I've gotta figure this Out :: closed rp

“Okay. I’m gonna head home to find Sir Chef. I wanna know what is going on, and maybe he can clear this up…”

He reaches for the door knob, for sure that he would not allow himself to be slowed down by anything.

Let's Make Up -closed rp-

Chef quickly changed his shirt into a tank as he headed over to Tea’s quickly, still in the same pants and shoes. He did never care much for that shirt. He has to stop about three times for his breath since it was a far run even being in pretty decent shape for an almost 30 year old. 
He stared at the door to Tea’s house for a minute thinking about things he should say and reminded himself to not get mad at all costs. He knocked at the door and waited for a “okay” or a groan, both work. 


Alrighty, here are some of the nubcats I’ve been working on! First off is Pinkie, then Teacup Once-ler, and then Pet! I have a few more in mind that I want to do, so I’m probably gonna start working on those.
and yes, Pet is purple. He seemed purple in my mind.


AU with my babu
where Tea is the Queen of Hearts and Chef is the King of Hearts.

Tea is a possessive, easily-angered bitch. Plus, curses like a sailor. He loses his temper, you lose your head. Understand?

Chef, on the other hand, is more calm and collected. Although fierce. But he has to put up with Tea, so…

Arranged marriage~
Love-Hate relationship <3

darn. 16 minutes late~
but better late than never~

To my fellow Oncelings, Onceluts, and Mods,
Thank you.
Thank you for a wonderful year of the best fandom ever. Thanks for picking me up when I needed it most. For being with me ~<3
Thanks for the memories… Thanks for the friends~

Here’s to, hopefully, another great year~<3

(( okay, okay. not sure is i should tag a spoilers but its not really… anyway!

so, as you know, I watched Wreck It Ralph this past weekend, and I adore it. The plot is to die for and i did not expect it. well maybe that one part but anyway.

so i really LOVE the sugar rush characters. they are… well, adorable <3 so right now, I was inspired to draw. But then I saw an art of Vanellope (favorite character, mind you) and was like. YES.

so here it is…

Teapcup Once-ler as a Sugar Rush Racer.
i attempted the style of the Sugar Rush characters, using these as refs of said style. I think I did… okay, for my first attempt in the style. just a sketch for now. But like, really, AH ~~<3

of course, used his ‘candy’ theme, so to speak, as basically tea. I was gonna go with whipped cream, but was like, tea, yea. keep it with his name. Anyway, still designing his outfit, but I think I like it like this.

But please, if you can, FEEDBACK ??
i would much appreciate it. Please please?

and no, i dont consider him a 'wreck it ralph oc’. this was just a fun doodle thing. that i like. a lot. but anywhozin… ))

Happy belated Birthday to my dearest babe, Tea~ [March 3]

mama loves you and i swear i will let others see you soon. first we both have to get days off of work. yes i know work sucks, but now that you’ve got a job it must be done. we will survive~

anyway, go ahead and wish him a happy birthday~ He’s 20 years now c: