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Hi. I love your blog and all the little headcannons (canon?) you do. I also noticed you're amazing for writing little stories for people who are having a tough time. Would it be too much to ask if I could have one? I'm suffering from a bout of depression/insomnia and I'm running on about 4 hours sleep in about 3 days. What do you think of Derek or Stiles getting insomnia from all the stuff they've seen and the other just cuddling them through it? Trying to stay awake so they're not alone?

Hey, sweetheart. The depression/insomnia combo is horrible. I don’t know if it will work for you but earlier this year I stumbled upon ASMR videos. I know some people find them weird but they really helped me when it came to getting to sleep. In the mean time, I hope this little fic does something to help. 

Stiles thought being able to sleep after the Nogitsune had been the universe’s way of balancing out the good and bad in his life: get possessed by a psychotic Japanese fox but sleep like a baby every night after. As it turned out, being able to sleep after a spirit uses your body to murder a bunch of people came down to the fact Stiles hadn’t had a break since finding Laura Hale’s body that night in the woods.   

He believed joining the academy would be a fresh start, and in many ways it was. He just didn’t count on the fact that now he didn’t have pure evil trying to kill him at every waking moment that his brain would finally find time to process it. Stiles had always been a fan of ignoring his problems until they eventually, just, go away; watching his friends die, looking down at his own body and knowing it wasn’t really his but the cardboard cutout left behind by the Nogitsune, the memory of watching Derek almost -

He assumed - stupidly - that he had been successful in that particular endeavour. As long as he had his pillow, he was fine. You’re going to be fine. That was what the faceless people of the internet said. Stiles didn’t think “fine” was ever going to be an option for him but he guessed hope was a nice sentiment. 

“Insomnia,” Scott said, repeating the word back to him. Stiles could practically hear the concern, loud and clear, ringing through the phone. It instantly made him feel worse. Heaving a sigh, he scrubbed a tired hand down his face. Maybe he shouldn’t have called.  

“Yes, insomnia.”

Scott was quiet for several seconds.  “Do you have your pillow?” he asked. 

“Yes,” Stiles answered. He was currently clutching it to his chest, sprawled out on his bedroom floor. It was 3am, the floor was hard, and if he didn’t get some sleep soon he was going to start crying; the kind of crying he hadn’t done since he was a kid and his mom took ill. 

“What about drugs?” Scott suggested. “I could ask my mom-”

“No drugs, Scott.”


I said no drugs, Scott.” 

The line went quiet again and Stiles felt his eyes begin to sting. This was a mistake.

“Sorry, man, I have to go.” 

He hung up before Scott could respond, deciding he could feel guilty about it later.


At the academy, he was on auto-pilot. Luckily, Stiles had come up with some of his best plans during the last four years on little-to-no sleep, so it wasn’t overly obvious to his fellow agents-in-training that he needed several cups on coffee just to get through the day.

It was obvious to someone though. Someone who clearly thought it was their sworn duty to haul Stiles over their shoulder in the middle of his third run to the coffee shop that day and deposit him in the back of their car. 

Stiles wanted to protest - he should protest, call for help, maybe? - but he had had his eyes closed when the stranger grabbed him, had been drooling on a statue, leaning against it for moral support, as he had waited for his order.

Plus, the stranger’s arms felt nice. 

In the back of his mind, Stiles couldn’t decide if thinking a stranger’s arms felt nice during a potential kidnapping - fuck, please don’t let it be a supernatural kidnapping - was because of his sleep deprived state or if that was just the way he was wired now. 

It was only when a door opened and a familiar pair of eyebrows slid into the driver’s seat did Stiles begin to laugh. Hysterically. 

“Of course,” he said, shaking his head and pressing his lips against the cool leather interior. Familiar hands strapped him into the his seat. “Of course it’s you, big guy.”

Derek just gave a slight huff and muttered something Stiles couldn’t hear, but it sounded an awful lot like, yeah, I missed you, too. 

Stiles laughed again. It was crazy, what your mind came up with when it wasn’t functioning properly. 

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Sick H// H.S. Imagine//

Written from this request:  Can you write a harry imagine where he comes home from he studio and he had texted you earlier saying he was feeling a little off so he might be home early and whenever he gets home he is kinda upset and anxious because he’s feeling really bad all of a sudden and he starts throwing up and experiencing a really bad headache and you get him laying down and cuddle him and take care of him all night?

Thank you for the request anon! I hope you like it!

At first when Harry texted you, you didn’t think much of it. He was definitely one to over exaggerate his sickness to get a cuddle from you (He claims you’re warm and it’s therapeutic.) But when you heard the front door open while you were washing dishes, followed by a grunt and the sound of Harry taking, well, kicking his boots off, you became worried. Normally when Harry came home from the studio he would be bouncing off of the walls excited to tell you what he had accomplished. 

“Harry?” You asked from the kitchen entrance. You were met with a pair of half closed eyes and a pale, groaning Harry. “Awe, baby, are you okay?”

“Yes…no…i’m just a little dizzy.” He lied.


“Fine, i may be a little sick…but you didn’t seem to believe me earlier when i told you, so i passed it off as me just being anxious about singing.” Harry grumbled.

“Yes but i didn’t know if you were sick or ‘Y/n my stomach hurts and i think a cuddle would cure it’ sick. You engulfed him in a hug to try and comfort him when you noticed he was much warmer than usual. Before you could force him to lie down he broke from your hug and sprinted to the bathroom, running down the hallway and knocking over a plant in his haste. You could hear the sounds of him being sick from where you were. You ran behind him and saw him hunched over the toilet throwing up. 

“Awe, H,” You whispered tenderly rubbing his back, “I’ll go get you some water.” You hopped up and poured Harry a glass of water, preparing yourself for your love to not leave your side for the rest of the night. Harry would not admit it but he’s a bit of a baby when he is sick, you secretly loved it, but you didn’t want to inflate his ego too much more. 

You noticed he was missing from the bathroom, so you walked to your shared bedroom to see him laying face down star fished across your bed. You struggled to hold back a giggle as you knew he wasn’t feeling well.  

After a few seconds of watching Harry be adorable you spoke up, “Hey, H, i brought you some medicine and water.” 

In response you heard a faint “Thank you” muffled by a pillow. 

He poked his head up when he felt the bed dip a bit due to you sitting on it. He accepted the water and gulped down the pill, trying to ignore the pain in his throat. He plopped back down onto the bead and closed his eyes, praying the pain would disappear. 

“Ughhhhhh, I feel like may head may burst.” Harry groaned. 

“I’m sorry, H, what can i do?” 

Harry opened one eye, “Cuddle me? And i wanna be the little spoon.” 

“Okay, scoot over you big teady bear. Let me go get you some pajamas.” 

Harry’s arm hooked around your waist and pulled you back onto the bed. “No, stay here.”

“It will only take me a minute, plus, you can’t sleep in a Gucci shirt.”

“But, Y/n! I’m very sick right now and i would appreciate if you would hurry and warm me up-and don’t make fun of me!” 

“I’m not making fun of you i’m just saying that you-.”

“And as a sick person it would be border line abusive to leave me without a cuddle.”

Without another word you walked over to your side of the bed and plopped down next to him. You tried your best to wrap your arms around his long body, in response he snuggled closer to you and sniffed, loving the attention. You grabbed the fluffy, thick comforter and pulled it over the both of you.

“Y/n, can we watch the cooking channel?” Harry asked.

“Yes, of course.” You felt around for the remote and turned the TV on, you considered closing the curtains, but decided against it as the heat coming off Harry comforted you. 

“And can you rub my hair?”

“Yes, anything for you.” You tenderly began to massage his scalp.

“Oh, and i’m a bit snug, can you get me some pajamas?” 

And that’s basically how the rest of your long night went, but you wouldn’t want it any other way. 

Thank you so much for reading and i hope you liked it! Don’t forget my inbox is always open and i am currently taking requests! If you would like to send me one i have a small post close to the top of my blog explaining how i do requests and such. Thank You!

Artist: @just-smol

Gift for: @haleybopcomet

Prompt: Request 2:[Happy/Normal AU] Mello and Near taking a vacation to Disney World.

Artist’s Notes: second and last promt I wanted to make. I honestly enjoyed doing this one cause THE ANGST. Mello and Near have different tastes but I think they can find the others interest funny. And sureeee Mello won Near a teady bear which he’ll later name Mr Hubbert Cumberdale because reasons???? aND somehow burn him in a bon fire which Mello started cause apparently the bear is evil…ENJOY!!! MERRY XMAS AND HAPPY NEW YEAR <3 also did you know I have to literally googled what they serve at disneyland like 15 times or more? To be frank i love your art and i’m sorry i can only do platonic and angsty things, I hope this satisfy you and we can be pals~

Dear Y/N

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It’s been a couple of days since our fight and I’ve never regretted something so deeply in my life. I am going crazy baby, I can’t live without for a single second longer.

We were made for each other Y/N, what one us lacks the other excels in. I love video games, you love video games. I love cuddling, you love cuddling (to the point I think you were a Teady bear in a past life) I have no piatence with most things, you have the patience of a saint. (How do you manage to keep calm I have no idea. I’ve been convinced your some sort of a wizard for a long time)

While we balance each other out but we also like the same things, I like to work out you like to work out. you love to cuddle, I love to cuddle. I like to kiss you, you love it when I kiss your face. Baby there’s so much I could say but I need to get to the real important things.

I need you more than words could ever express, your the better half of me. You make me a better man. You can calm me down whenever I get frustrated, you know exactly what to do whenever I begin to lose my temper. You know exactly what to do whenever I’m angry or sad. You’ve been there through the highs and the lows and I know that we’ve still got a lot to work to do but I promise we are going to get through it.

I want to grow old with you, get married and have a family because one day we’re going to look back and tell our children about fighting for something is totally worth it.

Your my moon of my life.

Love you always,

Seth x

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Hi I love your blog. I'm not sure if you have already answered this ask .What would the turtles reaction be if they found there girlfriend sleeping with a teady bear dressed up to look like them ?

Awwww this ask is so cute.

Leo: I think he would be really intrigued to see a little stuffed teddy bear of him. He would think she’s so adorable holding it in her arms. I mean a teddy bear dressed as him. Who would have thought to do something cute like that. He would laugh and give her a small peck on the cheek and get in the bed with her admiring how cute she is with the handsome looking teddy bear.

Raph: Like Leo he would be intrigued and also flattered at the same time. The fact that she has a teddy dressed like him to remind her of him fills his heart with love and more confidence. He would think she is the most adorable thing ever all cuddled up with her Raph teddy bear in her arms. He would hold her closely to him and kiss her on the cheek.

Donnie: He may not notice it at first since there’s like a million things going on in his head at once but when he took out the time and saw the bear he would be in awe that she’s sleeping with a teddy bear dressed like him. How cute is that? He would take a quick picture of this moment to remember it forever. The way she looked all cuddled up adorably with in her pj’s with her teddy bear dressed like him. He would give her a kiss goodnight and drift off to sleep with her.

Mikey: Oh this boy would be freaking out and loving every minute of it. I mean a little stuffed teddy bear dressed like him? How cute is that? He would be basking in this moment, quietly though because he didn’t want to wake you. He would then get in the bed and cuddle with you and give you small kisses on your head before he drifted off to sleep.

Alexander  pt.6 [BTS Jungkook ] (M)

jungkook x reader (y/N)

bts members

Genre : angst/smut/fluff  

Mature contents: this is not a fairy tale leave if you don’t like it,

Summary: he gave me fire and i need to find him ;with him i saw stars ,i wasn’t scared i felt safe.. i liked his kisses and i wish we meet again …

part 1 2 3 4 5


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this chapter has smut 

“can i come in” Katherine knocked the door she knew her colleague is so cold but it was something important for her to understand so she will not fuck up her work 

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Heith is such a soft ship, I mean anything with Hunk is soft, but with these two it's extra soft because there's kinda distant guy who's a awkward bean trying his BEST to hang out with people & then you've got a big sassy teady bear who gets scared sometimes. All the fanart of these guys is adorable, they're two sides of the same coin when it comes to protecting people; Hunk is about his circle while Keith's about everyone in the universe. I'd love to see more Heith bonding in the future, too

YES to all of this! I love their dynamic. Just like you described. Also their are both very genuine and honest people I think, and would really be able to help each other with their respective struggles. And THEY BOTH NEED CUDDLES!!?! Like it’s the perfect ship for “I need hugs and you need hugs let’s hug each other.”

The Initiate Part 2

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A/N: I want to thank @book-boys-are-my-guilty-pleasure​ for helping me come up with an idea!

Part One

It was about a week after Eric had confessed his feelings for me, and we had become a couple I guess. I wasn’t really sure. But I loved the side that I saw of him. He was nicer, at ease. He wasn’t a cold hearted leader. He was a big teady bear.

It was late one night, and I couldn’t sleep, so I decided to go for a walk and then get back to the dorms. But on my walk, I saw Eric, sitting down by the Chasm. Smiling to myself, I walked over to him and sat down.

“Hey stranger.” I said.

He looked up and said, “Hey. Shouldn’t you be in bed?”

“I could ask to the same for you.” I respond.

“I just couldn’t sleep.”

“Ditto.” I respond.

We sit there for a few minutes in silence. This was one of my favorite things about being with Eric. There was never an awkward silence. It was just silence. It was a silence that you could enjoy. And that’s what I did. I enjoyed that silence. I enjoyed this time with Eric.

But there was something that was bugging me. Something that had been bugging me ever since I met him.

“Why do you appear to be so mean? I’ve never met anybody so closed up before.” I blurt out.

He was silent for a moment. I was worried that I had offended him, or made him angry.

“I just have a bad past.” He replied, not looking at me. “I transferred from Erudite. And before I transferred, my sister was my role model. I loved her so much. But the day before the Choosing Ceremony, she killed my mom, dad, and then proceeded to kill herself. I don’t know why, she just did. I was out with some friends at the time, but when I came home, everything I loved was gone.”

I didn’t know what to say. That must have been horrible for him. I can’t imagine what he must have gone through.

“Eric. I’m so sorry. That must have been so hard on you.”

“It was. But that was all before I met you.” He says, and he finally looks over to me. “I love you.”

I was shocked. I wasn’t expecting him to pull that card just yet.

He was still staring at me, but  it was the look on his face that made me realize I loved him too. He looked at me with bright eyes, and happiness. Something that you never see on Eric’s face. And I felt honored that I was the reason for that look on his face.

“I love you too.” I smile.

He smiles back, and then leans in and kisses me.

Time Skip

We were all crowded in the cafeteria waiting for the ranks to be announced. I was beyond nervous. These ranks would not only determine if we stay in Dauntless or not, but it will also determine what job we are allowed to get, and what type of apartment we are allowed to live in. Nervous was just not the word for how I was feeling. Scared. That was the word.

Finally Max comes forward and talks about how he congratulates everybody and all that boring stuff. Next, he shows us the ranks.

1. Tucker

2. Y/N

3. Lilly

4. Stephen

I was in second. I was in second! Oh my goodness I thought I would be way down at the bottom. The crowd starts cheering and laughing. Everybody is so happy- well those who weren’t cut. My friend Samantha runs over to me and tackles me in a hug.

“Congratulations! I’m so happy for you!” She squeals.

“Thanks! Congrats to you to!” I laugh and hug her back.

Sam got 5th ranking. At least she made it into Dauntless.

I look over to the corner of the room and see Eric smiling at me. Running over to him I say, “I got second! I’m in second, Eric!”

He laughs as I tackle him in a hug. “I know! Congratulations!”

“Thanks. I love you.”

“I love you too.”

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Can you do a character analysis on Germany (for his birthday) please?

Ludwig man.

How do I even start?

Well I mean we could always start at how much of a softie this boy is. I mean, how bad of a man who owns 3 dogs really be? Let him snuggle up to all those small puppies.

But I feel like Ludwig grew up in rather turbulent times - much as I think with America. Both were thrown into conflict when they were brother fairly young. In fact, I think it’s mentioned that Italy and Japan were some of his first friends he had made. Hell, he has a whole character song lamenting how lonely he is - like the whole song is kinda him evaluating himself and being depressed and lonely.

It’s kind of sad that this side of him isn’t really explored much either. I think Germany is really deep in character although he ends up constantly being a joke - or part of those damn Doitsu memes. People just think he’s some strict, angry German.

I mean he does have a side of being strict and such. We’ve seen it recently as well as long ago. Comics with Germany and Prussia being clean and tidy. Germany getting annoyed bc Austria/Italy are making a mess in his house. He is very punctual and organized I suppose one could say.

Yet there is this softer side to him. Like I said, he grew up in really radical, changing times. I know there hasn’t been much on his childhood but by the time of the Industrial Revolution in Europe he’s a grown adult. Germany’s formation - if I’m correct which I very well may not be - was not far behind this happening. Same goes for America too, these two are both pretty young and there’s so much going on in the world around them.

As much as I don’t want to make this a Ger//Ita thing I have to mention Italy because I think everyone here knows he has a huge spot for him. Maybe we’re just used to it because they interact every time one is on screen but I digress. He does care and he’s worried and cared over Italy a lot. It’s hard to deny that they are fairly close to one another. I mean really - he lets the kid sleep in his bed, basically misread signs and just kinda went for it, and shared his rations with him.

There’s also care for his brother which we see every now and then. Of course Prussia is more freely expressive of it - remember when Germany gave up beer? One strip that comes to mind is the one where Prussia gets bit on the hand and Germany is worried? I think the April Fool strips at some point had him relieved that Prussia was fine after eating England’s food.

Not to mention his emotions aren’t easily shown but he can be such a child. Buon San Valentino kinda shows how awkward he is. Misread signals pretty badly and it ended up with him proposing to Italy. Also the internal shot basically saying “I can’t handle all these emotions!”

In conclusion, Germany is a huge toughass who is - in actuality - a huge teady bear who cannot deal with emotions. Please love him. He needs the love although he will probably malfunction if you try to hug him to express this love.