on the branch

October’s Mother Goose Time theme is “In the Orchard” and it’s such a fun way to settle into fall. Week one has been all about the life cycle of a tree. So far, we’ve learned about seeds, roots, trunks and branches (and “leaves” is up next). 

As you can see from my last post, we took a trip to the apple orchard to supplement our learning experience. Zo picked her whole bag of apples all by herself ( meanwhile, Nat just hung around and snuck them out of her bag… smart kid), and it was a great way to introduce the theme of the month in a very tangible way. 

Here’s a peek into our day spent learning about branches. Zo learned the difference between a “bough” (new word!), a “branch” and a “twig”.  Her vocabulary is expanding each and every week– and the best part is: she remembers each new word she learns even months later. It’s not just a mindless repeating of syllables, she is learning and remembering because there are meaningful experiences tied to each new word. 

^ Can you tell she recently learned how to cross her eyes……? Ha. Oye.

^ Picking out her “fall leaf” colors. Yellow & green mixed… AKA “chartreuse” (another fun new word!).

^ ta-da!

^ We snagged a great deal from an online yardsale site for our new fall book collection. These are only half of the books (and all for $10. cha-ching!). Well, minus the “Johnny” book– that is the included MGT book of the month. Did you know Johnny Appleseed was a vegetarian? That’s something we learned among other fun little facts about him from the book. 

^ I asked her to show me the branch she picked for the “Fruit Pie Counting” activity (more below) and all of the sudden she’s Michael Jackson. Who’s kid is this anyways?

^ For this fun activity, we went outside to search for branches and sticks and obviously would up with this massive Charlie Brown tree in our classroom. We then used the “fruit beads” (part of this month’s included manipulatives) to hang as fruit on the branches. 

^Then, we used these cute little pie tins to sort the different fruits from the “tree” as we “picked” them.

^This wasn’t instructed as part of the lesson, but she insisted that the pies needed to be cooked. 

Later in the day we took a little walk to check out the trees with their boughs, branches and twigs. It was pretty adorable and even relaxing to take our time noticing every little detail as we strolled through the neighborhood.

Next week we learn about fruit that grows on the trees, and my stomach is already growling…