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Sick [Draco x Reader]

10 points to Slytherin for the terrible title. 

Just a quick imagine. 

Word Count: 543

You weren’t the type of person to make a fuss about anything, unlike your boyfriend Draco. As you constantly reminded him, he was a drama queen. You really should have known that he would make a big deal out of it if you were ill. Usually it was you who looked after him, and it was unusual to have it the other way around.  

It was late when you woke up, the dormitory already empty. Immediately you felt the recogniseable symptoms of a cold. Fuzzy head, stuffy nose, sore throat. You sighed and started dragging yourself out of bed. Tempted to just slip back into the covers you forced yourself to get dressed and leave the dungeons. Despite missing breakfast, you were still late to Potions class. Every head swiveled to you as you walked in. Draco frowned when he saw you.

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