Welp. Uhm.

When I went to Anime Expo, I cosplayed as Axis from the webcomic TeaHouse. At one point I went to go meet the creators of it and talked to them for a bit… While I talked to them I mentioned that I might cosplay this version they’d drawn of Axis as a dragon.

I bought the little sticky notes that had the design on them but Axis was a naked chibi on it so – not about to run around naked – I designed an outfit for him.

Uhm. Yeah. OTL.



First we have Yamame’s Blend, which is as it states: Chestnut Praline! This one is all black tea with a hint of pur eh! Unfortunately they didn’t have Darjeeling as a blendable tea (which was very disappointing since it was recommended to me from a wonderful follower named dranxis!) so I went with the earthy tones of the pur eh’s dates and blended them with soft chestnut and a hint of caramel. The marigold flowers in this blend are the ribbons on her dress!

Next, we have Parsee’s Blend! Hers is just as you’d expect it to be: sour, bitter, and with a spicy kick. (You know, since she tricks the travelers, and all!) It’s all green tea with a good jumble of crab apple bits, hints of ginger, and red peppercorns. Don’t be alarmed, though! If spice isn’t your thing, it’s only in the aftertaste. That way, it’s easy to brew it enough for the apple flavor to come out–which is where I get you, since green tea can get bitter if you brew it too long–with the sour fruit accenting the green! It’s a bit of a trickster blend, but I cannot wait to try it, myself. I’m not a fan of sour, but boy, do I love apples!

I’ll be making more ASAP, so stay tuned!