.”

Jason was silent for a moment, and you didn’t know wether to break the silence or wait until he felt like talking, and before you could make your decision he spoke, “So, I, uh, found your cellphone today.”

You blinked in surprise, “Really? You did? I ah, mean Thank you, but, uh, when in the world did you find time to find it?”

Jason was smirking, you could tell by his tone, “Oh, just found a little time, no big deal. When can I get it too you, I figured you need it.”

You nodded, “yeah, say I’ve got work in the morning, would you like to come with me to-“

The phone started ringing and You muttered under your breath when you noticed it was your boss, ‘hey it’s my boss, I should really take this… could I put you on hold real quick?”


“Thanks I’l make it quick, I promise.”

You quickly put Jason on hold before accepting the call from your boss, Steph who is quick to ask, “Oh, my gosh I saw on the news about your Uncle’s party- are you okay?”

You laughed, “Yeah Steph, I’m fine, just surprised you haven’t asked yet.”

Steph squealed, “Oh- M-Gee, about Jason Wayne meeting his soul mate, I was gonna, do you know who the mystery woman is?”

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Critical Role + Aesthetic: Vex'ahlia  (x) (x) (x)

“Do you think this is what mother saw before she died?”

Disney World- 1

Betty Cooper, Jughead Jones, Archie Andrews and Veronica Lodge were currently sitting on one of the Disney World buses that were taking them to the kingdom that is the king of all kingdoms, Magic Kingdom. They’re wrists were in the middle and B and V had their phones out, taking a photo of their magic bands. Betty had a pink one, Archie had a blue one, Veronica had a red one and Jughead had a grey one.

The four were in their Junior year of high school, and they had persuaded their parents to allow them to go on a road trip together in Archies green Jeep Wrangler. Betty had persuaded them that going to Disney World would be the best place ever. She told them about the rides, and the princesses, and the girls, and the food. She was finally able to persuade them and started to plan their trip instantly. She had organized magic bands, hotels, reservations and fast passes. She couldn’t wait for them to finally get there.

Back on the bus, Veronica was complaining about having to take public transportation, and Archie was trying to calm her down, saying parking would be impossible at the most famous park. Betty was looking down at her hands, scared that if this trip was a flop it would be her fault. She was playing with the hem of her light pink skater dress. She was swinging her feet underneath the bus chair, making her white high top converse even more scuffed up then before.

“Hey Betty, are you ok?” Jughead asked, reaching for her hand.

She looked up and smiled, tucking a strand of her flowing blonde hair behind her ear. “Yeah, just thinking. I can’t wait to get to the park.” She pulled out her phone and went to the My Disney Experience app to see what she had planned for the first day. She had Space Mountain as her first fastness at 10:30 (which was an hour and a half from now), the Seven Dwarves Mine Train at 2:00, and Buzz Lightyears Space Ranger Spin at 3:30. For food they didn’t have any reservations for lunch, and had a table for four at Tony’s, which is an Italian restaurant based off of Lady and the Tramp.

Betty was snapped out of her planning state when she heard the voice coming from the bus, saying that they had finally reached Magic Kingdom. She turned her phone off and shoved it in her new Mickey Mouse shoulder purse and stood up, grabbing Jughead’s hand at there same time, practically pulling her three best friends off of the bus.

Once she was on the bus the four teenagers were making their way to the entrance where they had to scan their bands to get into the park. They made their way into the shortest line and each scanned their bands, the Mickey head turning green once they finished. Then Betty, Jughead and Veronica made their way to the table to get their bags checked. Betty and Veronica with their purses and Jughead with his camera bag. Archie told them that he would meet them on the other side.

Once they all got the okay from the security, they instantly spotted Archie’s flaming hair and met him right before the entrance way to the park. Betty took a moment to notice the original plaque that welcomed them to the kingdom. She smiled when she read it.

Here you leave today and enter the world of yesterday, tomorrow and fantasy.

Jughead knew how much she adored that plaque, so the year before for Christmas he ordered one from etsy and from that day she had it hanging in her pink flowery room.

Once she had her moment with Jughead’s hand in hers looking at the circular plaque, she snapped out of her gaze and pulled her boyfriend into the park with the biggest smile on her face. Disney was the one place that she could feel like herself because of how many adults and teens were there who were also acting like children.

Archie and Veronica were already in the park, and when Jughead and Betty entered the park and saw the castle for the first time, tears of happiness started to form in her blue-green eyes. She felt Jughead’s strong arm wrap around her shoulders, and she felt a small kiss on her temple.

“Ready to go Bets?” Jughead said, moving his arm from his shoulder to her hand.

“Yeah Jug. Want to go get some Disney treats?” Betty asked, starting to walk down Main Street. He nodded and smiled, but then she realized that she and Veronica had to go and get some Minnie ears before they could do anything else. “Wait Jug, V and I need to get ears, can we get some snacks after?” She pleaded, hoping that she wasn’t disappointing him.

“Of course. We have more days to get snacks too. Plus we have Park Hopper, so if we need to change our plans or if we want to go on more rides we can.” Jug said as Archie and Veronica met up with them. They started to walk into the Emporium, one of Main Streets biggest store.

“What do you mean change our plans? B and I have planned everything out. Perfectly.” Veronica added, gripping Archie’s hand.

“Yeah, perfectly. We know, you haven’t shut up about it.” Archie said, half under his breath half to Jughead.

Jughead nudged him in the chest, eyes glancing toward the blonde, who luckily wasn’t focused on the two boys. They walked into the store and instantly Betty let go of her boyfriends hand and raced away from her best friends. Veronica then raced towards her, ending up in front of a wall full of Mickey and Minnie ears. Veronica instantly reached toward a Minnie Mouse headband with a bright red rhinestoned bow in between. She placed it on her head and spun around to show Betty.

“So, what do you think?” She said, trying to look up at the ears that were on top of her head.

“I think they match your ‘Minnie Mouse dress’ perfectly. And those rhinestones are totally you.” Betty said while reaching towards a pair of ears herself, but this one with a soft baby pink satin bow in the middle. She placed the headband on her head and looked into the mirror, smiling when she noticed that her ears matched her dress and her perfectly pink lipstick.

She wore them around the store while looking at other clothes and items that were all covered in Disney and Pixar characters and things that make Disney, well Disney! Betty found herself walking towards a stand full of Phone cases, running her fingers over the cold plastic of a teal case that was covered with the seagulls from Finding Nemo. She smiled, pulling it off of the stage. She ended up quickly finding her friends and payed for her ears and phone case. Jughead noticed that there was a pressed penny machine right near the cash and pulled out some of the change that he brought just for this. He got his Mickey Mouse pressed penny and they were on their way.

“So, where are we going first?” Archie asked, running his free hand through his hair. He had a grey t-shirt on with a faded Mickey Mouse on, with a pair of shorts. Jughead just had on his normal S shirt and a pair of lighter jeans then his normal ones.

“Well we have a fast pass for Space Mountain in about an hour, so we can go on some rides, or go get some snacks,” she said, turning her head to raise her eyebrows at Jug, “Whatever we want to do really.”

“Well I want to go onto Winnie the Pooh. It’s a classic. And maybe it’s a small world, or pirates of the Caribbean. And we can get some food in between.” Archie said, nodding towards Veronica and Betty. “Sound good?”

“Yep! We just don’t want to eat too much. We’re going to Casey’s Corner for lunch during the parade. I can run in and get our food from there if you guys want to watch the parade.” Betty said, smiling at all the other teenagers.

“Ok! And we can get super cute photos in front of the castle and with characters today too!”  Veronica said as they made their way to fantasy land. They hopped in line for Winnie the Pooh, grateful because the wait time was only 30 minutes.

“Ok so by the time we get off of this we could probably go and get some snacks for Jug and then go over to Tomorrow land and see if we can meet some characters or go straight on Space Mountain for our fastness.” Betty said, looking at her Disney app.

“Sounds like a plan!” Archie said, the other two teens nodding along.

“How many?” The cast member said when they reached the front of the long line.


“Ok, go to number seven.”

“Thank you!” Betty said as they walked up to one of the honey pots. Betty and Jughead sat in the front while Archie and Veronica snuggled up in the front. Betty leaned her head against his and smiled as they passed through the colourful rooms of the ride. Once they hopped off the ride they ended up in the gift shop. They rushed through the pink and yellow plushies before Betty decided that she needed every single thing that was in the store.

“Ok so it’s ten now, and that means we have thirty minutes until we can use our fast passes. Why don’t we get some food and start walking towards Tomorrowland?” Jughead said, making Betty smile at the fact that he was remembering her planning.

“Sounds good.” Betty said, grabbing his arm and resting her blonde mane on his shoulder. They made their way to Betty’s favourite food stand on the outskirt of Fantasy Land.

“Hi! How may I help you today?” The cast member said, smiling.

“Yeah, I’ll have a re-fillable popcorn bucket, two churros, a turkey leg and a soda.” Jughead said, “Want anything Bets?”

“No, I’ll just have some of yours. I’m not super hungry.” Betty said, quickly scanning her magic band and typing in her pin number. They waited on the left side of the cart waiting for their food as Archie and Veronica ordered and payed for their snacks.

Once they were all snacked up with over-priced snacks and drinks, they started to walk to Tomorrow land, crossing over in front of Cinderella’s castle to the silver and blue area.

Betty was snacking on her boyfriends food, eating popcorn and pieces of churro, biting into his turkey leg and taking small sips of his soda. By the time they made it to Space Mountain, Betty and Jughead had eaten all of their snacks, while Archie and Veronica had barely made a dent in their small popcorn.

They all sat down on one of the chairs outside of space mountain, letting Archie and Veronica eat more, and waiting out the five minutes that they still had before their fast passes were available.

Finally, after like fifteen minutes, Archie and Veronica had finally finished their popcorn. It had been ten minutes after their fast pass was ready. Betty had gone in and joined many other small kids and parents in the dance party with the incredibles. She was jumping around to pop songs, and Jughead was staring at her, possibly taking some sly videos for the future. Just in case he needed them at some point.

After about ten minutes of dancing, Betty noticed that all her friends were waving her over. She gave the kids that she was dancing with small hugs each before waving towards the incredibles and the parents that she was dancing with.

She rushed over towards the table that she was sitting at before, smiling at her friends. They were all standing up, magic bands wrapped tightly around their wrists.

“Let’s go!” Jughead said, grabbing Betty’s hand and pulling her towards the entrance. They all scanned their wrists, making the Mickey head on the circle light up green. First Jughead went in, then Betty, then Archie, and slowly Veronica joined them.

Jughead ran up through the aisle, wanting to get to the front as fast as possible. Betty was racing after her and Archie and Veronica were taking their time behind. They passed about 200 people who were waiting in the normal line, smiling and waving as they passed.

Once Betty finally caught up with Jug, she was panting slightly from running in the small aisle.

“What’s up with you?” Betty said, smiling up at her boyfriend.

“I just really love roller coasters.” Jughead said, shrugging.

“Really? I never knew! I love roller coasters too!” Betty said, practically jumping up and down. Betty gave Jughead a huge hug, leaning her cheek on his strong chest.

Betty and Jughead were waiting in their short line, wondering where Archie and Veronica could be. Soon enough, Archie and Veronica came up, Archie’s arm around Veronica’s shoulder. Betty looked closer and realized that V had glazed eyes and it seemed like she was going to start crying.

“Hey V, are you ok?” Betty asked, walking over to her best friend.

“Yeah, I just kind of have a fear of roller coasters…” Veronica said, more tears starting to well in her eyes.

“Well you can probably go back outside if you want, and then someone can take your fast pass after.” Jughead said, hoping that he would be able to go on the ride again.

“That’s not fair, we don’t want Ronnie to stay outside all by herself.” Archie said, “I’ll go out with her and then you guys can use our fast passes.”

Betty looked up at Jughead, smiling. He was smiling back like a little kid.

“Let’s do this.”

[exit tunes presents actors: duets 2/?] noushou sakuretsu girl/shake it! – ashihara kouya and yuyama seijun (cv. aoi shouta and toshiki masuda)

“being treated like a combi…i don’t like it…” “seijuuuuuun don’t be like that!! we’ve been seeing each other for a long time now!!”

madollyy  asked:

How do you do your shading? I like my drawings, and I really have tried digital, but it's difficult. I don't want to give up though, I just need some tips to improve!

HHH well I don’t really have a style I use for every piece, I just heck around a lot with brushes and masks until I reach a result that I find decent… but I can tell you how that Latula piece in particular came out since I just finished it :) I’ll use her legs as an example, since I believe that’s the easiest and most fitting part for this:

first you fill the lines with the main color in a new layer

Create a new layer right above the first one and select “clipping group” (on paint tool SAI, right under “mode” and “opacity”) so that everything you’ll do next on this layer will only appear in the colored area in the first layer

Then you pick a darker color, possibly not the same one at all (I used magenta) with low opacity, then you blend it with the main color by alternately picking the hues you want to blend together (in this case teal-ish blue and the result of the low opacity shading with magenta) and mix it together according to the light sources. It’s important to alternate often between the two hues when you do this kind of coloring: wherever you put the dark hue, create contrast by adding the lighter hue on top at low opacity, it’ll make the shape look more 3dimensional

For extra effects, i created a new layer above these two and set it to “clipping group” like the other one, and used a low opacity soft brush to do this red stain (and i also blurred it more with the blur tool). to be honest this already looked kinda cool, but since it wasn’t the effect i was going for, i set this layer to “luminosity”:

aaand this is not very different from what i’ve been doing with the rest of the picture pretty much! I’m sorry this is kind of messy and probably lacks a visible example of the part you were asking for the most (as in: the process from the first pic to the second) but I don’t have any way to show you this unless by literally recording the screen ^^;; there’s plenty of people out there shading like this in speedpaints and tutorials though, like for example the way this dude will render the girl’s face in this video, especially the nose part, to soften up her traits

I hope this helps a little;;;

This phenomenon is so damn weird. The black-blue/white-gold dress thing and the pink-white/gray-teal shoes. in both cases the former is what the color of the object actually is but the latter is what the colors picked from the picture are. like in the picture the dress was objectively white-gold and the shoes are objectively gray-teal. does this mean some people’s eyes have context correction. that they adjust for lighting color when interpreting the color of objects. who are all these people magically seeing colors that aren’t in these pictures and when did humans develop this skill. 

oikawaii  asked:

Iwaoi ♡ ^^


send me a ship and i’ll tell you which one:

  • immediately begins to shimmy when maroon 5 comes on
    if anyone read my kyouhaba one, you’d notice that yahaba is a really bad dancer. if you ever wondered why, blame oikawa. fucking. blame oikawa. this poor, misunderstood boy just wanted to have a good time but iwaizumi is shooting him disapproving looks from across the room, phone already in his hand as he checks the song lists for that radio station on his phone, when suddenly: sugar - maroon 5, playing after the current song. he stands up hastily, spilling his drink in the process. oikawa watches this with wide eyes - he knows the signs of a maroon 5 song already. he’s in tune with iwaizumi. which is why he runs in the complete opposite direction to the living room just as the song starts. iwaizumi’s too late. he’s crying. he spills his drink everywhere. why, oikawa.

  • wakes the other up at 3am demanding pancakes
    “oikawa… psst… hey, oikawa. oikawa. oikawa. toooooru.. toooooooruuu… hey, oika-” “WHAT.” “….you up?” “……hajime iwaizumi, i am this close to kicking you out of my bed in nothing but your boxers so if you don’t-” “GOTTA CATCH ME FOR THAT, YA PRICK!” cue iwaizumi thundering down the stairs into the kitchen, giggling to himself as he hears oikawa’s frustrated scream and heavy footsteps down the stairs after him. it’s one way to get him up.

  • sends the other unsolicited nudes
    this… should have oikawa written all over it. but imagine iwaizumi having to go look for oikawa after his fangirls got a hold of him again before a match. and he finds him almost immediately - it isn’t really hard, all he had to do was listen out for “a picture? sure! ☆~(ゝ。∂)”. and instead of doing what he usually does - throwing a volleyball at his head, tackling him from behind, pretending he’s having a heart attack so oikawa drops everything and runs over in tears (it only happened once), he grabs his phone and sends a special gallery full of nudes. iwa-chan’s nudes. not even oikawa knows about it. and he sends them one after the other, to the point oikawa smiles at the girls apologetically and unlocks his phone. “ah, it’s iwa-chan!” he exclaims with faux happiness, preparing himself for the onslaught of “DUMBASS WHERE R U” texts. but instead he finds that. those. his mouth suddenly goes dry. the biscuit the girls spent all day making is now all over the floor as he drops them. (as an apology, he spends the rest of the day making special biscuit packages for each girl that came to see him.)

  • brags about knowing karate even though they never made it past yellow belt
    the one time iwaizumi threatened to karate chop oikawa into hell and back and oikawa laughed and said “do it then!” and iwaizumi hesitated, and now whenever he gets angry, oikawa, makki and mattsun sing “everybody loves KUNG FU FIGHTING - HYAH!” in synchronisation. they’re never letting him live that one down.

  • comes to a complete halt outside bakeries/candy shops
    fucking iwa-chan. iwa-chan! “i wouldn’t put such artificial and sugary things in my body!~~~” “yeah, says the guy who has a secret stash of milk bread in the gym.” but iwaizumi finds himself standing outside the bakery he passes on his way to school, staring through the window as they fill the display case with teal cupcakes, decorated with delicate white flowers in white paper cases. he managed to buy enough for the team. oikawa’s one was pushed onto his nose after he kept grabbing iwa-chan’s arm and fawning over him, “my iwa-chan! my ace is so cute, kyaaa!~~~”

  • blows sarcastic kisses after doing ridiculous shit
    OIKAWA. everything this boy says is ridiculous, so you can imagine him blowing sarcastic kisses after everything that leaves his mouth. and whenever iwaizumi threatens to punch him because “your face pisses me off, oikawa!” the third years started humming kung fu fighting.

  • killed the guy (also, which hid the body)
    iwaizumi killed the guy. oikawa refused to touch the body. iwaizumi dumped the body in oikawa’s garden. oikawa (reluctantly) hid the body.

  • wears the least clothing around the house
    IWAIZUMI. GOD. FUCKING. BLESS. “tooru, have you seen my t-shirt?” “nope, haven’t seen it!” oikawa calls back, hastily hiding said t-shirt in his own closet. he quickly jumps onto his bed when iwaizumi walks in with a, “huh? did you say you have my t-shirt?” and oikawa is ready to answer. he’s so ready to answer but the sight of iwaizumi in nothing but those jeans that hug his thighs perfectly. “nope. not at all.” “oh, okay, thanks anyway.” he leaves again, letting oikawa see that perfect view again. once he’s out of sight, oikawa falls back onto his bed, fanning himself as he replies, “no, thank you.”

  • has icky sentimental moments for no apparent reason
    “oikawa. i’m going to hug you.” “wh-okay.” not that oikawa had a choice - the hug was a demand. and oikawa only stops his cooking momentarily as he feels the hot weight on his back, tawny and strong arms snaking around his waist. “everything alright?” iwaizumi only hums in response, the spiky hair rubbing against oikawa’s nape as he nods. oikawa shudders at the sensation, allowing himself to be pressed against the counter as iwaizumi readjusts, practically melting into his back as oikawa carries on humming to himself.


Survey #75 : Personal & Relationships

There’s a knock at your door, you say “Come in” and your ex enters. What do you think would happen next?
Um yeah, he will NEVER be in my house EVER again.

Do you consider yourself to be an atheist?
Not at all.

How old is the last female you talked to?

How old is the last male you talked to?

Who did you last say “I hate you” to? Why did you say it? Did you actually mean it?

Probably my brother, but I didn’t mean it at all and he knows that.

Are you currently nervous or anxious, for any reason at all?
A little bit.

Is there someone who can always make you smile, no matter what?

If you felt ready to have sex before your partner did, how long would you be prepared to wait for him/her, before you’d consider ending the relationship?
As long as they needed.

Think of the last person, of the opposite sex, that you had a conversation with. Are you attracted to this person?
Well if I don’t count family, then yes.

Do you remember the first time you met the last person you texted?

The last time you cried, who was there to comfort you?
No one.

Could you tell me please, what colour each of these things are?
~ Your hair: Blonde.
~ Your eyes: Blue.
~ Your shirt: Green.
~ Your socks: I’m not wearing any.
~ Your shoes: I’m not wearing any.
~ Your underwear: Purple.
~ Your purse/wallet: Vera Bradley wallet.. pink and brown.
~ Your phone: White and gold, with a pink transparent case.
~ Your computer/laptop: Silver with a teal case.
~ Your earphones: Purple.
~ Your best friend’s hair: Blonde.
~ Your best friend’s eyes: Blue.

Is there anyone you know who is attractive, but you wouldn’t date them because you don’t actually like their personality?

The last person that hurt you tells you that they’re sorry. You say ….
Hm, I’m not completely sure what I’d say. But probably that it’s too late. They will never apologize though, I’m not sure that they even know they hurt me.

Have you ever told anyone that you wished you’d never met them? Did you mean it?
I’ve never said it, but if I did say it to someone I would mean it.

Who was the last person of the opposite sex to message you on Facebook? Does that person make you smile?
Jordan, and I guess sometimes? Haha.

Think of the person you had feelings for this time last year, and then think of the person you have feelings for now. Are these two people in any way similar, or totally different? Or, is it the same person?
They’re similar in a few ways, but totally different in others. It would take too long to explain.

If you spot a spelling or grammar mistake in anything you read, does that bother you?
Yes, a lot actually.

Finally, name someone who has made you smile in the last 24 hours.
Joey, my brother.