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I Am Korea [Baekhyun]

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Summary: In which you, a famous Kpop star is assigned to work with Baekhyun for an event and just so happens to fall in love with him.

Word count: 3 341

Type: Fluff, angst

Member: Baekhyun from EXO

A/N: FINALLYYY! An imagine about my ultimate bias, lol! xD I really love Baekhyun *awkward smiles and blushes at the same time*


You heard your name as well as your best friends’ names being yelled and screamed by over-excited fans of your group, causing you to smile without even knowing it. To explain what was going on, you were in a famous K-pop group with all your best girl friends and life couldn’t get any better than what it was now, especially since you had only debuted two years ago and were considered one of the best Kpop girl groups to date, making you feel proud of the girls and yourself to see that all the hard-work and dedication to this project finally paid off. 

You turned your head in the direction of the screaming fans, seeing many of them with their phones held up to record your friends and you walking into the S.M building while some held gifts for you all and smiles spread across their faces which was something you always loved to see when it came to the fans you loved so dearly. You flashed a smile for them all, acknowledging them all as you politely waved at them, their screams growing even more louder than before when you waved which caused you to chuckle to yourself before you walked inside the S.M building.

You raced to meet up with your best friends since you didn’t just walk into the building, but stopped to have a small conversation with the fans standing outside because you really loved them and admired the fact that would do anything for your group, automatically making you do the same for them, regardless of what your management team had to say. It all started with the fans, so it has to end with the fans. 

Once you found your friends approaching the conference room, you quickly sped after them so your manager wouldn’t see you were falling behind the girls or late for the meeting that your manager made very clear was a very important one. All your manager had told you about the meeting was that you were going to be happy with the out-come of it, this made you very nervous. Your level of anxiousness grew expectantly as you took each step closer towards the conference room, sitting yourself down in the only empty chair in the room and tugging at the end of light teal blouse sleeves, biting down on your bottom lip as you heard every important person that was apart of your rise and success speak about new projects that did interest you but not to the point where’d lose your mind with happiness of them happening.

Eventually, towards the end of the meeting you were wondering what your manager had really meant by something amazing happening and wondered if she had just said that so you would finally pay attention during the meeting you never bothered taking an interest in and went onto a various amount of apps to connect more with the fans, the fans adored you most of all for your out-of-this-world voice, your cute tendencies that nobody couldn’t get enough of and lastly, your drive to always giveback to the fans and whoever helped get you to where you were now. 

However when the mention of EXO made its way into your ears, your ears perked up and you finally listened intently as your manager said with a smile, knowing how happy you’d be when receiving the news she was just about to speak of, “As you all know, fans have been begging for months now for a EXO and CleoPatra collaboration and we’ll be doing just that at this month’s I Am Korea event.”

Without even thinking, you cheered loudly in excitement and pumped your fists into the air while doing so, opening your eyes slowly and gazing at everyone who looked at you in shock, surprised you’d react this way to an annoucement. With an awkward smile, you sheepishly apologized for your sudden disruption and sat down quickly, tucking a strand of your long hair behind your ear while you looked down at your lap, avoiding everyone’s looks at you as your manager continued to speak, mentioning how every member of your group would either do a duet or dance act or rap off with the members of the K-pop band that inspired you to want to become one of the biggest K-pop girl groups there is and how all together you’d create a routine to close the show.

You were excited, extremely excited, and your giddy smile proved it when you heard your manager discuss the details of this secret project that was only going to be revealed a day prior to the actual event before your ears perked up even more when you heard you were up to do a duet with EXO’s Baekhyun.

You swore your heart had stopped beating and you had stopped breathing for a second as your brain tried to register the fact that you’d be performing a duet with someone you still had posters of in your bedroom back home and admired tremendously. Your immediate reaction was to blush. Your cheeks flush a pastel pink that complimented your beautiful skintone, you smiled broadly and looked down at your lap once again, hoping no one saw the biggest smile ever cross your face.

After the meeting, you were due to start work immediately and you were more than nervous to meet Baekhyun. Of course you’d had the honor of meeting him and the rest of the boys at award shows or in the hallways but you never had to opportunity to talk properly or remember anything because you were so damn nervous you were which always clouded your memory. You followed your manager towards one of the soundproof rooms you always practiced your singing in and walked inside the room, your heart slamming repeatedly against your chest as your eyes laid on the one and only Baekhyun, sat at the black grand piano and playing a melody that was near to something you would imagine hearing play in heaven while he hummed lyrics to himself, his eyes trained on his fingers that moved skillfully along the keys of the piano.

You and your manager stood there for a moment, you watching in amazement as his fingers moved across the keys gently with passion and his beautiful voice was heard, his words slightly murmured as he sung some of the words he didn’t know to the song which you couldn’t help but smile at. When you were a trainee, you’d occasionally see him walking the hallways or doing something that you’d always catch him doing, always causing you to hide behind any object closest to you. Baekhyun and the EXO boys were a big reason as to why you auditioned here at SM, as well as the constant encouragements from friends and family back home that knew your talent needed to be recognized by a more bigger and broader base. It was pretty obvious when you hide behind a plant tree or a vending machine every time you saw Baekhyun walking in your direction that you liked the boy, but nobody but you had to know about that. You never imagined yourself in this type of situation and partly hated yourself since he was somehow always around you, yet you never did anything to make him like you. You just hide behind plants and vending machines, what was there to like about that? 

Your mind cleared of all your thoughts when you heard that he had stopped playing his song. You heard him let out a sigh, a sigh of fondness before you saw his head turn in your direction, immediately made your cheeks turn a pastel pink color once again.

You were quick to react to things, especially to this as you quickly looked down at the ground, trying to hide your blush and ear-to-ear grin as you held your hands in front of you, standing quietly and obediently next to your manager as she quickly ntroduced herself to Baekhyun and mentioned you and Baekhyun would be working together for the I Am Korea event in less than month. 

When your managed whispered for you to look up, without no choice, you dared to look up from the site of your shoes for your manager’s and Baekhyun’s sake, your breath caught in the back of your throat as Baekhyun stood up from the piano bench and walked over towards you, bowing respectfully and introducing himself, being a total cutie afterwards and sending you one of those famous smiles that Baekhyun biased girls and you would lose their minds over. You stood firm, trying to not lose all confidence and control, breathing out as you introduced yourself with much less bass to the normal tone you spoke in, cursing at yourself for making it so obvious that you were nervous ans shy, trying to cover that up with a smile, but the smile was shy too and all you could do now was just pray that Baekhyun couldn’t see right through you. 

We just need you two to sing the lyrics of a heartfelt song between two lovers and we’ll deal with the choreography later onwards. But for now, just get to know each other and try and search for songs to sing at I Am Korea.“ 

You were more than sure your manager wanted you dead. Spending the whole day with Baekhyun in a room, alone, without any distractions and only each other to keep company. She wanted to kill you. She said her goodbyes, saying how she should go check how the others were doing and walked out of the room with a slam of the door, an awkward and silent tension heavily weighing in the air the second she closed the door behind her.

You were usually a reserved person around new people, especially around people you liked and that didn’t help you at all whatsoever during the course of your life. But luckily, Baekhyun was a very loud and fun and caring person and took the initiative of the situation, saying in a voice that pained you because of its sweet sound, ”We can use my computer and search online for duets to perform and hopefully at the end of the day, it will be less awkward.”

You laughed at that, smiling at Baekhyun who never failed to put a smile on your face as you two chose to sit on the floor because you two were both weird people that rather would sit on the floor than actual chairs in the room and searched the web for duets you two could perform, testing out the sound of your voices together with a few of your favorite songs and enjoying each other’s company as you discussed things outside the project you were currently busy with. 


It was the night of the I Am Korea event and everyone was excited, mostly excited for Baekhyun’s and yours duet since after your group debuted and you were spotted with Baekhyun once, fans automatically shipped you guys together and were more than excited to hear your amazing voices sing one song along with a mind-blowing performance that they weren’t ready for. 

Through a lot of hard-work that was put in every second of every day for the performance, blood that was seen when small injuries were tackled, sweat and tears that were shed constantly during the long and draining month, Baekhyun and you had managed to record the duet you would be performing tonight and make-up a choreography with Kai’s and your fellow dance machine of CleoPatra, Bubbles, help that you learned and perfected until you were both laid down on the floor, panting heavily while looking like you had done a 25K run. You both knew that this had to be up to expectations that fans always unintentionally set for their favorite acts and you were both sure that the routine, the song and your voices singing the song would exceed anyone’s expectations, putting one of the greatest performances you could ever put on.

Throughout the long and draining month, you had gotten to know Baekhyun as a person and started to fall for the canine of EXO. He was funny, loud, witty, selfless, professional when it came to his work and caring like no other and you couldn’t help but fall for him. You’d always hope that this experience or period of time would make him see you in a different light, not someone he worked with but someone who he could love too, but you had doubts when he would always introduce you as his friend when it came to him explaining why you two were hanging out together outside of the SM building and also when many reports and pictures of him and Taeyeon would spread like wild fire over on almost every social media apps. You won’t lie, it broke your heart to see and hear about their flawless relationship but you had to act professional for your sake and the fans sake, ignoring your feelings and putting the fans first like you always did because to you, the fans mattered more than your petty feelings over some boy who captured your heart. 

You were doing your before show ritual, beatboxing to no familiar beat while your fingernails tapped constantly against any surface. It was a habit, an annoying one that you couldn’t and didn’t bother to stop because it relaxed you, even if you have been performing for two years, you still got nervous and tonight was one of those nights where you were very nervous. Your voice coach came into the room while your make-up artist was finishing off her masterpiece, joking with your voice coach about how nervous you were which only made you blush and want to hide. You trained your voice for your duet, not pushing your voice over the edge because that would only result in utter disaster but making it sound as best as it could sound because you didn’t want to disappoint anyone during this performance that everyone made sound like your whole career depended on. 

After warming up your vocals, you had the opportunity to look at yourself in the mirror and smiled at your appearance, thinking of how you resembled a fairy princess you’d always hear about in fairytales when you were younger. With that positive mindset, you walked out of your dressing room and walked side stage, watching the many acts perform and applaudinf their performance afterwards, knowing how much work they had put into just one single performance to please others as well as themselves.

Suddenly, it was time for you to get into position for the duet and with the help of backstage assistants, you managed to get into your complicated position, noticing how Baekhyun arrived just as you found out how difficult your position was and helped you out, not noticing the fond smile on his face as he looked at you while you stared at your white shear dress after you two were all sorted. 

You knew it came time to perform as you immediately felt those bright lights bite at your skin, the roar of the beyond excited crowd gathered for the special event and the reassuring smile Baekhyun sent you before the music started playing, you knew you were ready. As the music played, you sang your heart out, cheers and screams for you and Baekhyun as you performed your routine in between, the positive response from fans only causing you two to put more of your everything into that one routine.

The song had sadly come to an end, you two finishing off the special performance in your ending positions, removing your ear piecesand allowing the crowds reaction to flow freely into your ears. You smiled breathlessly at the crowd, happy of the amazing feedback from all the fans in the crowd, blowing a kiss towards the loving crowd before you walked off the stage, running when Baekhyun held his arms out for you as you approached side stage.

You ran into his arms, your bodies colliding on impact as your legs and arms wrapping around him as you buried your face into his neck, his scent of sunshine and vanilla bringing an even bigger smile to your face. You clutched onto him more tighter, happy to be in his arms and swearing to yourself that you would never let go, for this was the place that you were most happiest. 

We did it, Baek. We did it.” You whispered to Baekhyun, proud of the outcome of the routine you worked very hard on and tried your best to perfect just for the fans and your own satisfaction but mostly proud of each other for pulling the performance off without any hiccups or any bumps in the road. 

Couldn’t have done it without you.” He whispered back happily, enjoying the embrace just as much as you as he clutched you closer towards him, enjoying the peace and serenity the embrace brought along.

Sooner than expected, someone had to ruin the beautiful moment of them being together and they broke apart, hearts beating rapidly when they realized what had just happened before they went their separate ways, getting ready for the last performance of the night which featured all artists that attended the event. But not without glancing back one another walking away from their place of embrace.

It was the closing performance, you were smiling brightly and performing the minor routine put together for the closing. Once you noticed your routine was over with, different music blaring, you were one of the first idols to rush towards the edges of the stage, touching all the fans hands who came out to watch this performance and smiling at all of them, being your silly self and taking a selfie with one lucky fan’s phone that was luckily attached to a selfie stick so you got yourself and fans into one picture and some idols in another one. 

Finally, after some fanservice you still weren’t ready to finish with, you and a series of other idols were set to stand on a platform that would hoist you all up and you could see from high above the crowd and you could wave and do all kinds of things that you were excited about. Fate would have it that Baekhyun would be standing next to you, sending you the same smile he gave you the first day you two had met in the practice studio before you smiled back, playfully nudging him before he did the same and you laughed at each others actions as the crane lifted off the stage and put you all high above the fans. 

You politely waved to all the fans, sending hearts and kisses while screaming your love for them as suitable and joyful music blasted throughout the arena, the atmosphere only surrounded by joy. You smiled at a fan who was crying tears of joy, directly pointing at her and blowing at kiss at her, making her smile broadly that made your heart smile as well. 

Suddenly, you felt a warm brush of the hand against your hand, the touch sending shivers down your back before you thought Baekhyun must have accidentally did so when he was waving to fans below but it was no accident when you felt his hand grab onto your hand, holding it with care and gentleness like your hand was the most precious piece of China. 

You looked at him, seeing a blush surface his cheeks before he leaned inwards, whispering something along the lines of that he was in love with you before you felt his soft lips press against yours, the action catching you off-guard before you smiled out of pure happiness, moving your lips along with the one man you truly fell for in front of fans you also loved just as dearly as you did Baekhyun. 


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Prompt: Molly goes with Sherlock on an out-of-town case after John gets sick at the last minute. <3

This is what your lovely prompt inspired. I hope you’re not disappointed with result!

“Get in the car, Molly.”

The drumming of the rain is loud against the glass, and he can see the shower has soaked through Molly’s thin teal cardigan and blouse. Her hair is drenched, matted to her face, the wet strands clinging to her skin. She still stomped along the pavement, stubborn and willful. If anyone spots them, they will just suspect the pair to be newlyweds in the midst of a spat.


She continues to pace away from the car, and Sherlock keeps the vechile at a speed to match her. The Scottish weather is rarely kind, but the owners of the B&B they had resided for the past week had warned of a wicked storm. He is happy to deal with a furious Molly, as long as she is safe.

“Molly, please, get in the car,” he pleads.

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Wrong But Right

Liam: (CEO of rival company) You rolled out of bed as Liam grumbled a protest. “Don’t go.” He whined playfully with a smile. You shook your head slipping on your teal silk blouse that luckily wasn’t wrinkled. “I’m supposed to go to a meeting with Daddy today.” You reminded him. You were the daughter of Delvin Mane. Owner and Founder of Mane enterprises. Being daughter of the CEO and his only child you had big shoes to fill. Shoes you would wear when you run the place. “With whom?” Liam asked, sitting up the sheet falling from his upper half. The defined sight tempted you out of your clothes once more. “Universal Update.” You answered slipping you pants on and buttoning them. Liam stood from the bed naked and walked to you. You couldn’t help but blush. He kneeled in front of you. “No. I really have to go.” You told him closing your thighs together tight. He let out a sexy chuckle then pick up a teal pump of yours, placing it on your foot gently. “Oh,” you said. “So you haven’t even told him you were seeing somebody yet, have you?” Liam asked snapping the clasp on your shoe. “You know it’s complicated.” You whispered. He shook his head bitterly. “Its been complicated for 2 years, Y/N. You need to tell him,” You knew how true that statement was and you did want to tell your father about him. But you father hated any form of competition and Liam Payne was the ultimate competition. “Baby,"  You tried. Liam snapped the other shoe on. "I mean it. I love you and I’m tired of hiding. If you don’t tell him, I’ll take matters into my own hands.” His resolve was firm. You nodded.

Niall: (Brother’s Best Friend) You yawned and scratched your stomach as you walked down the stairs after waking from your nap. “You’re a little cheater.” Your brother joked, nudging Niall with his shoulder. “You just suck.” Niall replied with that smile you fell for. “Where’s mom and dad?” You brother and Niall looked back at you. Nate, your brother smiled at you. “They went to the movies. Mom left you some spaghetti. Its on the counter.” You nodded and walked to the kitchen. Unwrapping the plate and placing it in the microwave you waited for it to finish. “Baby,” Lips moved sinfully against your neck causing you to giggle. “Stop, Nate could see.” You admonished pushing Niall away. “I’ve missed you. Just a kiss?” Niall pouted. He caressed his cheek. “No, babe.” The microwave beeped and you went to open it. Niall caught your arm and pulled you to him. Placing his lips softly onto yours. He cupped your face lovingly in a slow kiss. “Hurry up with the pops!” Hearing Nate’s voice you quickly pulled away from Niall and tried to act natural. “Damn. You move slow.” Nate brushed past you to the fridge getting a few cans of pop. “Let’s go. We’re online.” Niall followed your brother out but not before giving you a lustful look.

Zayn: (Sisters Husband)
“This is it, Y/N. I’m getting married. Your sister Macy smiled at her reflection. But you couldn’t help but be jealous. "You look beautiful,” You forced out fixing her dress. “Doesn’t she! She’ll be the prettiest bride in history.” Your mother cooed at Macy like she was a baby. “Zayn is the luckiest man in the world.” Your dad said from his seat across the room. You swallowed the guilt you felt. You and Zayn had been sleeping for 7 months now. And you were in love. It started when Zayn found out that Macy cheated and came to you for a shoulder to cry on. And that night led to other things and it became a big mess. Macy begged his forgiveness and he gave it but you  two still carried on. There was a knock at the door. “Its time everyone.” The wedding planner called. Then the rush started. Everyone one going this way and that way until the brides maid began down the isle. And as if the situation wasn’t fucked up enough, you were the Maid of Honor. As you walked down the isle with one of Zayns friend you felt bitter. This should’ve been your wedding. You should’ve been Mrs. Zayn Malik. You finally took your place you spared Zayn a glace to see him looking at you sadly. You felt your eyes well up as you looked away. Subconsciously putting your hand against your stomach. Not realizing Zayn caught the action.

Harry: (Teacher) “Brutus thought Caesar was not fit to run Rome, why?” Multiple hands flew to the air emitting a smile from Mr. Styles. “Y/N?” You felt your heart speed up when you realized you had his full attention even if it’s just for the smallest minute. “Brutus thought Caesar was to ambitious and that, in Brutus’s eyes, made Caesar unfit to rule.” You gave a sheepish smile at Mr. Styles. “Perfect. Yes, so tonight for-” The shrill ring of the lunch bell rang. “No homework.” A cheer went throughout the room as everyone left. You slowly put all of your binders away as Mr. Styles walked to your desk. “You did great today.” You smiled up at him. “Thank you, Mr. Styles.” He smirked. “It’s just us, love.” Harry tipped your chin up leaning down to peck your lips. “Its just us.” He murmured and you giggled. “I’ve got to go to lunch.” You told him slowly getting up. “Eat here with me.” He suggested with a smile. “People will notice.” You whispered. Harry shook his head with that same smile. “Let them,” He said caressing your cheek. You stood on your tip toes to give him a quick kiss. But as soon as Harry wrapped his arms around you. You knew it wasn’t going to be quick.

Louis: (Priest Apprentice) The church was cool and empty except for a lone man. The stained glass bringing in streams of light. You slowly walked down the isle making your way to the lone man. “Louis,” You whispered. He lifted his head from his prayer and gave you a small smile. “Y/N, what are you doing here?” Louis wore is church suit with his hair slick back and neat. A sight for sore eyes. You shrugged. “I leave in a few hours. I wanted to spend my moments with you,” He smiled. “And I guess Him too.” You gestured to the church. He chuckled, looking to you apraisingly. “Are you excited for New York?” Louis kept the respectful distance from you as you sat next to him. “Yeah, I’m ready. This is my big break! My books will be all over, I’ll have merchandise and movies.” You said dreamily. “But I’ll be missing one thing.” You said looking forward at the cross at the head of the church. “What?” Louis asked. You smiled at him. “You.” Louis looked at you. And knew he would miss you just as much if not more. “Kiss me.” Those two words set of a bomb of pent up emotion. Before you two knew it the soft kiss turned passionate. Soon your clothes were off and so where all bets.

I know its been a long long time since I’ve wrote but im back in full swing I have a lot of ideas. Please give me feed back. For my Coffee and Cream fans I’ll hopefully be posting next week.

Requested Shawn Mendes Imagine

Oh my god. I am SOSOSOSOSOOO surprised by how many likes Cam and Shawn got on their imagines. I am also bouncing off the walls of my room because you guys are making my life right now. I love you guys so much, so do request! I will be working on Shawn’s and Cam’s part two of their first imagines, so watch out for that!


            “I don’t get why he hasn’t kissed me yet,” you complained to your best friend as you got ready for your 3rd date with Shawn.

            “Y/N, you’re over-“

            “I’m not overreacting, guys normally kiss on the first date. What if he doesn’t like me?” you faced your friend after slipping on white shorts and a teal sleeveless blouse with tan sandals. She looked up at you with mock horror, “What if he’s taking you on this date to tell you that he thinks your ugly and boring?” she gasped.

            You threw a shoe at her and she laughed, “This is serious! I really like this guy,”

            Her laughter died down, “You guys are going to the drive-in, cuddle up to him. He’s probably taking you because it’ll be easier to kiss you,”

            You nodded. She was right. If Shawn wanted to, all he had to do was stop talking to you, he’s probably just nervous. But why was he nervous? He was gorgeous. Thick brown hair, light brown eyes and a tall figure with muscular arms that folded around your body and made you feel safe. When the doorbell rang, you walked downstairs and left your friend in your room. You guys always did this, when one had a date the other would sleepover and wait for them to get home to talk about the details.

            “Relax, Y/N!” Your friend called out right before you opened the door and came face to face with Shawn.

            He smiled, “Hey, you look gorgeous.”

            You blushed, “Thank you,” As you went to grab your purse, Shawn stopped you. “You don’t need it,”

            “You sure?” You asked. You always brought your purse with you, you could never be too sure if the boy you were on the date with, would pay for everything.

            “Yeah,” He smiled and reached for your hand, “Come on, we don’t want to be late,”

            You smiled and hesitantly took his hand, letting him lead you to the truck, he was borrowing from a friend. You guys were at a stop light when Shawn reached between you guys and pulled up the seat between you guys, that could be used as a cup holder and arm rest or a seat, and grasped the inside of your thigh and pulled you towards him. You folded your leg, so it wouldn’t get in the way of him and his driving, and put your head against his shoulder, loving the way his finger tips danced along the skin of your thigh. It surprised you at how forward he was being, but you weren’t complaining.

            You loved the drive-in and couldn’t wait to watch your favorite movie, Crazy Stupid Love, but you hoped you could enjoy it. Shawn hadn’t seemed that excited to see that movie, when he told you about it, but when you told him it was your favorite, he turned to excited. The fact that he hasn’t kissed  you or made any moves signaling that he wanted to kiss you, you didn’t know where your relationship was going, and it was bothering the hell out of you.

            “You okay? You’re awfully quiet,” Shawn noted  quietly.

            “I’m sorry,” You said, “It’s nothing.”

            Shawn shifted slightly, so you lifted your head and found him glancing between the road and you, “You know you can tell me anything right?”

            You smiled and said, “Don’t worry about it, but thank you,” before you leaned over and pressed a small kiss to his smooth cheek.

            He blushed and nodded. You guys soon found the perfect spot, you also bought popcorn and soda at the food stand. When you climbed back into the dark blue truck, he didn’t give you much of a choice on whether you were cuddling or not, he placed the food and drink on the dashboard and pulled you towards him. His hand on your thigh, and your leg bent and resting on his, your head touched his shoulder and his head touched the top of yours. You took a deep breath and breathed in his faint smelling cologne as the movie began. You guys stayed like this until halfway through the movie, you tensed up at the part of Emma Stone kissing Ryan Gosling because you wanted Shawn to kiss you like that.

            “Whatever is clouding your mind, get rid of it,” Shawn said without moving.

            Ugh Fuck it- you said in your head and moved away from him so your back was against the passenger door. Shawn watched you quizzically as you spoke, “Do you like me?”

            Shawn placed his arm on the back of the seat, “Of course I do,”

            “No Shawn, like like-like,” You sighed.

            His eyebrows scrunched together. “I really like-like you,”

            “Then why haven’t you kissed me?!” You asked with wide eyes.

            Shawn sighed and suddenly you felt like an idiot for bringing it up. “Does it really bother you that much?”

            You sighed and ung your head, examining your just painted nails, “Kind of,” You mumbled.

            Shawn huffed with a laugh and come to sit with your legs in his lap, your back still against the door. “Y/N, look at me,” You did as told. He was going to end it because you’re an idiot. “I haven’t kissed you because I really like you, Y/N. I don’t want our relationship to revolve around sex. You’re beautiful, Y/N. Don’t get me wrong, I really want to kiss you, but im not only in this for the sexual aspect, I’m in this for the long run.”

            You tilted your head to the right and smiled slightly, you felt your neck and cheeks heat up and redden.  “Really?”

            He smiled at your red face. He was dying to kiss you, you were beautiful to him. He saw no flaws and wanted you to be his, today and 5 years from now. “Yeah,”

            You smiled down at your lap when his pointer finger and thumb touched your chin and made you look up at him. Shawn leaned in so slowly. Painfully slow. The tip of his nose touched yours, then his lips butterfly kissed yours. His fingers laced in your hair right before his lips touched yours firmly. You felt your heart, soar. Your stomach twisted up and your fingers gripped his shirt when his lips moved against yours. The movie faded out as the kiss went on with his lips moving against your slowly and passionately. His tongue licked your bottom lip before he sucked it into his mouth, he let it go with a faint ‘popping’. You sucked in a deep breath as you looked at Shawn, he smiled as you whispered, “So worth the wait,”

            Shawn laughed and pecked your lips before turning back to the movie.

Neighbors 2.3/ SH27DC: Day 22

AN: Sorry, it got long! December 22


Neighbors 2.3

Hinata wore a simple teal blouse and black pencil skirt. She added a white scarf and grabbed her pea coat. Standing next to Sasuke, she felt so bright! “I n-need to lose weight,” she mumbled trying to adjust her blouse from digging into her waist.

“What? No.” Sasuke took her hand protectively. “Just buy the right size.”

She wrinkled her nose. “It’s not that simple,” she told him as they walked up to her father’s porch.

“You’re perfect,” he hissed before knocking at the large wooden door.

“And if I gain weight?”

“More of you to be perfect.” He replied. Before Hinata could get rid of her blush the door opened. Hiashi stood in front of them. Immediately his eyes went to their joined hands.

“This is your extra guest, Hinata?”

“Yes. His name is-”

Hiashi raised a hand. “Allow him to introduce himself.”

Sasuke extended his hand. “Uchiha Sasuke.”

Cold opal eyes looked at his offered hand before turning around. “Come in.”

Hinata winced at her father’s behavior. Sasuke closed his hand. “At least he didn’t spray me with holy water.”

Hinata smiled lightly and walked with him inside. Sasuke wasn’t surprised that their home looked even more expensive inside. His family home was something like this. The Uchiha shook that thought off when they came to the dining room. It was simple enough with five chairs.

He took a seat beside Hinata and across from her father. “Are none of the others joining us, father?”

He shook his head. “I wanted to personally meet your special guest myself.”

Hinata almost sunk into her chair. “W-was I that obvious?”

“As a sore thumb,” He rested his chin on intertwined fingers. “Uchiha Sasuke, what do you do for a living?”

“Exterior design,” he told him confidently.

“Do you?” He questioned. Hinata looked at Sasuke as if he grew another head. It was like dressing up a résumé! He did design on people’s skin. “Is that what you went to college for? Assuming you went.”

Sasuke nodded. “I did. Graduated from Sunagakure University. Majored in Marketing and Minored in Art.”

Hinata didn’t know that! It would explain how he met Gaara, Temari and Kankuro. She felt like a horrible girlfriend. Hiashi nodded seemingly satisfied. “And you moved to Konoha?”

“I was born here. It’s home, sir.”

“How did you meet my princess?” He asked almost fondly. Sasuke looked over at Hinata with a split second of disgust.

“She locked herself out of her apartment. I called maintenance for her.”

Hiashi leaned back and sent his daughter a stressed look. Typical Hinata. “Do you-“

“Father, the food?”

Opal eyes locked. The man nodded. “Yes. Excuse me.”

When the man disappeared around the corner. Sasuke yanked his hand from her. “Do you have some kind of sick fetish? Your father calls you that too.”

Hinata shook her head. “I t-told you not to call me that.”

“You should have told me it was reserved.”

“Too late,” She hissed when her father came back.

Hiashi sat down as the servers followed closely behind. “I hope you enjoy it.” He commented. As the couple started eating Hiashi kept a close eye on how they interacted. Hinata picked over her vegetables and the boy reprimanded her silently.

In the end of their glaring session, Hinata ate them anyway. The boy was downing his drink until his daughter moved the glass to her side. They flowed awkwardly together.

“Are you living with him?” Hiashi asked.

Hinata looked up suddenly. “I, um, recently. I finished m-moving yesterday.”

“Un,” he grunted. Clearly not thrilled at he knew nothing of this. “Are you pregnant?”

Sasuke choked first. Hinata’s food fell out of her mouth at her father’s unusually forced bluntness. “No!” She squeaked and patted her choking boyfriend’s back. “F-father, please!”

“You’re living with a man I know nothing about, Hinata. I’m curious.”

Sasuke cleared his throat. “I assure you that’s impossible.”

“And why is that, Uchiha?”

Hinata covered her face. “F-father, stop. I’m n-not having anything.” Sasuke rubbed his throat through the fabric of his shirt. This was actually going better than he planned.

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The Lying Detective Setlock Recap

Time to talk about episode 2! As with my first episode recap, I am operating under the assumption that everything filmed in the second block is for ep 2, except those pieces where we know for certain that Rachel or Benjamin were directing.

Let’s start with a bare essentials summary of ep 2:

  • Sherlock grows some scruff
  • Cardiff University Students’ Union becomes Gedgrave Hospital
  • Car chase with police cars and a red Aston Martin
  • A house in Miskin featuring Mrs Hudson with handcuffs, Sherlock in his dressing gown, the mystery woman played by Sian Brooke, the Aston Martin, a limo, an ambulance, and Molly’s arrival
  • A board meeting complete with IV drips appears in the middle of the street
  • Sherlock standing in the middle of traffic
  • Mary goes to Morocco
  • Mycroft goes black tie
  • The many adventures of Sherlock and the lady in red: a bright light overhead and a window in the middle of the street, Baker Street in the rain, bus stop fish and chips, a painful collapse on the bridge, the gun in the Thames as the sun rises
  • The unexpected appearance of Molly and the Watsons’ front door
  • Mrs Hudson throwing John something (possibly keys) on the street outside 221B
  • Creepy board meeting part two, this time with creepy nurses

A more detailed recap is below the cut. Again, I’ve summarized the filming by location (mostly chronologically), listed all of Arwel’s tweets from block 2, and included a few other things of note about the episode that didn’t quite fit elsewhere.

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The Six Thatchers Setlock Recap

Hello, friends! Life has been crazy busy lately, but I’ve finally managed to finish recapping episode 1. 

For these episode recaps, I’m going to operate under the assumption that everything filmed in a particular block is for that same episode unless we were specifically told otherwise. Therefore, this recap will cover all of the first block, plus the two locations where we know Rachel did some directing during the second block.

If you just want the bare essentials to remind you of what we know about episode 1, here’s a brief summary:

  • Siege at Portland House
  • John and Mary having a meal at Mint and Mustard
  • Ella is back
  • Three days at Coedarhydyglyn
  • Ferrari
  • The reported christening
  • Sherlock and Molly with the baby at the Watsons’ flat
  • Mycroft, Greg, Sherlock, and a SOCO team on the scene on Cyncoed Road
  • Crime-solving adventures with the dog and the baby in tow
  • Sherlock all alone on Vauxhall Bridge
  • Unknown filming at the MI6 Building and the London Aquarium
  • Possible birth scene in a blue Audi, with some shark fin graffiti painted in the tunnel
  • Sherlock at the Senedd, where the government scenes in HLV were filmed
  • The rocky shore of Porthcawl
  • John rides the bus and meets a woman at a bus stop

If you want the more detailed recap, click to read below the cut, where I’ve summarized the filming by location (mostly chronologically), listed all of Arwel’s tweets, and included a few other things of note about the episode that didn’t quite fit elsewhere.

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Oneshot: Muse

SwanQueenAU – Fed up photographer Emma Swan is struggling for inspiration. One day a client drags her reluctant daughter in for some professional photographs and Emma might just find her new muse.

I don’t own Once or any of its characters. Apologies for any mistakes. Hope you all enjoy :)

Emma sighs as she sits in her photography studio. She’s surrounded by photos but nothing inspires her. She doesn’t know what happened. Everything was going pretty well for her. She found a talent for photography and after several years of working her way up and learning her craft she now owns this studio. In that aspect of her life everything’s great.

It’s just that sitting here in this photography studio snapping family portraits isn’t exactly Emma’s dream. She wants to photograph nature and capture beauty. Yet somewhere along the way she feels like she’s lost her creative muse.

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Check, Please? Chapter 18

I would be lying if I said that the next morning wasn’t at least a little bit awkward between us – but it was that kind of excited awkward that you feel at the beginning of a new relationship.  I tried my best to push last night out of my head as far as the fight went and just enjoy the little touches or playful kisses that Harry showered me with any time we passed each other in the hallway or bathroom or kitchen as we got ready for work.My cheeks were sore from smiling before we even left the apartment. 

I wasn’t paying attention to the time that morning.  Harry and I arrived 30 minutes early to the studio.  Not even Anna was there yet.  I shrugged my coat off of my shoulders and looked around for something to straighten up or mess with until at least the other models showed up.

“So what are we shooting today?” Harry asked, sitting on the black velvet couch in one corner of the studio.  My skin tingled as I thought about what happened the last time we sat together on the couch.

“It’s a new line called Christoph and Company.  I think the designer is from Austria or someplace just trying to expand his work to America.”

Harry nodded. “What did the clothes look like?”

“A lot of black; that’s really all I can remember.” I laughed as Harry frowned and looked down at his attire: black jeans with his black boots, a black v-neck, and of course, his black beanie.  Harry was the king of black.

Harry grinned as he watched me step gawkily around the studio.  I pulled at the maroon backdrop tried to look at where it was hooked, just triple-checking that it was still hooked in okay.  I pulled my phone from my pocket and looked at the time.  We still had at least ten minutes before anyone arrived.

“Maybe I should go get my camera set up,” I suggested, sticking my phone back in the pocket of my dark jeans and picking at a loose thread on my teal silk blouse.  I watched the loose fabric as it waved gently in the breeze that blew through the studio as the air came on.

“Just relax a few minutes.  The camera takes like, two seconds to set up,” Harry persuaded me.  I looked across the studio at him.  His eyes burned into my skin as rubbed his chin and gazed at me.  Shivers went down my back as he stood up slowly, extending his long body and not taking his eyes off of me. “Scotlan…” He called me, his voice low and raspy. 

I couldn’t control myself anymore.  I sprinted at him and threw my body into his, hoisting myself up and locking my arms and legs around his neck and waist.  He squeezed me tightly between his arms and allowed himself to fall back onto the couch, laying down and brushing my hair back out of my face while we parted our lips and began to play with each other’s tongues.  He ran his hands up my back, pulling my shirt up higher around my torso.  I nearly bit Harry’s lip off when I heard someone on the other side of the studio cough.

I stood up quickly and straightened my shirt. “Golly, you scared me shitless, Payne-o.”

Liam’s eyes were wide as he looked from me to Harry. “I’m so sorry-” he blurted.  Out of the corner of my eye, I saw Harry’s rigid body stand up straight and tall.

“Can we help you?”

Liam tried to regain his composure but I could tell he was still thrown off by what he just saw.  Who wouldn’t be?  “I just- Scotlan… I- I mean, we- Mr. Kyrie and I talked about me quitting and coming here.”

“What?” Harry asked, his voice just on the verge of sounding irritated.

I ignored Harry’s annoyance but took his hand to make sure he didn’t think I was ignoring him completely since Liam was here. “That’s great, Liam,” I said, smiling politely. 

Liam grinned and looked around the studio.  “Mr. Kyrie was really happy that you gave me the opportunity.  He said it was probably better that I was here with a newer, fresher group of models than his old people.”

I laughed and nodded. “Well I’m glad you’re here.” I squeezed Harry’s hand.

Out in the hall, I heard the front door open. “No, Tim! I’m not doing that! Why? Because we can’t fucking afford it right now!” Anna was shouting into her phone.  Her voice wasn’t as echo-y as she disappeared into our office.

“I just thought I would come early to drop off my paperwork and see if there was anything more I needed to fill out,” Liam said after a short silence.

“Oh!” I dropped Harry’s hand.  “Usually Anna gets those things but she seems a little… busy right now…” I took the papers from Liam and flipped through them, walking to the computer desk in the other corner of the studio.  I glanced up at Harry who was standing with his hands jammed in his pockets, staring Liam down.

“Um, Liam.  Are you set to work the Christoph and Company shoot today?” I asked.

Liam grinned and nodded.

“Good,” I breathed, returning the smile. “Do you want to kinda get set up in the dressing room?  Each of the boys have a locker.  Here is your lock.  We don’t really use the locks though,” I laughed as I wrote down his combination on a small strip of paper.  “None of us will steal anything from you.”

Liam took the lock and the combination from me and turned to leave the room.  “Oh and Liam?” I said quietly.  He hummed and glanced my direction from the doorway.  “I’m really sorry you saw all of… that…” I motioned toward the couch. 

Liam threw his head back and laughed.  “It’s okay, Scotlan.  It’s not like I haven’t done that with a girl before.”  With that, he left.  Once I knew he was out of earshot, I turned to Harry.

“You asked him to quit and come work for you?” He asked, his hands still shoved deep into the pockets of his jeans.

I tried not to roll my eyes. “Yes, last night before we got high.  He’s-“ A good model, I wanted to say, but I hesitated, not wanting to say anything more that might officially set Harry off. “-nice.”

Harry didn’t seem to hear me.  “Why did you apologize? He walked in on us, he should apologize-“

“Christ, Harry-“ I gritted my teeth and kept my voice down.  “If you didn’t have your head up your ass you would have heard that the first thing he did was apologize, which he really didn’t even need to do.  He walked into the STUDIO.  I’m his boss sitting here getting cozy with one of his coworkers in the office.“

"Oh, so now I’m just a coworker?”

I glared at him.  "You know what I meant.  If he walked into our own, private rooms at the apartment or something, it would be different.”

“Not like I get much action at home anyway-“

My face fell.  “Harry, we’ve been dating two days! Don’t you dare play that card on me.  Seriously, what the hell is wrong with you right now?”

Harry glared at me.  I couldn’t help but feel like he was trying to come up with things to argue with me about.  How had we switched from perfectly lovable to dangerously volatile in a matter of two minutes?

“AHHH!! IT’S THE HAPPY COUPLE!!” Anna screamed.  I spun around slowly and was immediately swallowed in an almost-painful hug.  Anna bounced up and down with her arms around my neck.  “I am almost happier for you guys than I am for myself and Timothy.  Actually, I am happier.”  She took a step back from me and looked at Harry. “I might be happy enough to actually hug you,” she said quickly.  Harry chuckled and stretched out his arms toward her.  Anna shrieked and ran into him, nearly knocking him to the ground.  When I was least expecting it, she extended her arm out to me and yanked me into the hug with them.  “Oh my god, you guys are so perfect together.  I’m glad you finally figured it out.”

I buried my face into Harry’s chest, mainly to hide it from Anna, but before I knew it I was sniffing Harry’s cologne – still the cologne I bought him that he hated so much - and kissing the bare part of his skin.

“So now that it’s appropriate, tell me what you love about Scotlan,” Anna demanded, leaving the two of us in a sideways hug and leaning back against the doorframe.  Harry took a deep breath and kissed the top of my hair.


Anna frowned. “Really, Harry? That’s horrible.  That’s something Tim would say about me.  You two are better than that.”

Harry shrugged. “It’s true though.”

I giggled as Anna contorted her face and started to tap her toe on the ground impatiently. “Give me one thing you love about her now.  I’ll let you off the hook with just one thing, but later you’ll have to provide me with a list of things you love.”

“Okay, okay…” Harry said, rubbing my shoulder and biting his lip as he thought. 

“It shouldn’t be this hard, Harry,” Anna groaned monotonously.

Harry rolled his eyes at her.  “I love how devoted she is to her work.  She’s always been so picky about who works for her and with her because she wants it to be perfect.  I shouldn’t – I mean I don’t - doubt her choices when it comes to pictures or models because I know she just wants all of us to succeed.”

I peered up into his face.  He gazed down at me, his eyebrows furrowed just a tiny bit and a silent apology scribbled all across the green in his eyes.  I knew he was addressing Liam and his overreaction just minutes ago.

Anna sighed.  “That’s why I’ve been with her the longest.  I am perfection in human form.”

Harry and I burst into laughter.  Anna stomped her foot and stormed out of the room.  Harry grabbed me again and pulled me to him, pressing his lips against mine forcefully while we finally had another moment alone. “I’m sorry, I just get a little jealous-“

I widened my eyes and kissed his nose. “A little?”

It wasn’t long before the other three boys arrived.  Chrisoph called and let us know that he was running a little late, but that was probably a good thing.  Niall was more hungover than I even knew was possible and kept throwing up the black coffee that Zayn was pouring down his throat.  Louis’ lip wasn’t swollen anymore but the discoloration around the pink corner of his mouth made it look like he tried to pierce his lip unsuccessfully with an old diaper pin.  I worked with Anna’s concealer to try and cover up the spot, avoiding Louis’ eyes as I stood six inches from his face. 

“What happened to feisty Scotlan? Hmm?” He cooed softly. “Who is this timid and shy Scotlan?” He tried to tickle my stomach but I slapped his hands away.

“Oh, fuck off,” I grumbled.

“Aha, there she is…” He grinned.  "You’re not going to apologize for tearing up my face?“ He whispered tauntingly. 

Niall ran past us into the bathroom and hurled up more coffee.  I looked over at Zayn who looked like he hadn’t seen the light of day in years. “You all look like a bunch of fucking duds, do you know that?”

Zayn laughed and ran past me to the bathroom after Niall, kissing me on the cheek as he passed.  “I think it’s all almost out,” he said, referencing the alcohol in Niall’s stomach.

I took a step back and admired Louis’ lip.  “You all need makeup today.  You look like zombies.”

Harry moaned loudly from across the room and stood up shakily.  He stepped toward me, wobbling back and forth with his arms stretched out in front of him.  Clearly not amused, I watched him approach with my hands on my hips.  Only after I allowed him to throw me into a dip and kiss my lips repeatedly in front of Zayn, Liam, and Louis did I hear the front door open.

Christoph’s assistants helped the boys get into their clothes and provided a little bit of makeup help on their own.  I was relieved any time Harry grinned at me or blew me a kiss, but I couldn’t help but be worried that he would snap and become angry again for no reason.  My worries seemed to disappear as I started taking pictures.  I couldn’t tell who it was effecting the rest of the group, but someone’s positive energy was radiating to the other boys – even hungover Niall – and making this photo shoot eighty times better than any other photo shoot I had done before.  Everyone was so focused but still managed to have a ton of fun just being together.  Even Mr. Christoph himself joined in on telling stupid, cheesy jokes.  It seemed like having Liam there completed the group.  The pictures looked so much better with the five boys all hanging about and any time I got a picture with just four of the boys, it was obvious something was missing.  Through the camera lens, Harry seemed to be glowing.  Any time I had the camera on him, he seemed to sense it and would stop and smile at me.

“We will surely be coming back,” Mr. Cristoph’s heavy accent bounced off of the walls of the studio.  He shook each of the boy’s hands and beamed before kissing Anna and I on the cheek.  “Not only were the pictures phenomenal, this was the most energetic shoot I’ve ever been to.”  He sighed and looked around the studio once more.  He mumbled something in a different language before grinning and leaving the studio with his assistants.

Anna clapped her hands as the door closed behind him. “Ahh!” She squealed. “You guys looked so fantastic, I cant even- ugh. Let’s go out for celebratory drinks!”

“Noooooo,” Niall groaned, clutching his stomach. “Please noooo.”

Harry wrapped his arm around my neck. “I have a date anyway… so…”

I blushed and looked down at the ground.

“I think I’m gonna go home and sleep,” Zayn said, yawning.

“You need some sun, mate,” Louis said, patting his friend on the back. “Anna, let’s go on a date.”

Anna’s eyes lit up and flickered my direction.  I giggled as I tried to watch her sort out the situation in her head. “I’m… married,” she stuttered.  I knew she had a crush on Louis ever since we started working together.  I mean, who wouldn’t?  She never did anything about it though, claiming he was out of her league.  I was just as surprised as she was that Louis asked her out, but at the same time I hoped it wasn’t just him asking her out knowing he would get laid tonight. 

Louis frowned. “Did I say date? I mean drinks.  We need to talk business.”

Anna smiled. “I can do that.”

After a moment of awkward silence between the seven of us, Harry steered me with his arm toward the door. “See you all later then!”

“Lock up!” I called back to Anna who was too busy planning her date with Louis to hear me.  I knew she wouldn’t forget though.

“Don’t you think it’s a bit odd that we’re not helping Anna stay faithful to her husband?” I asked Harry as we drove to the apartment.

“Ex-husband.  They’re getting divorced.”

I cocked my head. “Already?”

Harry nodded and squeezed my hand. “She asked me about the reunion while you were taking shots of Zayn and then ended up telling me about their divorce.  Tim drained Anna’s bank account… of course.”

"Already?!” I gasped.  Harry hummed a yes.  I shook my head. “She will never learn, I swear…”

“She needs a rich husband-“

“Someone who is really the man in the relationship-“

“Someone not afraid to put her in her place…”

I giggled. “Maybe Louis will be a good thing for her.”

Harry and I discussed potential husbands for Anna all the way home and all while getting ready for the date.  Harry wouldn’t tell me where we were going but told me to dress nicely.  I snuck into his room while he was in the shower and saw that he laid out one of his sleek black suits with a slim gray tie, so I slipped on one of my gray fitted dresses and some plain black heels.  After a full day of work, I didn’t feel like doing much with my hair, so I twisted a few pieces into a loose braid on the side of my head and let some of my natural curls fall down the sides of my face.  I sat on the couch and watched the TV as I waited for Harry to finish getting ready.  While he was still in his room, I heard a knock on the front door and walked slowly to answer it.

Niall hung in the doorway, a bottle of vodka dangling in his fingers.  His blonde hair was a scraggly mess compared to what it was earlier that day and his face was wet… from tears?

“Niall, you okay baby?”  I asked, supporting his body and carrying him to the couch.

He sniffled and shook his head. “Bailey threw me out-“ He croaked.  I didn’t know much about Niall’s relationship with his ex Bailey.  I knew they lived together and fought all the time but then made up like they were still dating.  They saw other people and never hung out together unless it was in the house. “She said I was a hopeless drunk and kicked me out…” Niall belched loudly.

“Damn, Scotty,” Harry called from down the hall, laughing. “That was one hell of a burp.”  He laughed as he walked down the hall to the living room, all dressed up in his suit.  His pace slowed when he saw Niall and realized the burp wasn’t mine. “Niall, you okay mate?”

“Bailey threw me out!!” Niall yelled, clearly irritated that we were making him repeat it so many times.  I rubbed his back as he buried his face in his hands.  “I just love her so much and I can’t stand to be without her-“ He blubbered.  He took a long drink of vodka and sighed. “I don’t want to be alone.  That’s why I came here.  You guys are my best friends-“

“Niall, we’re going out on a date,” Harry interrupted him rudely.

Niall’s eyes began to water more as he looked up at Harry. “Oh,” he whispered.

“Well, we were…” I breathed.  I looked up at Harry. “We can go tomorrow, right?”

Harry’s face fell and he rubbed his temples with his fingertips.  I could tell he was pissed, but not at me.  Niall had done this once before.  Harry and I left him on the couch, thinking he would pass out or be okay alone, but he left the apartment while Harry and I were out and ended up getting mugged and robbed in an alley.  There was no way that we could leave him again.  Goodness knows where he might wander this time.  I stood up and walked to the laundry room where we had extra blankets.  When I walked back to the living room, Harry had already grabbed a pillow and a glass of water for Niall.  “You can sleep on the couch,” Harry was telling him.  “If you need to throw up, throw up in here.  NOT on the floor.” He slid a small trash bin toward Niall’s head on the couch.  I kicked off my heels and crouched next to Niall.

“Wanna watch a movie?”

Niall nodded and gripped his empty vodka bottle like it was a teddy bear.

“What movie?” Harry asked. 

Tears returned to Niall’s eyes. “A happy one…” he whispered, looking past the TV and out the window at the setting sun.

We watched all of the Disney movies that we could.  The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty… drunk Niall was completely into all of them.  Halfway through Peter Pan, he passed out.  Not wanting to move, I stayed curled up in Harry’s arms as we both squeezed onto the small chair beside the couch.  He kissed my forearm.  “Tomorrow for sure, Scotlan.  I’m taking you on a date,” he whispered.  I giggled.  He picked me up and carried me all the way to my room, not putting me down even when he locked the door and hid the keys from Niall.  He covered my stomach in soft kisses as he took my shorts off for me in the dark and undressed to jump into my bed next to me.  I thought the night might have been more exciting… but even without the excitement of a surprise restaurant and matching date outfits, I still went to sleep grinning. 

Totally Inspired by Lana’s con outfit this weekend - Emma sees Regina in casual clothes. 

Emma’s jaw drops as Regina pulls the front door open. She told the brunette casual for this first date but Emma’s not sure if there ideas of casual will line up. She decided on skinny jeans and a long-sleeved tee teamed up with her favourite boots. 

The most casual she’s seen Regina so far is when she’s worn a suit without a blazer. 

Today however Regina opens the door wearing jeans…and god Emma wishes Regina wore jeans every day because damn….those legs look even more incredible than always. She’s still wearing heels but they’re teal and black and match the teal sleeveless blouse Regina’s wearing perfectly. Emma’s eyes trail upwards as she looks at the blouse - Regina may say black is her colour but Emma thinks she’s found a new favourite colour on Regina. 

Then she sees the red lipstick and she can’t help but look her lips. 

“So this is casual,” she finally says. 

Regina frowns slightly, “Is there something wrong? Should I change?” 

Emma shakes her head, “No…that is…wow….that is perfect.” 

“Perfect?” Regina asks with a raised brow. 

“Seriously,” Emma confirms as she steps closer to press a kiss to Regina’s cheek, “You should go casual more often.” 

“I don’t think this look is very Mayoral.” 

“Maybe not,” Emma replies, “But it’s you and it’s beautiful.”