I haven’t posted any outfits in ages so this in honour of fashion February.

I went sans-coat and endured the cold so that my outfit for my cousin’s wedding was on point.

The dress I wore is from Little Mistress UK. It’s beautifully made but I did have to size up two sizes to get the waist actually at my waist as opposed to just under my boobs. Considering I’m not particularly blessed I did think that was a little strange but even so it was comfortable and easy to wear.

My amazing milk bottle bag is from Skinny Dip London.


Birthday Suit!

I turned 25 today and this is what I wore for dinner! I wanted to be all floaty and carefree since today was the first proper warm weather we have had in a while and you know, birthday feels. My milk bottle legs were startled by the bright hot thing in the sky.

  • Dress: Next but from many many moons ago
  • Cardigan: Primark
  • Shoes: Primark
  • Sunglasses: Primark
  • I don’t remember where the earrings came from…

So we went to our second wedding of the year and I decided my aesthetic was going to be Disney princess.

This dress is from ASOS curve and it is amazing and has a net underskirt and everything!

(Freya is in these too cause she was pestering me and I thought she coordinated nicely)


T is for Tartan

Okay first things first, sorry these are taken at night. I wore this outfit to work today and I felt super cute, but there isn’t a chance in hell I would have had extra time to take these before work!

Anyway, I love tartan. Every autumn I set out on my still unsuccessful search for a nice tartan skirt, and even though I haven’t found one yet, I found this dress. I’ve been seeing loads of tartan dresses but no cute ones in plus size. This one is by AX Paris Curve and it’s a swing dress with PU sleeves, and it’s so comfy and lovely. AX Paris Curve are actually a really good plus size brand, their stuff is well designed though they only go up to a UK 26.

The other thing I want to mention are the boots. They’re by a brand called Legroom (you can get them on simply be and similar sites) and basically they are a savior for chunky calves. They come in 5 calf sizes, normal, curvy, super curvy, curvy plus and extra curvy plus (I find this sizing slightly confusing but hey ho) I ordered curvy plus and I was quite nervous they wouldn’t fit, but frankly I could have ordered super curvy and still had room to spare. To help put this in perspective if you’re looking at their boots, my calf at it’s widest measures 20 inches circumference. 

Oh, and my cute bag is from new look.

All in all I felt pretty festive today :D

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I was tagged by the gorgeous (seriously look at her post 😍) @karmiquebelle to do a 6 selfies of 2k15 post and so because I’m a vain little shit (and not just terrible at math) I have included 8 seflies.

I feel like it should be entitled ~ a love affair with lipstick ~

I wanna tag @pudgebug, @chessieness, @fats, @ailurophilewithstyle, @curvily, and @fatdryad because they are some of my fav faces and I live for their selfies but I actively encourage you all to do this because it’s lovely.

No make up and very disheveled hair in the bitter wind, but I had a lovely day out on saturday with my boy and I was very happy when he took this.

Got this coat from Very last year and despite the fact it’s an impractical colour (I’m taking it to be dry cleaned this week!) I wear it all the time.

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These have been  sat in my drafts because I’ve been too nervous to post them, but here goes..

My fella took these at 2am after I got in after a night out. He said I looked lovely and he wanted to take some really honest shots and I think delirious with tiredness I said yes. 

I have a double chin, stretch marks, rolls and some very smudged makeup, but it always means so much to me to see stuff like this from other fat girls so here.. this is my body and it’s lovely.

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Valentines day!

I’m attempting to save for a holiday so I’m having to really cut back on extravagances like clothes - my OOTD posts are going to go way down.

I’ve really wanted a cropped jumper for ages - I see all these girls in cute cropped jumpers and skirts and my heart aches! Though actually my body is so long that regular jumpers end up quite cropped so this jumper has actually worked out really well. Also it was £5. 

I bought this skirt in the New Look sale after christmas for £6 I think? It was a serious bargain but I think it’s one my favourite things I own now. I’m not sure if a-line is the most flattering cut on me but as always - fuck flattering.

  • Jumper: Primark
  • Skirt: New Look
  • Shoes: Vans (special edition - beatles: all you need is love pattern)
  • Belt: Asos
  • Necklace: Primark
  • Lipstick - Makeup revolution lip laquer in depravity
  • Glasses: Polette
  • Watch: Olivian Burton