From Pink Tentacle:

Several yōkai (Japanese folk monsters) inhabit the upstairs closet at the Kitarō Chaya teahouse in Chōfu (Tōkyō). Visible through peepholes in the door, these traditional monsters – which are based on old folktales from across Japan – appear in the popular GeGeGe no Kitarō manga/anime by Shigeru Mizuki, a long-time resident of Chōfu. 


The Abura-sumashi (lit. “Oil Presser”), a folk monster from Kumamoto prefecture known for harassing mountain travelers, is believed to be the reincarnated spirit of an oil thief. Long ago, oil was essential for lighting and heating homes, and the divine punishment for people guilty of stealing this valuable commodity – particularly from temples and shrines – was reincarnation as a yōkai.


In addition to the small collection of yōkai art upstairs, the Kitarō Chaya includes a gift shop and a tiny cafe that serves GeGeGe no Kitarō-themed drinks and snacks. The teahouse is located just outside the main entrance to Jindaiji temple, which is a 20-minute bus ride from Chōfu station (bus #34, north side of station, 200 yen).

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Welp. Uhm.

When I went to Anime Expo, I cosplayed as Axis from the webcomic TeaHouse. At one point I went to go meet the creators of it and talked to them for a bit… While I talked to them I mentioned that I might cosplay this version they’d drawn of Axis as a dragon.

I bought the little sticky notes that had the design on them but Axis was a naked chibi on it so – not about to run around naked – I designed an outfit for him.

Uhm. Yeah. OTL.