teacup tuesday

Herbal ginger tea with lemon is my drink of the day to help soothe my poor throat and chest. I’m admiring my beautiful new print by Charlotte’s Woodland that I won in her recent instagram giveaway. All it needs is a frame :)



chihuahua in a cup by underwaterlove425

Tea Cup Tuesday! Square Cup with Saucer

I’m not actually here! I’m blogging from the past, wooo! I’m actually at the Great Dorset Steam Fair serving cider all week, up until next Monday in the Bridge Farm Cider tent, it has a large sign above an old military tent saying ‘Traditional Cider’ if you happen to go along. It’s long hours, but so much fun, a highlight of my year. 

Therefore my tea cup of choice tried to be agriculturally related, but this is quite difficult. So I’ve settled on this unusually shaped number that I found on Etsy, by a Lithuanian artist (because it’s got apples and sheep and horses and trees :P).

The artist name is Lina Bekeriene and the style is Magolica. The seller is birdy91 and the price is a little hefty, $125, but heyho, it makes an interesting piece. 

External image