Future of our "CommuniTEA"

Thanks for all the feedback!  It was fun having an inbox with stuff in it.

Basically there’s a push to be more of a traditional type tea blog.  Which means what?  Tea news, tea culture, ideally weeklyish tea reviews and more tea outreach.  

I’m probably going to be playing with the main page, if anyone even looks at a blog’s actual page other than just seeing it in their dash.  So if something breaks or changes on you, let me know.

If you are a tea blog or know a tea blog send me a link.  I think over ½ of the people I follow are tea-related and most of those have accumulated so much dust, it’s just sad.  My dash has so much… not-tea.

Also, I’m really interested in building more of a communiTEA.  It’s no secret I’m not a fan of warm fruit teas, but if you want to defend their role in this communiTEA, send something in.  Or if you think there is some other underrepresented tea demographic here, write a bit or a tea review and email me or something.. And I’m sure everyone has their own favourite teas, and it would be cool to do some spotlights coming from other perspectives.  My IRL friends have helped a lot out with this blog even without knowing it exists, so here’s their little shout out.  Every time they see something tea related they generally send me a link over FB to show they are thinking of me and it’s really lovely and sweet and often not something I’ve seen before.  So if you’re trolling another part of the internet than I am and see something… .I’m sure you can guess this.

If you’re on Steepster, that might be getting dusted off soon, too!

Exciting time to be a tea-blog!

- LP

So we are pretty much entering into Easter Tea Time, here.

Yes, Easter Tea, unlike the general Egg Hunts which aren’t to be confused with the Easter Egg Hunts.  

My family always does an Easter High Tea, so maybe we’ll see some fun pics from that.

Here it’s been practically summer all week, and is expected to hit nearly 70F on the holiday, hopefully we won’t all melt.  At the very least, I hope the rest of you are enjoying the weather and Spring candy, or whatever it tickles your fancy to call it.  

And this is going to be spammed for the next few days with some lovely Easter and Spring themed pics, so if that irritates you inside, well this isn’t meant to be a controversial blog, I consider tea to be a universal, so unfollow.  It’s not like I’m trying to give you discounts on Zhena’s Gypsy tea like last time we stirred things up.  >.>