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Hello! My name is Lauren. I’m super gay. I’m 18 and I’m an aspiring artist. I live in Pennsylvania (in the Pittsburgh region) and Ohio. I’m looking for a relationship, but friends are cool too. I love art, music, singing, movies, Netflix, gaming, plants, animals, cooking, traveling, and most importantly cuddling. I collect mugs,teacups, and pop figures. If there is something else you want to know, just ask. 😊

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For creative witches who work best in the last few hours before sleep. Gives a boost of positive productivity for a set amount of hours, up until midnight.

- tea with mint
- rosemary
- cayenne pepper

1) Set your intention to get tasks done and be patient with your craft and your self. Boil the water as you ground in to the situation.
2) Prepare your mug/teacup with the rosemary and dash of cayenne pepper while you wait, blessing the spices if you deem necessary.
3) Steep the tea for about 5 minutes or as long as you usually do. Stir the tea clockwise to represent the length of time you would like to be productive. For example, if you’re making this at 10:30PM and you want to work up until midnight, start stirring at “12” and complete one and a half stirs, ending on “6” to represent an hour and a half until midnight.
4) Drink your tea throughout the process of creating, and be sure to at least rinse the cup when you have finished, thanking the universe and yourself for the blessing of this burst of energy.

anonymous asked:

You collect plants? That's so cool! Do you have like a potted plant collection or do you tend a garden?

Sorta! It’s a very small collection right now because I don’t really have much space. So I’ve just got a handful of succulents in some teacups and spare mugs and a few larger plants. The second I get some more space though…ho boy, there will be a lot of plants.

I would love to tend a garden, but I do not have one :(