teal abyss

Krystal (Corrupt Abyssal Aquatic Aquamarine)

A sorta shark-like corrupt Gem living in the deepest depths of the oceanic abyss near Teal Diamonds base. She’s basically the biggest ‘fish’ to be found as she’s larger than Mermaid Teal Pearl and large enough to be quite frightening. Thankfully, she can’t stay out of water for a long time. She can rarely be seen on the surface water but mainly stays in the abyss.

Her size mostly comes from an Origin Shard that wasn’t took from her and has grown from it’s small size to a larger piece stuck in her tail. It’s power still is being used by her. Presumably removing it would cause her to return to a reasonable size. But good luck with that!

Will eat Gems who end up in her lair.


its 5 am but thats ok

Guild Wars 2 Fashion Week | Scrapper, Valary Fargaze

My second lvl 80, he’s a kind furry that bout sums its up. All the grey in his pelt annoys me so that might be changed at some point. u- u,,

Weapon: Mecha Anchor  |  Backpiece: Ornate Leatherworker’s backpack


+ Stalker Visage

+ Rubicon Shoulder pads

+ Trapper Coat

+ Nightmare Court Arm guards

+ Rubicon Leggings

+ Nightmare Court Boots

Dyes: Green Tint, Green Shade, Midnight Teal, Midnight Purple(abyss replacement), Midnight Gold, Tarnished steel, Matte