teal and red dresses

I haven’t seen these on Tumblr yet, so I apologize if I’ve missed a post and I’m shutting someone out by not reblogging it! 

I found these cute little outfits on Pixiv while I was browsing around.  They’re Halloween-themed, but they don’t all have to be worn on Halloween.  I especially love the red and teal dresses and the cute ruffly dress with the kitty hood and tail! 

There is also a grey and brown version of the waistcoat dress that doesn’t look seasonal at all.

You can get the QR codes for these dresses here.

Custom amiibo commissions now OPEN.


Electronic chips will remain intact and functional. All customs include professional quality paint work and finish. 

There are two (2) custom categories: “Paint/Color” and “Modification” and each category has two (2) options.

Please read the details of each category to make the right choice for your custom. Please email me if you are unsure which option you fit under.

~~~~~~  “Paint / Color” ~~~~~~

Paint/color only. No sculpting or base pose alterations.

1. *** Basic Repaint *** – $30 –
A simple/minor change of color.


  • Repainting Green Yoshi to Pink Yoshi. 
  • Repaint Toon Link to Purple Link. 
  • Repaint Rosalina’s Dress from Teal to Red. 
  • Basic alt colors or your own color scheme.

2. *** Heavy Repaint *** – $45 –
Change of color with more fine painted detail work.


  • Completely repaint Lucina to a different color scheme.
  • Repaint Rosalina’s dress to look like the Galaxy. 
  • Repaint Kirby and add tribal markings or tattoo. 
  • Repaint Inkling to an alt color.

~~~~~~  “Modification”  ~~~~~~

Mods include adding to the base with sculpting or changing the pose. All mods include repainting.

1. *** Basic Modification *** – $60 –
A simple/minor mod. Without altering the pose of the original base. 


  • Changing a Mii Fighter base to look like your own Mii Fighter. 
  • Changing the color of an Inkling and replacing the Splattershot gun with a Roller and/or adding additional articles of clothing (hat, goggles, etc).
  • Changing Toon Link into Tri Force Heroes clothes.
  • Turning Mario into Tanooki Mario.

2. ***  The Works *** – $80 –
Full top to bottom makeover. Pose can be altered.  


  • Changing an Inkling into one of the Squid Sisters or Octoling.
  • Changing Marth into Roy or Lucina into Sumia.
  • Change Rosalina into her Mario Kart Race suit.
  • Change amiibo into your own character.


There are two (2) options when placing a commission request:

A. “Mail-in amiibo”
- You provide the amiibo. Mail it in and only pay shipping and commission cost.

B. “Reimburse amiibo”
- I provide the amiibo but the retail price will be asked to be reimbursed along with shipping and commission cost.



~~ Time-frame:
Customs can take 2-3 weeks or more depending on level of detail.  

~~ Contact:
Please send inquiries to: likovacsArt (at) gmail.com

All email inquiries must be in the format below:
- Subject line: amiibo custom
- Message field:  Custom type: (Basic or Heavy Repaint, Basic Mod or The Works, etc)
- Please include clear references (preferred) or a detailed description of what you want.

~~ Payment:
Full payment to be made upfront. PayPal address will be provide once I confirm your commission.
All payments must be made in USD via Paypal labeled as “services”

~~ Shipping:
Worldwide. Buyer is responsible for shipping. 

~~ Terms:
- Commissions are on a first come first serve basis.
- I reserve the right to refuse any commission.
- Commissions may not be used for commercial purposes and may not be redistributed.   

Custom amiibo mods by Li Kovacs is a service for “Mail In amiibo” to be customized to the client’s request. Prices listed are for the work being done. Any customs done without the Mail In option will be asked to reimburse the retail price of the amiibo used as a base.