pornhub: *steals content from sex workers*
pornhub: *profits on the normalization of misogyny, transmisogyny, racism, and rape culture*
liberal feminists: 😶
pornhub: *makes the most shallow attempt to look Woke*
liberal feminists: Today We Will Eat At Sexual Violence

Little do you know I know you’re hurtin’ when I’m sound asleep
Little do you know I all my mistakes are slowly drowning me
Little do you know I’m tryin’ to make it better piece by piece
Little do you know I…
I’ll love you til the sun dies…
So lay your head on me…

Keith’s nightmares in S2 got me thinking…

anonymous asked:

Hi Nadia :3 if you don't mind, what brush settings do you use for your lineart? I'm new to Sai and I love your art! Also what tablet do you use?

hello! i use a toooon of brushes for lineart, some are already posted on my blog! You can find them by searching “brush settings”! 

but just to show which brush i use for which drawing, here you go!

and I use Wacom Intuos Pro Small tablet!