Dinner for... THREE ??? [cont.]

Having paid their bill, Story stands, fixing her dress, then pulls her purse over her head. The bossman had come over once more, asking how everything went, and she told the truth. It was so great, Tea was funny, although he still seemed to have a resentment to Ever. She’d have to ask her cousin about it once they left.

Moving over to the exit, she stops just short of the door. “Hey Ever. Can you wait outside a moment? I have to do something really quickly.”


AU with my babu
where Tea is the Queen of Hearts and Chef is the King of Hearts.

Tea is a possessive, easily-angered bitch. Plus, curses like a sailor. He loses his temper, you lose your head. Understand?

Chef, on the other hand, is more calm and collected. Although fierce. But he has to put up with Tea, so…

Arranged marriage~
Love-Hate relationship <3

(( Camp Weehawken Tea

left: camper
right: counselor

I’m actually still unsure on if i want to join. Like, it seems like a lot of fun, but like, I barely update canon!tea to begin with, because of personal reasons with life. so it’s still a yes-no situation. at least til probably wednesday, i wont know for sure. that, and i can’t decide if i want Tea to be a camper or a counselor. Decisions, desicions…

that, and i REALLY wanted to draw Tea in some overalls u.u yessss~