café vocab in swedish

originally by @malteseboy​​ - i’m sure someone has done this one in swedish already but i don’t care, vocab lists are fun. i added some words and rearranged it a little though.

  • att fika/fika(n) – both a noun and a verb. to sit down and eat and drink something nice and small; usually coffee and something sweet baked
  • en bit… – a piece of…
  • tårta cake (with like, whipped cream, served at birthdays and other special occacions. for example the swedish classics prinsesstårta and jordgubbstårta)
  • kaka(n) - general word for cake and baked goods, not bread though
  • småkaka - cookie, biscuit
  • mjuk kaka - cake; sponge
  • bulle(n) - bun, roll
  • kex(et) – biscuit, cracker, wafer
  • bakelse(n) pastry
  • paj(en) – pie
  • butik(en) – shop
  • k/café(t) – café
  • konditori(et) - like a bakery but only for sweet things. also more old school than a café
  • mat(en) – food
  • kaffe(t) – coffee
  • te(et) – tea
  • varm choklad - hot chocolate/cocoa
  • svart kaffe/te – black coffee/tea
  • grönt te – green tea
  • (kaffe) latte(n) – latte
  • mjölk(en) – milk
  • socker (def. sockret) – sugar
  • kamomill(en) – camomile
  • kanel(en) - cinnamon
  • kaffekopp(en) – coffee cup
  • en kopp kaffe – cup of coffee
  • en kopp te – cup of tea
  • iste(et) - iced tea
  • sked(en) – spoon
  • bord(et) – table
  • soffbord(et) – coffee table
  • assiett(en) – small plate
  • kopp(en) – cup
  • mugg(en) - mug
  • dryck(en), drycker (pl.) – drinks
  • utomhus eller inomhus?/ute eller inne? - outside or inside?
  • med mjölk – with milk
  • med is – with ice
  • med socker – with sugar
  • frisk (when talking about air, like a feeling, also means you’re not sick)/färsk (when talking about food, quality of smth, opposite of dried/frozen etc)/fräsch (when talking about the quality but like, the opposite of nasty– fresh
  • lätt, svag – light, weak
  • söt – sweet
  • varm– hot
  • kall – cold
  • god/gott (god when describing a certain food, gott when a meal is just tasty in general - vilken god kaka!/åh vad gott!)– good, tasty
  • stark – strong
  • att dricka kaffe/att ta en kaffe – to have a coffee
  • att äta – to eat
  • att gå och ta en kaffe – to go have a coffee
  • att beställa – to order
  • att sitta – to sit
  • att dricka – to drink
  • att köpa - to buy

I wanted to do a big ‘I love my friends’ and ‘mutuals I love’ post so um here is my attempt. I have to highlight a few particularly amazing friends first. My saatis, the people who have been with me through a lot, my non biological sisters/sibling and just…they are wonderful. 

So @shes-a-voodoo-child - who okay, is the Lix Storm to my Marnie (probably) and @bibliothekara‘s Bel. She’s an amazing teacher, funny as fuck, writes amazing meta and stories and has taught me All The Things About Game of Thrones and with whom I have had amazing IM conversations. 

@bibliothekara - my non biological big sister who incredibly doesn’t mind me randomly iMessaging at odd moments. Who will flail happily with me about things, who has AN AMAZING BRAIN (seriously amazing brain) and tolerates me dragging her into tiny obscure British TV shows. 

@star-anise - hey this person is Super Rad. Amazing listener, is very bravely working on stuff, creates lovely fanworks and meta and works to make the world kinder. Will also happily teach me about historical costuming like HOW COOL IS THAT. Understands my feelings about small towns and sports. 

Also @wheresonichedgehogwnt @pearlsthatwereeyes | @lookunderfoot who are such lovely beautiful ladies who I cannot thank enough for staying my friends. And @sketchbookbanshee @ohlyosha @sprocketandradish @blackeyedgirl-writes @strangeetudes @carnistprivilege @notabuddhist @violent-darts @toastpiercer - I heart you all so so so much I can’t even (even when we haven’t talked for a while I do. I absolutely do a thousand times over. 

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Swedish Tea Vocabulary

Originally posted by crazybuds

ett te (teer): tea

lösviktste / löste: loose-leaf tea

en tesort (~sorter): type of tea

Masala chai / chaite: chai tea

svart te: black tea

grönt te: green tea

örtte: herbal tea

kamomillte: chamomile tea

pepparmintte: peppermint tea

salviate: sage tea

rooiboste: redbush tea

fruktte: fruit tea

svartvinbärste: black currant tea

iste: ice tea

en kopp te: cup of tea

en tekopp (~koppar): teacup

en tekanna (~kannor): teapot

en tekokare (~kokare): teakettle

en tepåse (~påsar): tea bag

en tesil (~silar): tea strainer

en tekula (~kulor): tea ball

att brygga (bryggde, bryggt): to brew

att låta dra (lät, låtit): to steep

att röra om (rörde, rört): to stir

att hälla (hällde, hällt): to pour

att dricka (drack, druckit): to drink

att lukta (luktade, luktat): to smell

att njuta av (njöt, njutit): to enjoy

att ånga (ångade, ångat): to steam

stark: strong

svag: weak

varm: hot

kall: cold

söt: sweet

bitter: bitter

 Note: Te is an ett-word, but if you order tea in a café for example, you say en te, implying en kopp te. (Jag vill ha en te, tack!)

As always: please correct me if you see a mistake or want something added.

Me on Dating Sites

Who are you: 1 part grumpy grandma + 1 part luna lovegood on acid + 1 part baby moss fairy + 1 part witchy nymphet

What’s your sexuality: pansexual but kinda asexual but kinda super sexual but kinda unicorn

What’s your ethnicity:  alien?  multiple monsters??

How old are you:  mote of dust???  stars?????

What food do you like: raw fish and lobster but also vegan food and mushrooms and alcohol

What do you do for fun:  hang out by myself and read or blog or play games

What are you passionate about: plants.  blue skin.  outsider art.  japan.  shadow boxes.  doll houses.  stickers.  horror vacui.  zombies.  many arms.  lavender milk tea.  pastel colors.  the woods.  childhood.  organization.  making lists.

What’s your religion: hindu buddhist teaist witch with a sprinkle of upg

What do you look for in a partner:  they have to like seafood and veggies and studio ghibli and horror movies and gardens and weird art and magic and tea and nature and books and reading my lists and basically i’m looking for someone who is me but another person



*logs out for 9 months*

Tea Time

So I looked in my cupboard, and there’s a jar of black tea labeled “regular tea." 

And I started thinking, what defines black tea as "regular?” Who says that that tea is “normal?” Maybe in other places, a different kind of tea would be considered to be the “regular” tea. What advantages does black tea hold because it is labeled as “regular?” What invisible priviledges are we giving black tea at the expense of other teas, such as green tea or chai tea or earl grey?

It would appear, my friends, that this is a case of normativi-tea.