teal bra


Day 13 of #31DIYsTilHalloween is my mermaid queen / siren costume! Thanks to one of my followers who pointed out that it’s more siren than mermaid but I actually like that even better!

I handmade the bra by gluing tons of seashells to a regular bra with E6000 glue (showgirl’s best friend!) and adding several shades of gold spray paint. It’s SUPER heavy and I am SHOCKED not a single shell has fallen off yet!
I paired it with my vintage @trippnyc black velvet and tulle mermaid skirt. It was really hard to capture the beautiful teal color of my wig from @rockstarwigs @gothiclolitawigs. It’s one of my favourite wigs by far and you’ll be seeing it again soon for an upcoming cosplay between now and Halloween!
The crown and wristlet are both handmade (read: barely held together, thanks to my lack of wire cutters and shitty rigging) from sparkly Halloween floral stems from Michael’s!

Also featuring my Agashi Venus cage bra from @agashibychristinao (one of my staple accessories!) for a “netted mermaid” look, my 20" @orchardcorset CS426 longline corset in black satin, and lipstick from @colourpopcosmetics in Dr. M. Eyes were done with several shades from my @bhcosmetics Sixth Edition 120 palette.

you stared at yourself in the mirror, having not yet taken your clothes off. michael and you had been doing some shopping, haphazardly wandering into the lingerie section of the department store. you just wondered around, knowing that barely anything in here would look good on you, and if it did it would only come in nude, black or white. but michael held up a beautiful teal bra that was decorated with intricate and delicate black lace. “will this fit you?” he asked, showing you the tag. surprisingly, the cup size was correct, but the band size was just one too short. despite that, michael told you to try it on and that’s how you ended up in the dressing room. you wrangled off your shirt and your bra, sucking in your stomach to put on the lacy bra. and much to your surprise, it fit quite well, even when you let your breath out. michael knocked quietly on the dressing room door, asking if you were decent. you checked yourself out in the mirror one last time before creaking open the door just enough for michael to peer in. “oh shit,” he swore once his eyes fell on your chest. “oh shit is right,” you smiled. “do you think it looks okay?” you asked, turning back to the mirror and turning so you could see it from all angles. “okay?” michael asked. “you look so sexy, and it’s going to look even better when it’s on the floor tonight.” 

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This awesome pic was taken by swiczeniuk of Playful Promises, featuring model Olivia Harriet as a spook-chanelling sexbomb! 

Olivia wears the cupless Vargas dress by Kiss Me Deadly and the limited edition teal bra from Playful’s Circus range.