I haven’t posted any outfits in ages so this in honour of fashion February.

I went sans-coat and endured the cold so that my outfit for my cousin’s wedding was on point.

The dress I wore is from Little Mistress UK. It’s beautifully made but I did have to size up two sizes to get the waist actually at my waist as opposed to just under my boobs. Considering I’m not particularly blessed I did think that was a little strange but even so it was comfortable and easy to wear.

My amazing milk bottle bag is from Skinny Dip London.


Valentines day!

I’m attempting to save for a holiday so I’m having to really cut back on extravagances like clothes - my OOTD posts are going to go way down.

I’ve really wanted a cropped jumper for ages - I see all these girls in cute cropped jumpers and skirts and my heart aches! Though actually my body is so long that regular jumpers end up quite cropped so this jumper has actually worked out really well. Also it was £5. 

I bought this skirt in the New Look sale after christmas for £6 I think? It was a serious bargain but I think it’s one my favourite things I own now. I’m not sure if a-line is the most flattering cut on me but as always - fuck flattering.

  • Jumper: Primark
  • Skirt: New Look
  • Shoes: Vans (special edition - beatles: all you need is love pattern)
  • Belt: Asos
  • Necklace: Primark
  • Lipstick - Makeup revolution lip laquer in depravity
  • Glasses: Polette
  • Watch: Olivian Burton

Sweets for my sweet!

This summer is just going to consist of me rolling out these leggings every five minutes so heads up on the lack of originality but they are so comfy and cute, they’re slightly thicker and such soft cotton. The crappy thing for you guys is that I got them early last year so I bet they’re hard to get hold of now.

  • Top: Very
  • Leggings: Simply be
  • Pumps: Simply be
  • Necklace: Ebay
  • Bag: Ebay

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Birthday Suit!

I turned 25 today and this is what I wore for dinner! I wanted to be all floaty and carefree since today was the first proper warm weather we have had in a while and you know, birthday feels. My milk bottle legs were startled by the bright hot thing in the sky.

  • Dress: Next but from many many moons ago
  • Cardigan: Primark
  • Shoes: Primark
  • Sunglasses: Primark
  • I don’t remember where the earrings came from…

I havn’t bought any clothes or done any photos in a while because I have been saving my pennies but I had a hen do this weekend and wanted to look fun so I cracked out my card and subsequently my boobs.

Normally I find skater dresses kind of boring but I loved the cage detailing on this. I was a bit nervous about having so much on show but I feel like hen do’s are really what this kind of dress is made for?

Dress is Asos Curve as are the sensible flats.

I love swimming.

I’ve just got back from Italy where I spent as much time as possible in the lake. I’ve always found swimming calming and relaxing: it’s my time where I can just focus on the water and my movements. Nothing else. Quiet. I don’t worry about work, or home, or anything. I just get in and zone out. Piss off world: it’s quiet time now.

Depending on how busy my work is; I swim as much as I can. Sometimes it’s three times a week and sometimes it’s once every few weeks. I generally do between 1k and 1.5k, though if I really  feel like it I will do 2k. Can I have my good fatty badge now?

I normally wear what I call my industrial swimming cozzie when I’m at the pool (it’s a zip up thing that holds everything in) but last week I wore this really cute two piece from Asos! I ordered tons to try on before I went and this was the clear winner. 

For reference - I have quite a long body and normally struggle to find bottoms that are high waisted enough. These were just right, though for comfort I would have loved a long line top but you can’t have it all I suppose..

*please don’t reblog to porn blogs or use this picture for malicious means. 


Congratulations to me: I managed a grand total of two, you heard it folks, just two, OOTD posts in Fatshion February. Lets pretend it’s about quality over quantity yeah? It’s a good job I just play at this stuff.

I have bought no new things (arn’t I a good muffin) so am instead enjoying wearing my old favourites.

  • Top: Sainsburys
  • Dungarees: Asos Curve
  • Boots: New Look
  • Necklaces: Matalan
  • Tights: Simply Be

(Aesthetic is as always Rachel in the early episodes of friends!)

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I’ve spent the last week in Orta San Guilio, Italy, for my friends wedding and this was what I wore on the day. I tried on a gazillion dresses before settling on this one because I wanted something light (it was so hot). On the day I felt like a grecian princess (pre over-enthusiastic dancing!)

Dress - Little Mistress @ Asos Curve. 


2015 in Outfits!

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I feel like I was more experimental with styles, shapes and colours this year which makes me really happy.


Sweater weather is better weather (except I kind of take mine off half way through..)

I love dungarees. I absolutely and truly love dungarees. I have ever since I was little. I am very unoriginal and I spent the entire of my teens (and now half of my twenties) wanting to look like Rachel in the early seasons of friends. If I see anything dungaree-ish in plus size I will always order it to try and it’s almost always a failure (my ultimate goal is to get dungaree trousers FYI). Anyway, this dress was not a failure and I love it and I feel like teenage Tash would be so proud of me right now.

  • Dress: ASOS Curve
  • Top: Primark
  • Cardigan: Tesco
  • Shoes: Vans (as always, I do a lot of walking okay I need to be comfy!)

I was tagged by the gorgeous (seriously look at her post 😍) @karmiquebelle to do a 6 selfies of 2k15 post and so because I’m a vain little shit (and not just terrible at math) I have included 8 seflies.

I feel like it should be entitled ~ a love affair with lipstick ~

I wanna tag @pudgebug, @chessieness, @fats, @ailurophilewithstyle, @curvily, and @fatdryad because they are some of my fav faces and I live for their selfies but I actively encourage you all to do this because it’s lovely.


Summer Workwear!
I get that this is like, really boring in the grand scheme of things but let me tell you: I really suck at workwear. Five days of the week I look super strange because I’m so bad at mornings I really struggle to coherently dress myself. Couple this with the fact it’s super hot in my office… it’s difficult. When I left the world of uniforms I thought it was going to be all Devil Wears Prada when in fact I just spend my time trying to work out how I can acceptably wear leggings to work. Anyway I found this cute dress at simply be for £25 and now I’m just going to wear this all week…!

  1. Dress: Simply Be
  2. Sandals: New Look
  3. Belt: Asos Curve
  4. Necklace: Primark

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