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Could you talk a little about "teacup" dogs? I know they're unethical and not real breeds, but I'm curious why they're unethical and what some of the problems associated with them are.

Dogs are living things that aren’t supposed to get smaller with every generation. Some of the ethical concerns with breeding them are:

  • High risk to the mother when pregnant being so small. This is both in terms of pregnancy complications, giving birth and developing hypocalcaemia when lactating.
  • Breeding runt dogs together - often closely related individuals, or individuals with other illnesses (eg liver shunts)
  • High risk of hydrocephalus. That bulging look to the skull with the eyes that look slightly apart instead of straight again? That’s hydrocephalus.
  • Seizures and other neurological abnormalities can occur secondary to the hydrocephalus.
  • High risk of hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). This may be related both to their small size and potential liver issues
  • They often have abnormal joints, Medial Luxating Patella being the most common. And being so small, surgically correcting this dislocating kneecap is extremely difficult.
  • They’re also physically fragile, injuring themselves jumping off couches can fracture their legs, and they’re easy to accidentally severely injure underfoot.
  • Let’s not mention their frequent dental disease
  • Collapsing trachea is common, because the cartilage that holds open the airways is weak and small. Some dogs have a chronic cough, some dogs frequently faint, and this gets worse with age.
  • Liver shunts are a common cause on runty dogs, and unsurprisingly when you consistently breed runts together the condition becomes more common. Some of these dogs are treatable with surgery, some are not, but surgery is expensive and not all dogs are normal even with treatment.

Just don’t fall for this scam. These are living dogs, not objects that you can breed for fashion. Everyone I know who purchased one, who didn’t just pull the pit when managing it got expensive, regretted their purchase. 

Don’t get a mini pet!

The latest fad in many circles are smaller versions of animals like dogs–some people want things to stay small and cute forever, and what easier way than getting a teacup dog, or a munchkin cat? None of that growing up and losing those cute, doe-eyed looks and soft chubby bodies that are just so picture-perfect and Instagram ready.


This is a trend born out of ignorance, and it has exploded due to people more than willing to supply that demand and promote said ignorance at the expense of an animal’s welfare. 

Miniaturisation is derived from breeding animals born with dwarfism, or breeding animals that were smaller than others of their kind to begin with. And since there’re only so many runts to be found in the world, creating a breeding stock of mini animals perpetuates a particularly insidious chain of inbreeding that often ends in an early death. 

Some of the problems that miniature animals face are:

  • hydrocephaly – lit. “water in the brain,” best described as an accumulation of cerebrospinal fluid in the brain that creates too much pressure. It causes impaired vision, incontinence, mental impairment, and seizures, among other things
  • ectrodactyly – missing digits on paws/feet
  • brachycephaly – shortened snouts that prevent air from being breathed in correctly, leading to difficulty breathing and a tell-tale sound of an animal gasping for breath
  • PSS – aka liver shunts, a congenital condition characterised by the liver’s circulatory system failure to connect properly to other veins, preventing the elimination of toxins like ammonia, and can lead to cirrhosis
  • cruciate ligament injuries – the ligaments stabilising the knees rupture and often require surgery to correct

And those are just some of the conditions that can occur. Yes, non-miniature, non inbred animals can get them, but the fact is that miniature animals have a much higher chance of being born with those conditions. 

Miniature females are most in danger, because they’re the ones used to carry future generations of these animals. Their uterus is often too small to gestate properly, and their vaginas too small to push babies out; the end result can either be death in utero for the babies, stillborn births, the mother dying during birth, or all of the above. The breeders who sell these kinds of animals don’t care about the incredibly high risk they are placing them in. The high price these babies fetch (or the premature ones they sell off as “miniature;” separating babies from their mothers too early brings another huge set of problems) works well enough for them to offset the loss. 

And in the vein of how similarly unethical white tiger breeding works, the ones that look too obviously deformed or sick are discarded. 

The people who sell and breed these kind of animals absolutely do not care that they’re condemning animals to a life of constant pain, suffering, and inability to engage in healthy animal behaviours, for the sake of profit. People who want to become pet guardians should absolutely care about their animals, and not prioritise cuteness over health. 

– Nick

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There's a lot of hate going around for designer dog breeds, and I completely understand the downsides. But if a breed is created in a healthy way, what's wrong with creating say a smaller version of a large breed? The majority of people can't take care of a huge dog. If a breed is developed with care and the animal's wellbeing in mind but also specifically to be a small companion breed for example, what's the problem? People don't get burnt at the stake for creating new horse breeds. Thoughts?


Okay so I personally don’t have any problem with designer dog breeds if they have a purpose. I do not support backyard breeders or puppy mills but I have no problem with responsible breeders who breed their dogs with a purpose.

For example, farm dogs that are mixed breeds and are the result of two parents with excellent herding/livestock guardian abilities and no known health issues, excellent! Doodles from responsible breeders, for people who want the personality of a lab/golden retriever but can’t deal with shedding, great! Lurchers bred for coursing ability, cool!

I personally do not support dogs designed in a way that makes them unhealthy. For example, most (if not all) of the “teacup” dog breeds are inherently unhealthy (x and x). I also do not support puppy mills who are looking to sell puppies to make a buck, or backyard breeders who have litters for their dogs to “experience motherhood” or their children to “learn the miracle of life”.

Responsible breeders with contracts (and who take their dogs back no matter the circumstances) do not contribute to dogs in shelters. Puppy mills and backyard breeders do.

Another issue with designer dog breeds is that they tend to be magnets for people who want a dog that is cute, without the desire or knowledge to properly train them. Basically, if you’re getting a designer dog after doing your research and because you think this designer breed will fit in to your lifestyle, GREAT! If you’re getting a designer dog because it’s cute and little, consider not.

There are, of course, the people who impulsively get a dog, eventually listen to reason, do their research, and become AMAZING owners. If that’s you, then good on you for learning and keep it up!  

I think the reason new horse breeds are much less likely to experience public hate than dog breeds is that dogs in shelters are so much more of a visible issue than horses. Everyone knows about dog welfare, while only people immersed in the horse world know about horse welfare. 

Again, this is my (Cat’s) opinion. Please inform me if I’m wrong (and I very well may be!) but please keep things respectful.

My love is so sick. Please never breed a dog to be under 4 pounds. Stop. This is what happens. She is the product of a puppy mill like most “micro” dogs. I Adopted her from her owners when they found out she has congenital hydrocephalous. Most put them to sleep because she requires a lot of extra care and attention and will NEVER be a normal dog. Please don’t breed dogs to be under 4 pounds. And please never buy any from a pet store. Your supporting puppy mills and animal cruelty when and the death of baby’s like mine. If you think having a cute little dog is more important than having a healthy dog GET A STUFFED ANIMAL. Stop trying to make pocket puppy’s. Please spread awareness. Please share this. This needs to stop my heart is breaking.

on mr.punch, i want to note that this is a very endangered and volatile breed that should only ever be taken in under professionals. they aren’t directly related to scary clowns but are often categorised with them due to their characteristics. this breed specializes in typically violent and unsettling narratives in their performances. physically they’re often large and bulky, their anatomy seeming distorted or wrong, they have high eldritch qualities. they have elongated faces similar to that of court jesters, the range between comical and horrific varies wildly on their features. they don’t have a set species name aside from punch, which really refers to the male of the breed, judy referring to the female, the sex is determined by what role each falls into during their narrative performances. there are also smaller, much smaller variants that play the other characters, also nicknamed teacup punches.  

as a breed outside of performance they can be violent and cruel, whether or not they’re aware of the behaviour is unknown. they’re an example of ancient cross breeding done wrong, when two very incompatible breeds are crossed together. they’re a dangerous breed altogether but with the right care they can be raised out of violence outside of performance. these are not a breed to be kept as a pet, they are not domesticated in any sense and are an ancient breed with difficult traits. even teacup punches will wreck havoc in an actual home. this doesn’t mean they are any less capable of care towards people or others or less deserving of being cared for themselves.

i’ll admit that this is one breed that greatly unsettles and unnerves me, however they are intriguing and i do want to work on coming to terms with that fear to study and educate younger caretakers on the unique breed. and possibly help conservation efforts to keep them around. 

Some FB page is posting photos of calves with captions about how you can buy ‘miniature cows as pets’ and I am still SO mad about it.

This is the micropig thing all over again. People wanted teacup pigs, and were buying them to live in houses.

I’ve seen some really tiny adult pigs- most of them were mongrels or anomalies, or rescues/runts of the litter. Most people were being sold piglets with the promise they’d stay that size, they didn’t.

They were also being told they could feed them dog biscuits (you shouldn’t) and neglecting to provide any information about the legalities of owning a pig- registering with DEFRA, getting a holding number etc.

How do I know all this? When the craze really took off in our area, about 2005/2007ish, we had a farm. We took in a pair of pigs for a friend who ran a rescue. The pigs had been bought as micropigs, and had grown to quite large mongrel pigs. They were bigger than our GSD, stronger than a man, and loved to root.

That’s the other great thing about pigs. They love to root around and dig up their surroundings looking for food. 

People were taking them to their houses, and getting mad when the pigs tore up the carpets, or wrecked the garden, or smashed through the fences to the neighbours (a pig needs a very hefty fence or they’ll just break through, ours were metal)

Word got out we’d taken the two pigs, and all of a sudden we were flooded with calls from people begging to take their non-micro-pigs. 

Random pigs started just turning up on our land (true stories) and we ended up with like, 20 of the things. 

Now they’re encouraging this with cows and I am SO mAD and some daft woman is going all the comments by people with my opinion, sharing photos of her miniature galloways, going “look I breed these they’re 3yo and come up to my hip” yes that’s great, I’m so happy for you, but shady dealers won’t be getting proper little mini galloways. They won’t be telling customers they need to register with DEFRA, get holding numbers, and provide the correct amount of acreage to be within legal laws for keeping livestock.

They’ll be like “yeah sure he can live in a 2 bed apartment” and hand over any old calf with no qualms. They’ll be like “sure just feed them rabbit food and digestive biscuits” they won’t care, if this becomes a fad it’ll be all about the money and no refunds!! :D

 I get really frustrated with posts like that, miniature creatures, forever puppies, and 'special’ cross bred dogs with stupid names. It promotes backyard breeding and dodgy selling and I will not apologise for writing these posts time and time again all over FB and other sites where dumb people think a calf is a 'miniature’ and a teacup pig is a real breed.

Happy Bday Sugar Goals

Now that I’m 18 years of age, I can officially become a full blown Sugar Baby.First, I want to write down my goals as a SB.Other SBs have made it clear that as a SB it’s easy to lose track of what you originally entered the bowl for when surrounded by so much luxury. Hopefully this list will help me keep track of my future.

SB Goals
Goals that will eventually be paid with money from sugaring.

- $100,000 in general savings
Sugar isn’t worth it if you don’t have back up money for the future.No one wants to sugar forever.Make sure you have enough money to take care of yourself in the long run.Make sure the majority of the savings goes towards retirement and the latter investments.

- $100,000 for Adoption #1
Ever since I was young I knew I didn’t want kids of my own.I don’t believe in bring children into this world when there are plenty already here struggling.I probably won’t official begin looking into adoption until I’m at least 35 but it’s good to have the money ready.On average an adoption can cost in total 60,000 I’ll make sure to have 40,000 more saved.

-$100,000 for Adoption #2
I honestly don’t know if I want a 2nd child but it’s best to have back up adoption money.Many people who try to adopt get ripped off by mother’s that suddenly decide they want to keep their child.If I decide not to have a second child I will give some towards my business but keep most of it saved for a rainy day.

- Paid off house in full
I learned young from my father that debt is never a good thing.My father taught me all the rules and trade of money.I want my home completely paid off so I can spend more money in the future on me and my family.I dont want to just buy a nice home, I want to buy a good portion of land as well.Land is the most best thing you can invest in.If you decide to move you can tear the house down build something up and make a profit off of it.

- 2nd car paid off
I already own a BMW but my dream car is a Range Rover.Cars are a good investment.I want this completely paid off.Debt free.

- $100,000 in Savings for my Business. I don’t particularly know exactly what kind of business I want to own, but I know I want to own something.Once my SB Era is over I’ll need something to fall back on and make more money.

- $30,000 in investments
Money left over that time from time I spend on stock or invest in other things.Dividends can be a life saver in the future for people who struggle.

$430,000 in total estimate of savings and investments excluding the house and car.You may think this is alot, but I don’t plan to stop sugaring until I’m 28 and I don’t mind having multiple SDs.Thats 10 years that I have to make that amount.

SD Goals
Goals that will be accomplished through the manipulation of my SDs.

-All college debt paid off
This is my first priority. I’m a smart girl so I’ve got scholarships coming my way, but they can’t cover everything.

- Language lessons
I really want to connect back with my culture and the family I have back in my native country.I believe learning my native language with be beneficial to me.

-Buy a puppy
I want a pure breed teacup dog.The least they cost are $4,000 a pop.I definitely will never pay that amount for a dog, but I’m pretty sure my SD will be happy to.

- SD credit line
Once my SD trusts me, I’ll make sure I get him to add me to his credit card line.This is great for my credit score! Buying a house and car in full won’t help my credit score so by doing this it’ll even things out.

- New Wardrobe
Never waste your money on expensive clothing.Remember the saying don’t go broke trying to look rich.Any clothes that I want need to be paid by my SD.His job is to make sure I have anything I need.My allowance shouldn’t be used for things such as clothes and lingerie.If he wants me to look nice, he better pay the price for it.(In another post I’ll go into depth about what type of clothes to get and what not to in the long run.


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I 100% agree with Frenchie post. Most dogs with similar traits (teacup breeds, pugs, some variations of bulldogs) are so sad. It's borderline animal abuse that these dogs even exist. I don't think these dogs deserve to die but you are definitely part of the problem if you get them from a breeder.

i mean, a lot of people really just dont KNOW is the thing. ///I/// didnt even know about frenchies and i LOVE dogs, i have dozens of dog breed encyclopedias and watch dog breed vids, dog shows, etc - but these things are things that professionals dont tell everyday people

so i wouldnt say “you’re apart of the problem if you get this dog from a  breeder” if someone genuinely doesnt KNOW and just wanted the dog bc they were told they’d be a good dog for their family. i know people who got dalmatians bc they didnt know they were prone to deafness and who have bulldogs w/ severe health problems  

u should def do research on a potential dog breed that you want, yeah, but a lot of this info is sorta Hidden from people because breeders dont want people to know about this stuff

Best Pets for the Signs

Aries: Aries needs a pet that’s independent, and doesn’t require a lot of care. A cat is a good pet for an Aries. Depending on the cat they could either ver affectionate, or very independent. Either way it wouldn’t bother the Aries.

Taurus: Livestock is a good match for a Taurus. Livestock would provide the Taurus with resources, as well as animal companionship. Most livestock are fairly traditional animals, which is very appealing to Taurus.

Gemini: Gemini’s are known for their communication, intelligence, and wit. Parrots are the perfect pet for a Gemini, for their shared traits.

Cancer: Cancers love to nurture and mother things, they do best with high maintenance pets because they have so much affection and attention to give to them. Perhaps a chinchilla.

Leo: Leo’s want to be in the spotlight, so they would want a pet they could show off or a pet that would get them side glances. A teacup pig or toy-breed dog would be great for a Leo.

Virgo: Virgos love order and detail. A hamster would be great for a virgo, because they could build an elaborate enclosure for the hamster, with fun tubing and features, this would appeal to the Virgo’s detail oriented nature.

Libra: Libras, are outgoing, emotional, and chatty people. A song-bird, or many song-birds, would be fantastic with Libras.

Scorpio: Cats. Scorpios don’t waist time on things or people that can’t help themselves. Cats are independent and as emotionally complex as a Scorpio. Match made in heaven.

Sagittarius: Ferret. They’re playful, they have full energy, but they also knock the fuck out for long hours. Their schedule is on point with Sags, and they’re both pretty fun loving spazzes.

Capricorn: Capricorns are duty focused, and hard working. They don’t have much time to spend playing with pets or showing them affection, so a fish would be good for a Capricorn,. They provide a lovely calming work environment, and don’t need handling to be happy.

Aquarius: Dog, a retired service, or current service dog would be best. Dogs are a perfect excuse to socialize with the neighborhood, and Aquas love it. Dogs and Aquas also get along perfectly because they are both highly intelligent, curious, and social. Service dogs are perfect because they go with the Aquarians love to help humanity, what better way than to spread love with a therapy dog, care for a retired military hound, or train a police pup? 

Pisces: Exotic birds, or a rich exotic aquarium. Pisceans are artistic, soulful, and creative. Being surrounded by beauty and color would be perfect for Pisces Having beautiful, exotic birds or fish would be great, as they usually require lots of care (which is no problem for Pisces), but also give the home vibrant color.

Please help!!!

This is my dog, Princess. She’s recently run away and my mom and I are now putting up signs and asking around. She’s 11-12 years old, afraid of loud noises and is partially blind. She doesn’t have a collar or a chip, but if you find her the information is down below.

Breed: Teacup Poodle
Sex: Female
Color: Tan/White
Name: Princess
Age: 11-12 Years Old
Location: Pembroke Pines, FL, USA
Number 2 call if found: (954) 632-8406 (or you can message me on here)
If she’s found and in any pain, PLEASE either call me immediately or take her to the Pines West Animal Hospital.

Pines West Animal Hospital
Phone: (954) 430-5353
Address: 18419 Pines Blvd, Pembroke Pines, FL, 33029

There isn’t a reward but I can probably scrape up about 20 maybe 30 dollars if needed?

Just… please help me find her.

Sure, it sounds cute at first — ‘My gays.’ It doesn’t even sound malicious. You’re just showing the world how accepting you are because you have a gay BFF.

But you see, a human being can’t be 'yours.’ A human being is not one of your fashionable handbags you have to match with a new pair of shoes.

When you call someone your 'gay,’ you’re treating them like a fun accessory you get to throw over your shoulder on your way out of the house.

A human being is not your cute dog you carry around in the nook of your arm. A human being is not a special teacup breed of dog that you MUST have.

What’s that you say? Your 'gay BFF’ totally doesn’t care when you call them that?

Well, just as Morgan Freeman doesn’t speak for all black people, your BFF doesn’t speak for all gay people.

So the next time you want to act all cute and call someone your 'gay,’ remember they are a person — and they’re not yours.

—  Why It’s Not OK To Call People Your “Gays” | Sheridan Watson and Will Varner for BuzzFeed LGBT

Stop breeding animals for your own selfish needs 2k15

And no. I don’t mean ‘putting down good breeders’ because we NEED good breeders. I’m putting down breeders who breed teacups and munchkins and scottishfolds and animals that DONT NEED TO BE BRED. 

I’m putting down breeders who smack two animals together to ‘see what’ll happen lol’

I’m putting down people who label themselves as breeders and give actual breeders bad names.