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Stereoview scene of a group drinking tea in a room probably in a photography studio, British, c. 1860′s/1870′s.

Source: Rijksmuseum.


My new dog Zoey! She’s a teacup yorkie and my bff. The first picture is her after her first bath at our house, we put a sweater on her since she didn’t want to be dried off completely. She’s a good girl and “protects” me from my dad. (First night she was laying with me and legit growled at my dad when he came downstairs to wake me up.)

Contributor’s spotlight: fragile-teacup

I’m fragile-teacup on Tumblr, Twitter and AO3 (formerly Mrs_Gene_Hunt on AO3) and if anyone wants to check out my work, they might like to start with The Marriage of Heaven and Hell, my post-fall Hannigram series. It consists of two relatively short multi-chapter volumes and a few timestamps; and my Radiance piece, while easily serving as a stand-alone piece, also serves as a prologue for an upcoming third and final volume. 




How did you become a Fannibal?

I watched the series as it aired and loved it, but the finale pushed me over into all-consuming adoration for the show and Hannigram. Not knowing what to do with myself, I went in search of post-fall fics and found AO3. Through AO3 I discovered links for Tumblr, and on Tumblr I found the wonderful world of Fannibals. That was when I started writing my own fics and I haven’t looked back since!  

What do you love about the Hannibal fandom?

The talent! The sheer, wondrous, immense talent that this fandom possesses. And the beautiful inclusiveness, warmth and generosity that is demonstrated by Fannibals every day. And, oh my gosh, the wonder that is Bryan Fuller. What a beautiful man he is, inside and out!

How would you like to spend a day with Will Graham?

I suppose that very much depends on which Will Graham we’re talking about! Fishing would be the order of the day with Season 1-2 Will; and after several tranquil hours spent up to our waists in the cool waters of his favourite stream, I would get him to teach me how to prepare and cook our bountiful catch. I would drag Season 3 Will all around Florence so that he could get to see that ancient city properly, uninterrupted by temperamental snipers (we’d avoid the Uffizi, though, because that would just make him go all quiet and dreamy-eyed). As for post-fall Will, well, if I happened to bump into him I would smile, apologise, and back slowly away. And I would watch with fearful, awestruck eyes as he and his beautiful sleek-haired husband walked away arm-in-arm, heads together as they talked quietly of a thousand things the rest of us could not possibly understand.

Iyu the pocket dragon! (5/26/17) (Jade)

Meet Iyu!

Iyu is a small pocket dragon, Not a teacup dragon! She’s a little bit bigger then those!


Iyu is a pocket dragon that showed up at Kat and I’s door about 7 months ago! She is roughly 9-10 inches big! Extremely slender body with thick wings. She is a dull orange color with a peachy lining on the edge of her scales! Her eyes are this bright yellow on the left and soft blue on the right. She has one horn on her nose and that is it. Her tail makes up most of her body length and has two rows of spines on them! Her abilities are healing!

Iyu is a fun but calm spirit. When I first picked her up in the garden at the refuge I felt nothing but warmth, love and care! She snuggled right up to my chest as I cupped her in my hands to take a closer look! As I sat there for a while to get to know her and talk to her she was running circles around me pushing crab apples with her tiny snout. She’s honestly like a tiny kitten! Then I picked her up to take her inside to grab some food to eat and I held her close to my check and chin. As I entered the kitchen her little tongue! Her heart is just filled with gold!

She is an amazing climber and loves to be outside but doesn’t mind being inside either. She is pretty active so she doesn’t take many naps! She does like tv but isn’t a fan of movies! She loves to watch people bake and do interesting things. She does like to hang out in any hoods, sweatshirt pockets, and dress shirt pockets. She doesn’t mind beginners or advanced witches. She is ok with closet witches as well! She’s also ok wherever you live!

This spirits full name, possible manifestations, and preferred offerings will be given to their future companion!

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I am obsessed with Alex in Wonderland omg
So this is a lil Hercules Mulligan, and he is the door mouse. That little mouse in the teapot that chills with the Hatter and the March Hare. That mouse.

I didn’t like the way this one looks as much as I like my other ones, but he’s still pretty cute. I put him next to John’s teacup (See Mad Hatter John picture) to show you how smol he is.


S3E02 "Primavera" Notes

This one’s longer.  Is this too long?  What do you all think– should I try to edit some of it out next time?  How in-depth do you want this to be?  I’m still unclear on whether my ‘keep reading’ links work for anyone on the mobile app, so if anyone has insight for me about that, I’d be glad to have it.  If they do work, I’ll come back and put a link in.  In the meantime, I’m just going to post this long version and apologise for clogging up your dashes.

  • WILL!!!!!!!!  I am appeased.

  • Oh no, Mizumono.

  • O.o face… teacup??

  • Well, that’s a nicely-wallpapered and atmospheric hospital room.  Why aren’t those everywhere?

  • OKAY WHAT IN THE HELL KIND OF DOCTOR WOULD JUST SPRING ABIGAIL ON HIM LIKE THAT???  The guy just woke up!  Look at his breathing!

    …okay, stop looking at his breathing now.

    ANYWAY.  How about giving the man a little time to orient himself?  How about asking first!  Fuck!

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serbarbs  asked:

How would the UT, UF, US and SF skelebros react to a S/O who steals all the blankets when they sleep together? (They don't do it on purpose, they just look for some fluff in their sleep :3)

I kinda do that, except I hate blankets so I just toss them on the floor.

UT Sans isn’t a light sleeper or a deep sleep,er. He’s a medium sleeper. And an insomniac. Chances are when S/O stole the blankets he was awake. He just kinda props himself up on an elbow and looks at them. So cute.

UT Papyrus rarely sleeps for long, and he can and will wake up at the drop of a hat. When the blankets are pulled off of him he shoots up and out of bed. Most likely waking S/O up too as he is suddenly wide awake. Then he scolds them for waking him up for no reason, while S/O is probably having a mild heart attack from the sudden skeletal explosion.

UF Sans is also an insomniac. And a bit of an ass, so when the covers are pulled off of him he growls and starts a tug of war for the blankets. He looses and when the blankets slip out of his grip, he accidentally smacks himself in the face. Ow. S/O better not have seen that, or he’ll be a blushing mess for days.

UF Papyrus is an extremely light sleeper. Anything can wake him up. One of Doomfanger’s kitten sneezed two rooms over and he woke up. The blankets being pulled off of him cause an immediate DANGER reaction and he’s out of bed wielding a machete (Where did he get that? It was under his pillow). When he realizes it’s just S/O, he calms down a bit, but he isn’t getting any more sleep tonight. And most likely neither is S/O

US Sans is prepared for any occasion! Even blanket-thieving S/Os! He leans over the side of the bed and pulls a spare blanket out from under it. And if they steal that blanket, he’s got a spare-spare blanket! And a spare-spare-spare blanket! And a spare-spare-spare-spare blanket! … What? No he doesn’t have a spare-spare-spare-spare-spare blanket! That’s just overkill.

US Papyrus is also a blanket-stealer. So S/O and Papyrus get into a sleep-tug-of-war with the blankets. Who wins no one knows because neither of them ever woke up. The blankets were tangled into a ball in the middles of the bed by morning.

SF Sans sleeps burrito style. He cocoons himself entirely in the blankets with only a tiny opening for air, and lays at the foot of the bed. S/O is not getting any blankets, because if they wanted to do that they’d have to untangle a mess that takes Papyrus thirty minutes on a good day to get undone. And in their sleep, that’s just not possible.

SF Papyrus doesn’t get much sleep on a good night, because one room over Sans is snoring like a chainsaw, and it usually keeps him awake. Especially when Sans’ pet pig, Teacup, starts snoring too. S/O stealing the blankets is just salt in the wound while he stares up at the ceiling, self-pity in his eyes.


Hey everyone my giveaway ends on June 19th!

So far I have about 30 people entered and I was hoping to reach 300! If I reach 300 new followers I am going to do a second giveaway which includes a self love package! It’s great for Aphrodite followers and sea witches!

This giveaway would have

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•A trio of bath salts (lavender, white tea, and jasmine)
•A variety of seashells, seaglass, and stones/crystals

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Teacup’s latest fixation is on lava and volcanic eruptions, so I showed her the standard coke can vs lava kinda vids. AND THEN we found these guys who are basically myth busters but with lava, and she was so fuckin thrilled at lava vs ice, bc basically it bubbles bc the steam has to escape. So I got to explain that that’s why it’s dangerous to drill so far down for water, bc if they accidentally hit magma then EVERYTHING EXPLODES bc the steam has nowhere to go but up and out. Needless to say, we will be watching many a volcanic doco in the near future lmao.

im-crow  asked:

Have you ever thought about doing tricks in a circus?

“I uh…,,didn’t like it much…”

(Teacup’s previous trainer was a circus owner actually, she performed sometimes but it has never been something she enjoyed much unfortunately. I think she’d like it more if she was given the chance to perform something she enjoyed, she was always put on acts that scared her…)

Teacup Tyrant~

The Sparrow’s Nest doesn’t just sell tea, there are plenty of tea sets to come and admire. If you find a set you like or are looking for something specific, just ask Larkyss and she’ll move the heavens to find what you’re looking for.