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Do you have any Drarry ficrecs you absolutely adore?

All Our Secrets Laid Bare

Then Comes a Mist and a Weeping Rain

Tea and No Sympathy

Hermione Granger’s Hogwarts Crammer for Delinquents on the Run

House Proud

Storm in a Teacup


Running on Air

The Standard You Walk Past

An Issue of Consequence

The Boy Who Only Lived Twice

Stately Homes of Wiltshire

A Convenient Impracticality

hello goodbye (‘twas nice to know you)

Coffee, Cakes and Doorknob Snakes


Temptation on the Warfront

The Devil’s White Knight

Written on the Heart

Devin’s Drarry Fic List #1

Then Comes A Mist and A Weeping Rain by faithwood -  It always rains for Draco Malfoy. Metaphorically. And literally. Ever since he had accidentally Conjured a cloud. A cloud that’s ever so cross.

Storm in a Teacup by faithwood -  For reasons he’d rather not think about, Draco is obsessed with Potter’s hair. This cannot end well.

An Issue of Consequence by faithwood -  Draco has woken up in an alternate universe. Or he has woken up utterly insane. Nothing else can possibly explain why Harry Potter suddenly seems to think he’s Draco’s boyfriend.

Dangerous by faithwood -  Being trapped in a dungeon with Malfoy — who’s a werewolf, a former Death Eater, and a giant git — is definitely dangerous. Harry has no reason to be excited. None at all.

Tea and No Sympathy by who_la_hoop -  It’s Potter’s fault, of course, that Draco finds himself trapped in the same twenty-four-hour period, repeating itself over and over again. It’s been nearly a year since the unpleasant business at Hogwarts, and Draco’s getting on with his life quite nicely, thank you, until Harry sodding Potter steps in and ruins it all, just like always. At first, though, the time loop seems liberating. For the first time in his life, he can do anything, say anything, be anything, without consequence. But the more Draco repeats the day, the more he realises the uncomfortable truth: he’s falling head over heels for the speccy git. And suddenly, the time loop feels like a trap. For how can he ever get Harry to love him back when time is, quite literally, against him?

The Standard You Walk Past by bafflinghaze - On returning to Hogwarts for their Eighth Year, Headmistress McGonagall decided to room Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter together. She may have hoped for a leading example of house unity; the other students fully expected insults and fights. But nothing happened. That was, until Harry sleepwalked into Draco’s bed.

Azoth by zeitgeistic -  Now that Harry is back at Hogwarts with Hermione for eighth year, he realises that something’s missing from his life, and it either has to do with Ron, his boggart, Snape, or Malfoy. Furthermore, what, exactly, does it mean when one’s life is defined by the desire to simultaneously impress and annoy a portrait? Harry has no idea; he’s too busy trying not to be in love with Malfoy to care.

Hello, Goodbye (‘twas nice to know you) by tamerofdarkstars -  Draco Malfoy thinks he might know whose thoughts are scrawling themselves on his skin, but that’s crazy. Impossible, even. It has to be a mistake.

Right Hand Red by lumosed_quill - Harry felt Malfoy’s breath on his lips as they came together over the bottle, hands firmly planted on the floor as though they each needed their familiar soil, refusing to cross into enemy territory. Except that Malfoy no longer felt like his enemy. Malfoy felt inevitable.

All Our Secrets Laid Bare by firethesound -  Over the six years Draco Malfoy has been an Auror, four of his partners have turned up dead. Harry Potter is assigned as his newest partner to investigate just what is going on.

Who Shagged Harry Potter? by faithwood -  One beautiful sunny Sunday the Slytherins wake up after a raunchy night only to discover a very naked Harry Potter sleeping in their dormitory. Naturally, they ask themselves a logical question: Who the hell shagged him?

All Life Is Yours To Miss by Saras_Girl -  Professor Malfoy’s world is contained, controlled, and as solitary as he can make it, but when an act of petty revenge goes horribly awry, he and his trusty six-legged friend are thrown into Hogwarts life at the deep end and must learn to live, love and let go.

Here’s The Pencil, Make It Work by ignatiustrout -  Harry thinks “Why is Malfoy working in a coffee shop in muggle London?” is a much simpler question than, “Are you going to accept that auror offer and, if you don’t, what will you do?”

Little Talks by femmequixotic, noe -  Draco’s been shagging the Head Auror for months now, and he’s sure it’s just a fling. Until Harry asks him to a Quidditch match, that is, and things go horribly wrong.

At Your Service by faithwood -  Hogwarts students are in danger; Harry is determined to save them all. There’s only one thing he knows for certain: Draco Malfoy is somehow involved.

Draco Malfoy, It’s Your Lucky Day by faithwood -  Even though he’s unarmed, injured, lost in the Forbidden Forest, and facing a possible murder charge, Draco Malfoy gets lucky.

Hungry by birdsofshore -  The first thing Harry knew about it was when he woke up lying on a bed in the hospital wing, with his arm firmly stuck to the scrawny, milk-white arm of Draco bloody Malfoy.

House Proud by astolat -  His house liked Draco Malfoy more than him.

Chaos Theory by tessacrowley -  Chaos: when the present determines the future, but the approximate present does not approximately determine the future. One gene varies, one neuron fires, one butterfly flaps its wings, and Draco Malfoy’s life is completely different. Draco has always found a certain comfort in chaos. Perhaps he shouldn’t.

Hey, Potter by SunseticMonster -  Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome.

AO3 Mature Drarry Fic List

here we go again ~ My Explicit List

(again excluding locked fics and series)

A Dance in Three Parts by Lomonaaeren (2k)

Contagion by sesheta_66 (11k)

Fulfilling Dreams at the Club by happyfangirl289 (3k)

Inexplicably I Find Myself With You by bafflinghaze (6k)

Hearts and Dreams Are Also Fragile Things by valinorean (14k)

Blind Revenge by cami_soul (1k)

The Art of Seduction by playout (2k)

Home for Christmas by Calacious (2k)

Drarry Amortentia by Snakemoony123580 (1k)

Rehearsed Steps by ashiiblack (1k)

Impossible by saraste (100)

Maniac by stuckymarvelbuckycaptain (1k)

Height-Difference by saraste (100)

The Perfect Green by AddictedToRavens (656)

Emergency, Indeed by stargazerlilith (1k)

Something I Don’t Want to Stop by traintracks (16k)

Reigning Champ by LadySlytherin (14k) (100/10 would read again)

The Limits of Kindness by twistedmiracle (501)

Headlights in the Snow by Saras_Girl (72k)

A Fair Chance by moonshoespotterr (6k)

Payback by BlackandGrey (2k)

A Year in Training by Omi_Ohmy (25k)

The Standard You Walk Past by bafflinghaze (46k)

In Those Final Moments by Francisthebee (574)

The Rabbit and the God by who_la_hoop (19k)

Single and Ready to… Teach? by Blue_Eyed_Mardoll (3k)

Waiting for Draco by Rospberry (712)

Second Chances by jaded14yaoi (79k)

Twilight Moonbeams by Kittylin15 (73k)

Storm in a Teacup by faithwood (8k)

Harry Potter and the Steel Mage by megyal (15k)

Painted Bodies, Painted Minds by Lomonaaeren (3k)

The Boxers by kinky_kneazle (454)

Anything by mee4ever (4k)

Harry Potter and the Dragon in the Pond by AsMyWimseyTakesMe (998)

Thou Shalt Not Cheat by roelliej (100)

The Way We Are by lemondrops154 (76k)

Take Your Shots by Sorrowfull (9k)

Members Only by betweentheloins (17k)

(I’m in Love with) Your Body by sempreme (400)

A Thin Line by felixfvlicis (5k)

Kiss the Light Back Into Me by loveglowsinthedark (727)

Trapped in the Ministry Elevator by harrypotteryaoi (1k)

Interruptions! by Sprout2012 (2k)

Étoile des Neiges by BloodyFlammable (33k)

With a Candle to Guide Me by daftfear (29k)

A Trip to the Vet by PenguinObsession (5k)

The Taste Still Lingers On by wentzdigo (6k)

Rejoicing in Their Strength by Lomonaaeren (34k)

Beside Myself (If This Is For Real) by noctiluca (1k)

Like Father, Like Son by teShara (5k)

Marking Time by Elfflame (5k)

On the Last Day of Our World by erin_myecourt (85k)

The Arrangement by create_serenity (16k)

Lift Your Open Hand by firethesound (19k)

Grilled Cheese by digthewriter (1k)

And Goddamn the Love that They Share Between Them by seaworn (3k)

Alive by FleetofShippyShips (3k)

Between the Lines by plumeria47 (3k)

Candy by bixgirl1 (6k)

A Relaxed Harry by digthewriter (400)

It’s You That I’ve Been Waiting to Find by spacepixie (9k)

Actually, It Was by Affectiion (14k)

Turning, Again, to Being by setissma (2k)

A Dented Old Street Sign by orphanghost (27k)

Morsmordre by mikeynovacaine (478)

Touch by Augustus (440)

Understanding by deepsix (2k)

Branded by Augustus (2k)

Oookay that’s it for now sorry it took so long to actually finish this

Stay tuned for the next rating (Teen) which will probably be shorter ngl

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I just started drarry and i love it, your fics make me smile. I need some more to read who are your favorite fic writers, thank you.

OMG!!  This comment made ME smile, thank you so much, anon!  Okay, are you ready?  Get a pen. lolol. ( do feel a little bad for not getting more creative about this, because these writers are mostly well known–but it’s for REASONS, trust me, so if you haven’t heard of ANY of them, scramble to read their works!)

Also, I’m so sorry this can’t get as comprehensive as I’d like–I don’t have much time, and am away from my home computer, but I’ll do my best. :)

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We’ll stand side by side
when the hit of the night comes unexpected,
when the signs of the dusk were ignored
and no one is longer unaffected

by the hate in the hearts of some
that spread fear in the minds of many
and destroy the lives of those kids
that weren’t even twenty.

We’ll stand side by side
at midnight
when even trusting each other
is a fight.

And stand by our sides
in the early hours of the morning
when we’ll start the reconstruction
despite any warning.

We’ll also stand side by side
when the sun eventually comes up
because our generation’s convictions
are more than a storm in a teacup.

—  // Barcelona
The one I love | Fionn Whitehead


Anonymous said: Yay, so I have a couple of them if you don’t mind lovely! Alrighty, first one if you could, a fluff one of when fionn and y/n were having a convo-debate about something and it made him realize you were the one? Or along those sentences thank you!

Word count: 1,624

Request here + masterlist + guidelines.

Originally posted by softtroublemaker

I think I changed it a bit, but I hope you still like it!

Coming from a family full of artists, your future was decided to be as successful as your family’s since the moment you were born.

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meesaboo  asked:

hey can you recommend some good bottom Draco/top Harry fics pls. also any other really good fics for drarry. I've turned into a monster 😁

welcome to the drarry monster gang!!!!! HAHAHAHA let’s see. there’s a lot of good bottom!draco fics so no worries about that! i’ll give a best few from the different genres i read and hopefully it’ll be enough for you to enjoy!! i’ve recently rec some smut/fluff so i’ll not repeat that! 


Dear Father Christmas, The Boy Done Wrong Again - !!!

Worth It (Non Magical AU)

A Week Worth Of Forever - FAVS FAVS FAVS!!

You Were A Miracle, I Was Just Holding Your Space - it’s so precious, beyond words

Desperation - urgh feels

Between Dreams & Miracles

Don’t Stop Before It Begins

The Sum Of Your Scars - this is very beautifully written with a sad ending

And I Know The Spark - quite a dark fic but love it so much


The Silent Word Within You - gosh i loved it!! so much feels!!


A Certain Kind Of Memory - very extremely have feels, kinda a sad ending

(The Piece) I Was Missing All Along

Paint Me Better Off - loved it


Packing The Flat - so much feels

Potential Gravity - hot!!

My Own Worst Enemy - died & cried so bad reading


Synthetic Bonds (Non Magical AU) - 101% MY FAVOURITE FIC OF ALL TIMES

That Missing Something - absolutely love it

Three Boxes And A Scrapbook - love it so much too

The Ties That Bind Us - hot

Mental - one of my many favs

It’s Not A Love Potion (oot explicit bonding) - super worth a read

Two Heads Are Better Than One - !!!


Of Apathetic Twinges - love this so much

Made With Our Love (Implied) - MUST READ

The Silent Word Within You - gosh i loved it!! so much feels!!

My End And My Beginning


8th Year/Hogwarts Era

Magical Love - i absolutely adore this

Draco Malfoy It’s Your Lucky Day

Obsession - kinky af

Dormiscere - so much feels!!!

The Haunting

Sealed With A Kiss

At Your Service - very amusing

Matinee - !!!

Why Insulting The Boyfriend Is A Bad Idea

Starts With A Spin - !!!!!!!

Something I Don’t Want To Stop


I’ll Show You More - epic, must read!!

How Potter Turned Malfoy Gay - THIS IS SOOOO GOOD

The LipLock Jinx

Two Sides Of The Same Coin

Water From A Stone - worth the read !!!

How To Fall Out Of Love

Talk To Me - sweeeeet

The Charm Conundrum - unique plot

Who Shagged Harry Potter

The Potter-Malfoy Problem - you’re missing out big time if you don’t read this fic

Corruptela Vox - this is so hot you don’t read you’ll die with regrets

Storm In A Teacup

Harry’s POV

Appallingly Wrong & Irreparably Broken - bloody fantastic fic!!!


A Choice Of Wings

The Price Of Freedom


You Look So Fine - absolutely in love with it

You And I, Nothing Can Come Between

My End And My Beginning - superb read

To Expect The Unexpected

Once A Fool

The Weight Of Eternity


I, Ferret


Annotations - Harry/Draco or Both being jealous

Gryffindor Seduction 101 (Draco)

Flirt Free Zone (Harry)

Malfoys Don’t Get Jealous (Draco)

Jealous Git (Harry) - !!!

One Harry Potter Please (Draco)

Why Nott (Harry) - funny

Green Eyes (Harry) - !!

Envy (Harry) - this is literally a hot mess

To Expect The Unexpected (Harry)


Freaky Lynx - !!

The Kneazle Who Came For Christmas

The Wolf Pack - super cuteeee

Kitty Kitty

Draco The Wonder Ferret

As The CatBoy Purrs

The Frog Prince - hilarious


Annotations - Harry/Draco or Both being virgins

A Week Worth Of Forever - FAVS FAVS FAVS!!

Freaky Lynx (Draco) - !!

You Were A Miracle, I Was Just Holding Your Space (Both) - it’s so precious, beyond words

To Touch A Unicorn (Draco)

Starts With A Spin (Both) - !!!!!!!

Merlin Save You (Draco)


Peterick Theory #7: Headfirst Slide Into Cooperstown On A Bad Bet

As I’ve said before, this is going to be less of a theory and more of an explanation, as a lot of people seemed to be confused as to what this song’s definition is, and it isn’t really based upon Peterick.
Most areas of confusion are based upon the first and second verse, so I’ll give out my own interpretation of it the best I can. This one will be a little longer, so brace yourself.

“Mr. Sandman’s showing his beam,
When he walks into the room the walls lean into listen.”

Now as we all know, in the entirety of Folie à Deux (especially as mentioned in the music video for America’s Suitehearts, and song 20 Dollar Nosebleed) Pete is known as Mr. Sandman whereas Patrick is known as Mr. Benzedrine. (for an explanation as to what Patrick’s identification as Mr. Benzedrine means, I suggest you refer back to our theory for 20 Dollar Nose Bleed)

It is believed Pete’s role as “Mr. Sandman” is a reference to the very widely known song Mr. Sandman by The Chordettes.

“Mr. Sandman,
give me a dream,
Make him the cutest that I’ve ever seen”,

And referencing back toward old Fall Out Boy lyrics, this seems to fall into place, such as the line “If you are the dreamer, and we are the dream”, from Hum Hallelujah.

As to what “showing his beam” means, the likely assumption is that this line is referring to Pete’s (let’s call them what they are) dick pics.
In the time that photos of Pete’s dick were publicized for all eyeliner emos to see, Patrick talked about how it annoyed him how interviewers were discussing the photos rather than asking them about what mattered- the music. Pete possibly causing all this to resort to the line-

“Mr. Sandman’s showing his beam, when he walks into the room the walls lean into listen”.

And then,
“Surfed out brain waves flick back and forth,
Like old headlights sniffing model glue again”

Now what I take this as is, much like old headlights that flicker, he can’t keep his attention or creativity grounded onto one thing, and as a resort come this realization, he is “sniffing glue”. And for those who don’t know, is a way to get high.
Like he was trying to revive such creativity that was “flicking back and forth”.

Now, the second verse.

“Tempest in a teacup,
Get unique,
Peroxide princess, shine like shark teeth.”

Now, peroxide is used to whiten teeth, and teacups are known to be feminine and delicate, whereas storms (or tempests) and shark teeth and are known to be vicious… Dangerous.
It is easy to perceive him describing a two-faced person, one that acts innocent and is likely beautiful, and judging off the chorus describing adultery, this even furthers that.

The chorus is evidently describing the way he is cheating with a woman, referring back to her husband, and her wedding ring (or the absence of it), as if he were claiming to know more about her and her ideas toward her husband more than her husband himself.

Then, the bridge,

“But I will never end up like him, behind my back, I already am, keep a calendar this way you will always know”,

Now this line is also in the song What a Catch, Donnie (to hear about the significance of this line in What a Catch, I recommend you refer to theory #1, because it has a completely different definition there), but in the song Headfirst Slide it is one of the most depressing, and prideful, well thought out lines of all.

It is saying he’ll never end up like his mistress’s husband, cheated on… Lied to. But behind his back, he is already cheated on… Lied to, just like the husband mentioned.

Anyway, I hope this let people have a better idea of this song, because it is undoubtedly one of my favorite on the album Folie à Deux, and when interpreted is deeper than one might’ve thought.

I’ll be back with more theories soon.


Dopil & Jaehyungparkian; 911 what is your emergency?

“It’s really late and I’m walking home with a dead phone and someone’s been following me for the last few blocks so I locked myself inside a phone booth but I was so scared I accidentally dialed the wrong number and I know you don’t know me but please come help I’m really scared” au featuring the maknae line.

Read on Ao3

It’s only when Jaehyung first starts slurring in English that Wonpil realizes what kind of night this is going to be.

“And then I- I- said to hi-him-” he hiccups and sniffles a bit, wipes his mouth with the back of his hands. Wonpil wrinkles his nose and hands him a napkin that the older uses to blow his nose loudly. Obnoxiously so. “I said that I didn’t want to suck his dick because, because,” Jaehyung pauses then, scrunches his forehead in thought before he opens his mouth and says, “no wait. I do wanna suck his dick. He has a nice dick, but I wanna like, hold his hand first, you know? Cuddle and shit.”

Wonpil nods, tries to muster up enough energy to appear sympathetic. He fails. Not that Jae minds it, already far too drunk to notice the way Wonpil keeps zoning out on him. Honestly, Wonpil hasn’t understood a single word of what the older just said, too much English and not enough diction. Actually, that’s not quite right. He understood the word ‘dick’, familiar enough with it after being (reluctant) friends with Jaehyung for the past three years.

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disneykidtommo1  asked:

um i love your blog but i was wondering if you had any good fanfic suggestions that possibly took place during 8th year and might have some fluff in it. thank youuuu !??

heyyy sorry for late reply; for eighth year fics check out my rec list here

But I’ve made a rec specifically for 8th year fluff, hope it help!!

  • Feelings  Upon returning for their ‘eighth’ year, Draco notices Harry doesn’t look well. He also notices that Harry’s best friends are too busy exploring their new relationship to see something is wrong, so he decides to take it upon himself to fix things.
  • Love is a many Tentacled Beast  Draco has a stalker, or is it a secret admirer? What does Potter have to do with it?
  • Two wands make a Right   Harry’s wand is playing up and Hermione thinks she knows the answer, but why does she have to be right all the time, why does Draco Malfoy have to be so god damn difficult and why is he wearing his tie backwards?
  • The Deal  Harry doesn’t want to end up with Ginny, she knows that and understands but no one else knows that Harry’s little secret is that he’s gay and completely besotted with Draco Malfoy. Harry knows it’s unlikely but thats where the deal comes in.
  • Amelioration   Harry’s return to school after Voldemort’s demise was pleasantly peaceful, until the holiday decorating contest.
  • This is a Test  Draco can be anxious and prattish, while Harry finds it hard to give up saving the world. It might involve stupidly creative use of a time-turner on Harry’s part that could threaten to overturn recent history and put even the defeat of Voldemort in jeopardy 
  • Incurably In Denial Heroes Affliction  Harry had been under the insane illusion that once he’d defeated Voldemort all would be well. It was, at least, until Hermione and Ginny got it in their heads that Harry was suffering from W.A.T.E. Wizarding Affects of Traumatic Experiences Syndrome.
  • The Potter Malfoy Problem  The room of requirement’s gone mad — at least, that’s what Harry thinks. There’s no way that Draco Malfoy ‘requires’ him, of all people, but why does it keep dragging Harry there like he’s some kind of furniture, every time Malfoy enters it? Throw in Pansy the pervert and a clipboard-wielding Hermione, and things can only go from bad to worse. And that’s not even mentioning the pirates …
  • Storm in a Teacup   For reasons he’d rather not think about, Draco is obsessed with Potter’s hair. This cannot end well.

anonymous asked:

Can you recommend any happy/amusing Drarry fics? I am soooo sick at reading angst and i really just want to be happy

oh no :( everyone deserves to be happy!!! 

read these fics!! they’re happy, cute, smut and kinky and hopefully will put a smile to your face!!! (some might have some slight angst in between but overall i classify them as making me smile)

Obsession - kinky af

Texting With Draco

The Kneazle Who Came For Christmas

A Priceless Gift - freaking epic plot twist

Letter To Santa

Slightly Wrong Destination

Harry Potter And The Strange Case Of The Snuggling

A Friend In Need - cuteeeee

Stuck In The Middle (With You)

Like A Muggle Needs Electricity

The LipLock Jinx - classic

Malfoy & Santa Clause Don’t Mix Well

Someone Just Like You - not exactly fluff but very unique

Hold Me Tight And Don’t Let Me Go


Mr. Oblivious

Ringing The Changes (Snape’s POV) - very uniquely & beautifully written

Winners Never Quit

Wedding Bells And Innuendo

The Wolf Pack - super cuteeee

What’s This Fanfiction, Draco?

Kitty Kitty

Made With Our Love - MUST READ

Draco The Wonder Ferret

As The CatBoy Purrs

Ten Things Harry Potter Noticed In The Morning

How To Fall Out Of Love - very cute

Confection (A Little BDSM)

A Late Night

The Courting Of Draco Malfoy

In The Company Of A Rubber Duck - freaking hilarious


What I Thought

Thank You, Draco - freaking cute

Sealed With A Kiss

Starts With A Spin - !!!!!!!

Duel & Duality

It’s Not A Love Potion - super worth a read

At Your Service - very amusing

Why Insulting The Boyfriend Is A Bad Idea

Freaky Lynx - !!

Harry Potter’s Kissing Booth



I’ll Show You More - very kinky

Storm In A Teacup - couldn’t stop giggling

How Potter Turned Malfoy Gay - it’s perfect

The Ties That Bind Us - hot

Envy - passionate hate sex

Compliments To The Chef - different but super enjoyable read


99 Problems But A Snitch Ain’t One - hate sex

A Spoonful Of Sugar

Sex On Fire

enjoy & cheer up xx

Linstead: The Playlist - When someone stops loving you.

Okay, so this originally wasn’t next. However conversations with @halsteadpd have been full of realisations and this was one of them. You’ve rocked this week in listening to me rant and rave and discussing all kinds of theories with me! So this one is for you. 

There should be another one of these up on Monday and hopefully another Lullaby chapter, too!

Anyway, this is When Someone Stops Loving You  by Little Big Town and really, for posterity, you should listen to it while reading this. It just adds to the whole ugly crying experience. This piece is angsty as all get out and really should have trigger warnings probably, I just don’t know what to tag. 

Still gotta button up your collared shirt
The one she used to button down
Sleep on the mattress where her body left a curve
Or maybe just the couch

The only time Jay was usually in either a suit, his military green or his Police blues these days were court appearances or funerals. Which is why when the chance to go undercover as a uniform had come up, Jay had jumped at the chance. Give himself a different set of memories in the uniform.

The case had closed now, and Jay hadn’t bothered to change back into his regular clothes, he’d finished his paperwork and headed straight home, making one stop on the way.  It had been months. Months of nothing but silence. He’d fallen into his routine and it was unshakable, he’d been numb. He’d been numb until he’d heard Al talking to Voight about how she was doing in New York and suddenly he’d felt sick. He’d broken out in a cold sweat and he’d had to go make himself coffee in the breakroom to calm himself back down. The raw grief gripping him hard. It had felt like someone had torn his heart from his chest and all of a sudden he was empty again. Hollow. But the agony had stayed, taken up residence in his chest, and it beat like his heart did. Every step, every breath hurt and he had no idea how it was going to work.

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anonymous asked:

When did you start seeing/believing that Louis and Harry were a thing?

Or, The Tale of Sleepless Nights

The first time I ever paid attention to One Direction was because I liked Night Changes. I saw the music video and thought, “Well, it’s pretty hackneyed– too bad,” and it didn’t jibe at all with the loose, acoustic, folk-influenced song I was hearing.

Then I read that the boys wrote their own music, and felt for sure that they were dabbling in it. I was biased, I admit. I looked into it a bit more, and then I ran into @freddiesmyqueen’s Larry Stylinson videos.

I was not buying it. Selective editing, slow motion, heart-rending love songs… I was convinced it was all a storm in a teacup. Cute head canon, though. And cute guys.

[I am a huge @freddieismyqueen fan now, although back then I took everything with a grain of salt]

Then I went back and looked at pictures of Harry with his ladies, especially at the Taylor Swift NYC photos. They just looked… staged. No way would a celebrity walk in and out of hotels with a toiletry bag, in front of paps, like he’s about to get laid. How tacky was that? He wasn’t happy or unhappy; he just looked trapped. Well, celebrity set-ups happen. What are ya gonna do? It’s promo. Pretty gross, but whatevs.

I stumbled into this:


Again, not every piece was convincing, and a lot could be explained/ interpreted differently. So I wanted to look at root evidence, from the boys themselves.



And the tweets broke my heart. I looked into the songs they were writing, their Instagram and Twitter posts, Harry whole IG in 2013-2014– all pretty damning. I understood Harry’s personality by then. I knew he couldn’t be doing it for publicity, or Larry baiting.

In 2015, I was confused by BG– what it was, why it was. I had moments when I was sure H&L weren’t together anymore, especially when Liam’s interview came out.

I went to the OTRA Chicago concert and sat pretty close to the walkway. And I heard and recorded for myself, Harry singing, “And all HIS little things.” That wasn’t hearsay. It was a declaration I witnessed myself, in front of 70,000 people. He didn’t give a damn. And he was amazingly beautiful– they all were.

The bears were incontrovertible proof, for me, that the two of them (with help) were behind them. No doubt in my mind. Too many coincidences, too much work, and too much earnestness. Baiters don’t go through all the trouble of educating people about LGBQT history and the history of entertainment closeting. Think a sound guy would do this for kicks? Think a sound guy even knows what Stonewall is? Or the lyrics to Cherry Wine? Or can coerce 1DHQ into tweeting for Harry, in that oblique way he does?

Since then, there have been many subtle signs that they’re still going strong. Every piece of information is not a firm proof on its own, but taken in context, there’s too much evidence to ignore.

Believe me, every day I wish I didn’t know about Harry and Louis. I wish I never heard of them. Then I could finally get a good night’s sleep.

Storm in a Teacup - Faith Wood (faithwood) - Harry Potter - J. K. Rowling [Archive of Our Own]
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Relationships: Draco Malfoy/Harry Potter
Characters: Draco Malfoy
Additional Tags: Hogwarts Eighth Year, Humor, Romance, Fluff

For reasons he’d rather not think about, Draco is obsessed with Potter’s hair. This cannot end well.

anonymous asked:

Hi. Could you possibly recommend me a really smutty Drarry fic where Harry and Draco absolutely hate each other but fuck anyway. (Top!Malfoy would be awesome but it doesn't really matter!) 🙈

OMG HIIIII YOU LOVE TOP!DRACO TOOOOO. Like, I know what you’re trying to say~ personally, I’ve no preference to who tops who bottoms but there are so many Bottom!Draco fics, it’s frustrating. Draco is obviously not born to always be the bottom~ I enjoy fics more where they’re versatile ;) but anyway, you only want me to recommend 1?! It’s a tough choice! :P

SMUT #1: not so much of obvious hatred but there’ll be insults & sarcasm etc

Kitty Kitty - super cute cause animagous kitty draco is always aww

Harry Potter’s Kissing Booth - !!! (Implied Bottom!Draco)

Bollocks - hot!! (Implied Top!Draco)

I’ll Show You More - very kinky (Bottom!Draco)

Like A Muggle Needs Electricity - cuteee & fluff

Ringing The Changes - okay, this is a very very unique fic which I really enjoyed the changes in perspective & writing style; basically this fic was written in Snape’s POV, and Snape is dead, a portrait of him seeing the love developing between Draco & Harry, although wouldn’t exactly be the fluffiest fic, I would highly recommend giving it a try!!!

Storm In A Teacup - couldn’t stop giggling (Implied Versatile!Drarry)

SMUT #2 (MY FAV): hated each other so much they’re very much in love, usually accompanied with super hot fucks

How Potter Turned Malfoy Gay - swear to god this is one of my all time favourite, on the hot list and guess what, it’s (TOP!DRACO) and they fucking hate each other it’s so perfect like I don’t even know how to explain

Lesson - BDSM content (Bottom!Draco)

It’s Not A Love Potion - LOVE IT, also on my hot list, it is a bonding fic however but they still hated each other (Bottom!Draco)

The Ties That Bind Us - $#%^&!*!@#! forced bonding fic too BUT OMG FUCKING HOT I cannot even and it’s (TOP!DRACO) omg

Envy - practically like hate sex so it was real fucking hot (Bottom!Draco)

Compliments To The Chef - omg , this is really freaking adorable, like the hatred is just soooo Draco and Harry is just sooo.. I don’t even know, but it’s all together super cute, and also quite a different story line I would say from the rest?? definitely worth a try!! (TOP!DRACO)


Compliments To The Chef

It’s Not A Love Potion

How Potter Turned Malfoy Gay



I’ll Show You More

Storm In A Teacup

If you can now only read one fic in the world before dying of fluff & hotness, and would prefer TOP!DRACO, then I would probably recommend How Potter Turned Malfoy Gay because it is quite a lengthy fic so you’ll feel that the content is enough, and their hatred for each other is just too perfect that it’s obvious they’re in love. I loved the way the writer wrote the dynamics between Draco & Harry, so yes, this would be the fic, even though it was a hard choice to choose. Enjoy reading!!

Okay, I think that’s about enough! Hope you guys have enjoyed this set of rec!!