teacup illustration


More of the series of illustration branding for AYA cafe in Peckham, London,

1. China Rose Congou

2. Peppermint 

3. Chai

4. English Breakfast Tea

5. English Breakfast Tea Decaf

6. Genmaicha

7. Darjeeling 

8. Imperial Earl Grey

9. Jasmine Tea


Hi everyone! I made a new design for my redbubble, please check it out!
Maybe some of you remember a post I did about my dreams, I want to study veterinary and open a birds rescue shelter, to follow this dream I have to move out since my father doesn’t support me (and also he is toxic and abusive but I don’t want to rant about that on public).
Anyway, I have to save a lot of money to move out since I have to pay for my pets needs, my expenses and my antidepressants.
I currently work doing illustrations for books but it’s not enough money so I would really appreciate if you check my redbubble store, if you can’t buy anything I’ll really appreciate if you reblog.