teacup calendar


Preview for my April piece for the Teacups and Time 2018 Hannibal collab calendar that’s going live in early December! 

We have 42 absolutely amazing artists on board who’ve produced some breathtaking work that I can’t wait to see printed - follow the main mod blog   @teacupsandtime2k18 for more information and previews of the other artists’ work!

THE GOOD NEWS: Our postcards arrived! 

THE BAD NEWS: We only received about a third of what we ordered and paid for, so we’re going to have to call the printing company and find out what happened. 

This may cause slight delays in shipping the bundle and postcard orders, but we’re going to get started shipping out as many calendars as we can! 

 Thank you for your support through this project! 
 -your mods

The calendars are on their way! 

As of yesterday, all of our orders have been sent out. We’ve shipped in three batches, so some of our US customers may have received their copies from an earlier shipment batch already!  

As a general guideline, please expect to get your copies early next week for United States and sometime in 2-3 weeks for International customers. If your order doesn’t arrive roughly within those time periods, message us!

We have kept some copies back in case there are any issues with the postal service, so if you receive a severely damaged shipment or it goes missing altogether, please let us know!

We’d be delighted to see our calendars arrive, so feel free to tag this blog if you post pictures of your copies on tumblr!

-your mods